Matra Petroleum. Confidence returning! Big gains here!

It’s been a torrid few months for holders of Dans’ favoured company Matra Petroleum. Recent events on A12 (the failure to isolate the water) have taken their toll on the sp which is trading at a miserable 0.5p. To say that the stock is below value doesn’t really justify the statement. It is way under-value. Genuine

Orenburg, coat of arms

Holders are certainly few and far between, to judge by my email tray. So just why has confidence been shot to ribbons? Well it’s all down to the lack of production from the Sokolovskoe field.

The news.

I’ve gone all out here trying to source news it’s been extremely difficult given that the company reiterate the company line. However there’s good news on the way! (More of which later). Investors can be hard to please particularly Matra Investors whose patience has been pushed to and some would say over the limits of endurance however what that should have done is to increase understanding far beyond the usual oil investor. There’s nothing not known about the company by Matra Investors we are all fully grounded in the ways of oil exploration & production techniques currently used in Russia’s prolific oil bearing region of Orenburg. So when will production on A13 kick in to kick-start the sp?

The News is Good!

There’s rumoured to be a big PR campaign kicking off  shortly as the company seek to high-light the value and true potential of their oil discovery. The news is that A13 will be on production in late January early February 2012 The ESP (electric submersible pump) has been ordered and should be on site in the next few weeks expect an RNS when it lands. Remember A13 has flowed black oil for 3 months so production would seem a foregone conclusion. Matra are very confident of finally bringing on production as early as the next 6/8 weeks. I have interviewed the company several times over the last 3 weeks and as far as I can tell the penny seems to have finally dropped. Production regardless of bopd needs to be brought about even if it’s just to prove that there is indeed 15.1 million barrels in place with the potential to rise in excess of 50 million barrels. THE STRATEGY IS TO GET INTO PRODUCTION ASAP THUS INCREASING THE SP TO LEVELS MORE REFLECTIVE OF TRUE VALUE.(3p) This in itself is seen as a platform from which to unlock funds for A14/Seismic which sources indicate the company will have no problem raising due to the potential of A14 to finally right the Matra production ship.  Matra could be in the position of a 2000/3000 bopd come the summer of 2012 with up to 12 wells planned for full field developement. Delek are known to be fully supportive of the company.

A14 Will be fast-tracked and as I understand it the actual drilling spot for A14 has already been provisionally located and pegged out. The licence for A14 is a formality. It’s eyes on here as the sp is set to rise over the next few months. News could also be in the pipeline this week from Fox-Davies so says one of our subscribers who emailed over the weekend after contacting FD.

They are destined to rise over the coming weeks as the company hit the ground running don’t be surprised when they HIT 3P! CONFIDENCE WILL BEGIN TO RETURN HERE AS THE MARKETS STEADY IN THE NEW YEAR AND MATRA FINALLY BRING ON PRODUCTION. Set a 12 month hold on your stock and await 12p!

Contrary to popular opinion I hold and will continue to hold Matra Petroleum. The reason? It’s a no-brainer the oil is there in vast quantities, eventually production will ramp up taking all those along with it to the dizzying heights of 10/12p. Bargain buy at the moment! Could easily hit 2/3p in the new year pre A13 production.


Dan the Matraman!

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  1. The Proper Alex says:

    Whos confidence is returning? Agreed, big gains to be made, but we NEED an operational update without any issues to kick it all off.
    PR campaign is long overdue.

    • Brokerman says:

      Take it as read that there’s going to be a massive price correction here as the company go on the offensive using a twin-track strategy of PR & production news. Anything under 1p is a bargain!


  2. Bryan says:

    Dan have a look at sacoil,what do you think.

  3. Joseph says:

    Thanks dan good article , have been buying , at these levels its a no lose . Hope ur busy penning the latest range installment 🙂

  4. b0gie says:

    I’m still holding… Only because my holding is not worth selling at the moment!

    I’ll keep a 8p target for this time next year!

    Fingers crossed!

  5. David says:

    Dan, For me this is an SP play prior to fundraising for A14 to minimise dilution, still holding strong as Delek have faith in this one and continue to invest. I do have the urge to average down but don’t want to be too over leveraged on MTA. Any thoughts on re’ macro at the moment? as even good news isn’t always have the desired effect….

  6. Simon says:

    I noticed that approx. two minutes before your missive on Matra 2 million shares went through, doubling the total day’s turnover in an instant!

    • Brokerman says:

      The post was a timed post which went out automatically at 13.10pm. Check the trading history as I have just done, there was a sell of 1Million at 0.51 three minutes after the post was published. It really shows how people such as yourself just make things up then try to perpetuate lies. The days trading history is there for ALL to see. there was NO 2 Million buy before the post was published.


  7. Siv A'dan says:

    Hope all is well Dan 🙂 I averaged Matra the moment it went down just because of A12 slippage, like you said the many realise the predrilled and the future drills could be potential revenue in cards. Before the pocket gets empty, if they prove themselves this could make “Jet Set Go :)”
    Apart from Matra, I hope you have analysed the mail from Sefton and had words with Sefton folks. Expecting a brief message of Sefton in you site 🙂
    Thanks for all your hardwork,
    V Siv A’dan

  8. Siv A'dan says:

    Also missed to share the thought on Matra, I strongly reckon Matra would take a recovery of atleast 1.5 to 2 months. Only by when we might get some green flag news. Till then silence plays the flute 🙂
    Regards, V Siv A’dan

  9. RDH says:


    Interesting Article.
    How do you feel MTA’s prospects compared to that of Solo Oil?
    As I understand it MTA are low on funds and going forward will require lots more money via placing and resulting dilution? How did your sources respond to questions re funds?
    Many thanks,

  10. Nibor says:

    I have been steadily averaging down in the expectation that Matra will come good, thanks to info provided by you, Dan, plus my own research. I continue to be optimistic!
    Reagrding Rivington Street Holdings and Webb Capital, what shinannigans are going on now, pl? (I am not invested in either outfit.)

  11. HJFe says:

    This is a dead dog – they have only sufficient funding to pay the extortionate wages of PH and NH for a few more months. Do not throw good money after bad – get over it and move on! Matra have consistently failed in their mission to develop the field – the only hope is that Delek swoop and buy them out – at a fire sale price.

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s hardly dead. No Debt, full 20 year production licence, minimum 15.1 million barrels of recoverable resources,100% ownership of soko’ discovery, Probable doubling of reserves to 30 million barrels of oil, possible 50 million plus on full field developement.Delek fully supportive, A13 about to come on production.
      Yes there’ll be some form of farm-out etc for funding A14/Seismic but isn’t that what EVERY SINGLE OIL COMPANY ON THE aim DOES?


  12. Spiritfinder1 says:

    Simon you’re a liar. There was as Dan says no 2 mill buy two mins before the post. You jerk stop posting bullshit you toe jammer. Here’s the trades for all peeps to see SIMON YOU LIAR! I SUSPECT IT’S HUB THE BULLSHIT MERCHANT! Using one of his many ID’s.

    13:18:11, 0.533 375,234
    13:18:03, 0.53 420,540
    13:16:23, 0.53 200,000
    13:16:18, 0.53 100,000
    13:15:46, 0.53 62,937
    13:15:23, 0.52 462,669
    13:15:19, 0.52 90,000
    13:15:08, 0.52 476,091
    13:14:29, 0.51 1,000,000
    12:10:50, 0.508 500,000