The Nostra Terra Shorting Riddle Explained For The Benefit of Tom Winnifrith.

imagesCAVNLEF3 (1)It would appear that the dirty tricks now being deployed by Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (LON: NTOG) to wriggle off the shorting hook has sucked in Tom Winnifrith. News has reached me that shareProphets has backed Matt Lofgran the embattled CEO, who has been caught with his ‘shorts’ down and as TW says if true has to RESIGN. Would this be the shareProphets that’s taken tens of thousands of pounds in ‘fees’ from the said company for presentations, donations? You take the Company shilling you sing the company tune.

Once again poor Tom has been spoon fed utter shite from Nostra and here’s why.

YA Global Master SPV, Ltd NOSTRA TERRA OIL & GAS CO GB00B067H256 0.00 2012-11-13
YA Global Master SPV, Ltd NOSTRA TERRA OIL & GAS CO GB00B067H256 1.09 2012-11-12
YA Global Master SPV, Ltd NOSTRA TERRA OIL & GAS CO GB00B067H256 0.88 2012-11-08
YA Global Master SPV, Ltd NOSTRA TERRA OIL & GAS CO GB00B067H256 0.77 2012-11-07

The above are HISTORICAL SHORT positions DISCLOSED on the FCA website as of today, yesterday and when they were declared in 2012. You’ll notice that each short position has increased. Those short positions were held at the same time as Yorkville/YA Global, one in the same company, held 150,000,000 million shares loaned to them by the Nostra CEO, Matthew Lofgran. Yorkville are notorious known Death Spiral shorters.

It’s quite simple to resolve. Nostra Terra should release an official RNS after contacting the FCA telling the FCA why those SHORT positions disclosed by the FCA are wrong, stating that at no time whatsoever did Yorkville/YA Global hold ANY short positions in their company. Then explain to the market and the FCA just what in God’s name the Yorkville/YA Global short positions DECLARED on the official FCA website are? They’ve been there for 3 years. Extremely difficult to find but there none the less. Are we to believe that Nostra never knew of their existence?  Is it all a Bobby Ewing shower moment? Are we to believe that Lofgran loaned 150,000,000 million of his shares to known market shorters just because he liked them? Pray tell us Mr Winnifrith? Or is it a case of ‘Occam’s razor’ which is thus. The most logical and simplest explanation is the truth?It's all happening here.

Or maybe a drunken official at the FCA or Yorkville after having a slice of Tom’s delicious pizza, lost the plot, not once or twice or three times but four times over a period of six days made fraudulent SHORT DISCLOSURES miss-leading the market in 2012…


I eagerly await the RNS.







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