The Nostra Terra Oil & Gas CEO Shorting Scandal. FCA Investigating.

loginAs most of you already know Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (LON; NTOG) CEO Matt Lofgran is now mired in a shorting scandal. That scandal in a nutshell is thus;  Lofgran borrowed money from Yorkville (Known Death Spiral Shorters) to buy shares. Having bought the shares he then lent some of them to Yorkville. Yorkville shorted those shares using the CEO’s loaned stock and when they closed their short positions returned some (but not all) of the shares back to Matt. The shares which Yorkville kept they sold and ML didn’t have to repay the loan he took out. Not one single penny came from Lofgran.

At the time of the shorting Lofgran was heavily promoting NTOG. Knowing full well that Yorkville/YA Global were shorting them using his ‘loaned stock’. At the time of the warrant exercise Lofgran stood to make close to £1,000,000. In the RNS of  7th October 2013 Lofgran again lied to the market, which declared an increase in Lofgran’s holdings of 83,956,296 when in fact his holding had decreased by 71,043,704. You can confirm that HERE  Loaning 155,000,000 shares then getting back 83,956,296 shares isn’t an increase in your holdings it is a DECREASE.

There are other details / strands to the story not highlighted above, but in a nutshell ML facilitated and was complicit in the shorting of NTOG for his own personal financial gain to the financial detriment of shareholders. You can read the facts HERE That makes his position as CEO UNTENABLE. He has to RESIGN.

Now some where along the line over the last few days, Nostra Terra contacted Tom Winnifrith or TW contacted them. In their attempts to spin their way out via a damage limitation exercise. It matters not who initiated. Listening to Tom’s bearcast yesterday, on ShareProphets which you can HEAR HERE. It became apparent that TW had not cross-referenced the evidence against Lofgran before coming out to back him. He had taken the word of NTOG/Yorkville as the truth. After an email string of 28 emails between myself and Winnifrith the penny finally dropped. He now has some of that evidence. I have written confirmation from the FCA that Yorkville/YA Global placed those shorts and that those shorts were LIVE. Whoever from Nostra and Yorkville it was that tried to mug Winnifrith off with lies regarding the Yorkville shorts should take note.

A pissed off Tom Winnifrith is not a man any tiddler on the AIM casino can afford. Lying to cover up lies never works. Winnifrith is far more adept and experienced than myself at exposing corruption.

Shareholders should be under no illusions, these are gravely serious matters and ones which require due attention by the relevant authorities. 

Contravention of Directors’ duties:
The nature of the transactions / events are in contravention of the legal and fiduciary duties which the director(s) involved have toward the shareholders of the company.  I refer in particular to (but not limited to) Sections 171-177 of Companies Act 2006.  

Further, and for the avoidance of doubt, it is considered that the CEO had established ‘special factual relationship’ with the shareholders in this case.  It is apparent he held a duty of disclosure of material facts to the shareholders and that he had an obligation to use commercial and financial opportunities, which had been acquired by him in office, for the benefit of the shareholders, and not to prefer and promote his own interests at the expense of the shareholders.  

It's all happening here.Prior to the provision of the personal loan, YA had signed a SEDA with NTOG. It is understood that because the market price had subsequently fallen below floor price per the SEDA agreement, YA was unable to execute on the SEDA. The Loan Shares were used instead as a mechanism to enable YA to secure NTOG equity, leading to their shorting the stock.

The apparent misalignment of the interests of ML with those of the shareholders. ML made personal gains (he profited from being able to exercise warrants because of the finance provided by YA, who in turn profited by using the shares he provided to destroy company and share holder value) whilst the share price dropped c. 30% during a year in which the oil price increased c. 20%;

Share holders are now calling for an RNS from Nostra to do what they have been trying to do behind the scenes and that is to explain exactly what went on. Winnifrith has now asked for the Company to issue a statement and inferred that if the facts are as set out then Lofgran has to Resign. I have to tell investors that no RNS or statement will come. Because Nostra/Lofgran would have to impugn the integrity of the FCA. In other words they would have to call the FCA liars. The facts are crystal clear. Yorkville/YA Global placed shorts on Nostra using the CEO’s ‘Loaned Stock’ Lofgran made huge personal financial gains and was complicit in that shorting, furthermore Lofgran yet again deceived the market in the Holdings RNS of 7th October 2013.

In my experience, when CEO’s are exposed for malfeasance within their Company they will twist and turn at every opportunity to try to deflect away from that malfeasance. Which is exactly what’s happening right now.

There will be no RNS because Lofran cannot get the FCA to lie. And it is only official FCA confirmation that counts, such as the official FCA confirmation that I have in my possession that confirms that Yorkville/YA Global placed those shorts and those shorts were LIVE.

Resign immediately Lofgran. It’s not going away.





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4 Responses

  1. Bez says:

    What a bastard Lofgran has turned out to be. The POS has raked it in while raping his own share holders. Rot in hell.

    • Ryan s says:

      I share these sentiments. I’s noticicable that the NTOG rampers like Shitlow aka Doc holliday big gib ad the drug taking drug selling Turney are all squirming now. Matt’s been giving them inside info for years. Only hope the fca catch these stinking shits and asset strip the lot of them. Not that they’ll have any Greenbacks. Nickel + dimers Scumbags

  2. Topinfo says:

    I always knew Matt wasn’t to be trusted. They’re all on the bloody take.

  3. Ex NTOG SH says:

    Well done Bmd. Another scalp on the hip. Remember I was emailing you last year on the dodgy mess of this freaking dog