Exposed X ShareProphets Editor Ben Turneys attempt to extort cash from? Sefton Resources!

Investors were aware that I received £600 from The Times last year, after Marcus Leroux breached my copyright. But unaware that I had made a second official press complaint against The Times regarding the stories they ran in 2015. I made that complaint for several reasons; 1/ To seek answers to unanswered questions on ‘Proposition 1’ & ‘Proposition 2’  2/ To expose the lies and duplicity of the self confessed Drug Dealer the then editor of ShareProphets, Matthew Ben(t) Turney.You can read all about his Drug Dealing HERE 3/ Let The Times & Leroux know that regardless of whoever seeks to demonise me, it will never have any effect on my career, business OR shareholder activism. I am teflon.

Until now I couldn’t write about the complaint due to Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) regulations on confidentiality. The publication of that complaint, READ HERE, now allows me to write this article and name names on the disgusting attempt by two cretinious individuals to extort cash from Sefton Resources, while running a Sefton Shareholder action group.

Drug Dealer Matthew Turney

Charlatan. Inspector Clueless

I am now free to expose the shocking truth behind the attempts by Turney, who was the ‘editor’ of ShareProphets at the time and to use that position, to extract thousands upon thousands of pounds of cash payments from Raylene Whitford, the now disgraced SER CFO.  Yes that’s right Turney who got his 15 minutes of Andy Warhol fame with a by-line in a national newspaper was after Sefton shareholder cash! The then editor of ShareProphets, had teamed up with a chap named Gary Bullivant, a pompous, but nevertheless, distinguished retired army officer living in the lake district. Just quite how Gary ended up turning into a Walter Mitty character and a BBMoron I put down to the corrosive influence of Turney. Bullivants CV as a British Army Officer is second to none. Being a strong supporter of our lads/lasses in uniform, I ‘cut him some slack’ and will not demonise him or release any of his personal details. Rather let him reflect on how he became embroiled with a charlatan. Turney never thought for one minute that the damning evidence would ever see the light of day. He thought it was all destroyed and had got Raylene Whitford to do just that! Not so Mr Turney.

For the record I need to state that Tom Winnifrith and ShareProphets writers were unaware of the cash extortion attempts. (Just as they were unaware of his drug dealing history) Turney had concealed it. ShareProphets and all their writers are completely innocent. In fact when the schoolboy plot to extort cash was brought to the attention of Tom, certain pennies began to drop. Info from SP sources was finding its way into The Times. Turneys days were numbered. Winnifrith quietly eased him out. Back to the Bulletin Boards he went, which is where he came from. Apparently Winnie plucked him off the asylum where he now festers, using a host of fake identities, howling into the madness that holds domain on that site. If you listen carefully you can hear it….. RRR, ADL, NEW, AFPO. But I digress. Back to the article!

Proposition 1 & Proposition 2.

Throughout the 1st half of 2015 Turney had been ‘grooming’ Raylene Whitford SER CFO, as one of his sources, Whitford eventually got suckered into releasing market sensitive and confidential information to Turney on an industrial scale. Folks will remember the volume of poisonous articles on ShareProphets.

When the new team eventually took control after the EGM fight, they found what can only be described as a destruction of company email records. Those records were recovered after they were deliberately deleted. Indeed Bullivant/Turney also implored Whitford to delete all their correspondence. There are literally dozens upon dozens of emails, texts and records of telephone calls between them.  During the investigation, trying to track down where all the cash had gone, they came across an email mentioning a ‘Proposition 1’ this lead to further discoveries of Bullivant/Turney deleted emails and documents. On 1st July 2015 Turney/Bullivant had contacted Whitford with a formulated plan to extort cash from Sefton. That plan was titled “Proposition 1” In Proposition 1 (Dated 1 July 2015) Turney sought payments of thousands upon thousands of pounds for ‘Investigative Services’. The self confessed illegal highs drug dealer, stated that he was working with a ‘Private Investigator’, who later turned out to be Gary Bullivant (Walter Mitty).

The haranguing of Whitford to pay Turney cash continued into September 2015. The pressure must have been immense, remember she had taken the bait passing him inside market information over a considerable period of time. Turney knew this and continued for months trying to ‘charm’ Whitford to get his hands on SER cash. The threat of exposure, by Turney in a fit of pique, as his source must have weighed heavily on her mind.

Gary Bullivant. Daft as a Brush.

Gary Bullivant ‘Private Investigator’

In Proposition 2 (dated 15 September 2015) a financially watered down version of Proposition 1, Turney demanded £3,750 and a rate of £350 per day plus expenses. Turney/Bullivant also wanted “a letter of authority to act as a Company agent with regard to this enquiry is issued and that the right to use Company headed notepaper is granted. This use would be subject to all final documents being released to non-Company personnel by an authorised Company employee as determined by the Company. Access to the Company office in London, a desk, computer connection and telephone would be authorised for the investigator”. Looking back at it now it is truly insane, and reflects that of the mind of a nutter who found God while labouring on a building site at a Convent in Sweden. The boyos also promised a “scoping study” but never demanded a cuddly toy! Hilarious.

Fortunately the real power who was running Sefton Resources, and their solicitors, saw through the attempts and killed it off for a myriad of legal reasons. (One being that Turney had sought to corrupt regulated individuals by demanding confidential information from the Nomad).


Copyright Thief Leroux!

It (My IPSO complaint) has been a pain in the arse for Marcus Leroux and The Times editor. But it is now extremely embarrassing for ShareProphets whose editor tried to basically pressure cash money out of a company they were demonising. The IPSO full committee hearing into their practices should serve as a warning shot across their bows. It always comes out in the end. The complaint itself was never going to be upheld. Most fall away and never get to a full committee hearing. Such is the way of press complaints even more so by ex armed robbers.

To get over the hurdles to a full committee hearing the complaint has to have merit. (The complaint I lodged got to full committee) By lodging the complaint and getting it to committee the extent of Turney/Bullivants nefarious activities was disclosed and can now be read by you, the retail investors. It is absolutely shocking! There is a question still unanswered. Just how many companies has Turney tried to extract money from in similar circumstances?

As a post-script it once again high-lights the duplicitous nature of the ‘Chuckle chuckle’ drug dealer come sacked ‘editor’, and self styled ‘investigative journalist, aim investigator, labourer, failed businessman and drug dealer’, It’s a dirty, dirty game this AIM!

Take a bow Inspector Clueless, Matthew Benjamin Turney.





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21 Responses

  1. Sefton Holder says:

    Wow this is a freaking disgrace. I always new Turdey aka Turney was a POS but this really is fooking dreadful.

  2. Investochampion says:

    shareProphets should hang their heads in shame.
    Is this atypical of behaviour from the muppets at sharemuppets?

  3. jabberwockjilly says:

    Nothing shocks me any more Dan. Congrats on exposing him yet again. People take note of what you say.

    Ben Turney you are an absolute disgrace. shameful conduct seeking money from Sefton when you were attacking them and the shareholders. It’s blackmail in my book.

  4. Jas says:

    Well now who’d have thought that?

    Don’t surprize me in the least. cunts like Turney are double dealing spunkheads. living in a fantasy world. Mans got nothing. He’s a proven liar and a shameless drugboy.

  5. Duck & Dive says:

    Now we know why the fat liar got the sack from sharreprophets. These revealations coming on top of his druggie ecstasy dealing to kids really nails him as a pathological nutjob. Well done. BMD takes no prisoners.

    Good job Daniel

    • Nicko P says:

      Good job indeed. You’ve got some balls Levi, I’ll give you that mucker.

      In my time as a legal executive, I seriously thought about becoming a PI. It’s now heavily regulated. Its criminal + fraud to pose as Private Investigators.

      “Charlatan” is as close to the mark as we’ll ever get on creeps like Ben Turney. He’s one of life’s failures. Posts on LSE using numerous ID’s. Best pals with another charlatan Doc Holiday. Twitter ramper and lowlife. Says it all really. Red rock resources? My arse! lol!

  6. MR Benn says:

    Ben Turney = Scumbag.

  7. Backwoodsman says:

    Who is this Bullivant geezer? He looks like a right weirdo.

    How low can you go? On minute your an army officer the next you’re a dickhead. Cant believe he’s ex-services?

    Usually our boys are dignified. Especially the Jeremys, (Officers)


  8. mr Bum Boy says:

    They look like two bum boys to me any chance of the safehouse crew getting a real job ?????

  9. Turney Bum Boys says:

    They look a pair of bum boys ! Bullivant the guy who wanted to take people to his safehouse in the lake district and cut them up in his fridge ???? I recall from Dans articles.

    As for Turney what a fat little pig apart from fucking this Bullivant he tried to fuck Sefton and ruin shareholders.

    Total troll alert. The only action group is sefton holders coming after the fat pig with a pitch folk.

  10. Chartist says:

    Tom did the righteous course by firing Turney. He’s told investors that flip flop will never write for them again. We should applaud shareProphets.

    As for Ben Turney, can only suggest he’s a barge pole person. Punters have to learn that this guy is a full blown crook. Bent. Fraud. He’s once again been shown for what he is. A rotten extortionist and a drug dealer. Fifa! How many failures is that now bennyboy?

  11. Garyn says:

    Takes an ex crook to catch a live crook. Why did SER destroy emails? Obviously to hide away their dirty laundry. Raylene what a bitch.

  12. wildrides says:

    The perpetrators named are an utter disgrace. Turney should be in jail. What a piece of shit!

    Every thing he does fails. pmsl.

    What next? He try’s to sell Blackpool tower claiming he’s Lord Blackpool? Fraudster alert.

    Any takers on the bet?

  13. The Wise One says:

    To all Sefton holders this has really shown who were the bad guys.

  14. Cornhill Payback says:

    The self confessed drug dealer Turney has breached market abuse rules on so many occasions. He tried to hijack shareprophets. Winnifrith tumbled it, then moved to extricate him from the site. A good move. FCA should now investigate the criminal.

    Not so long ago this creature accused a work colleague of mine of being a “City sex attacker” He splashed it all over shareprophets. My friend was totally innocent. As proven beyond all doubt.

    Bullivant, a sad reflection on why a retired person would partner this known financial crook. One only has to search companies house to see the extent of the insolvent/dissolved start ups Turney used to rape investors, before hiding out in Stockholm from said creditors.

    The drug taking, drug dealing financial failure lives a miserable existence living off his wifes’ income. #Ponce

  15. Ben Turney Rent Boy says:

    Reading all these comments and the article i come to one conclusion Bullivant is paying Turney for sex.

  16. Raylene Stole Sefton Money says:

    So can we conclude Raylene & Sefton stole company money ? and wanted to give it all to Turney and Bullivant !!!!!

  17. Scottyg says:

    Share muppets I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when tit Winnifrith found out turnip was a scammer an fraud.

  18. Scottyg says:

    Not a fan of yours Dan. Have u ever considered working for MI5? How the bloody hell do you get this kind of information ?

    On this, I think it’s yet again another insight into the corrupt practices Winnifrith and SP are involved with.

  19. 'i'm not fat just big boned' turney says:

    ”Back to the Bulletin Boards he went, which is where he came from.”

    good line that, a slimy toad returning to the swamp

    apparently Turney was part of the Gene Savin gang

  20. Josh says:

    Who is Gene Savin?