Bell Pottinger Bashers operating in your chat rooms? Never!!!!!!!


Two Bell Pottinger "Operatives" disguised as a Moo Cow & Joe Stalin

What’s going on over at BELL POTTINGER these days? Don’t bother asking Lord Bell he’s too busy manning the ramparts with a damage limitation exercise or as Manuel from Fawlty Towers says “I know nothing”. Well from what I can gather the “Brown stuff” has certainly hit the fan. There’s now a Parliamentary Enquiry into lobbying which will summon Bell Pottinger Executives to explain their Dark practices. Bellend Potties Tim Collins, the former Tory MP, now managing director of Pottinger’s public affairs division along with David Wilson, chairman of the public relations arm, & Sir David Richmond, ex Foreign Office mandarin, will be grilled by the committee.

So just what have the chaps been up to, to warrant such scrutiny? Well as the saying goes “they’ve been at it” as well as representing reprehensible regimes that torture,murder & imprison innocent men,women & children. Bell Pottinger have been infiltrating the world-wide web disseminating black propaganda to rubbish their clients opponents. Wags from Pottinger have been altering Wikipedia entries promoting their clients as well as altering thousands of entries with false information to rubbish opponents of their clients! How long has it been going on? Years! One of Pottinger’s “Operatives” named Biggleswiki has admitted altering online entries at Wikipedia the changes were among hundreds if not thousands carried out by Pottinger Representatives. Diginerd84, Smythej are two other fake Pottinger identities. So where will it end? Just wait one minute it gets worst! The three amigos named above have been secretly tape recorded bragging about what they can do to influence people/investors online!  Yes you’ve guessed correctly they’ve been infiltrating online chat sites as well as using Blogs to push their clients message!

So here’s a question for all the frequenters of the super information highway namely those on Interactive Infestor, London South East, ADVFN & the myriad of financial news sites. Can you spot a Bell Pottinger BASHER/RAMPER?

I told you all many moons ago that the chat rooms on III, LSE, ADVFN etc Were infested with double identity FAKE Posters, Bashers and Market Makers infiltrating the platforms to enhance their positions using the forums to gauge and manipulate sentiment. At the time some scoffed & poured scorn on the article. Even after 3 AIM companys took legal measures to stop the abuse some still scoffed. (Probably those up to their necks in it). It’s not just Bell Pottinger at it, it’s being perpetrated on an Industrial scale! The Bell Pottinger scandal is the tip of the iceberg.

Yes you get all the juicy bits on the worlds favourite Blog. How’s that for a piece of spin!



PS. Bell Pottinger actually represent Matra Petroleum. If I was Matra I’d be asking Lord Bell for my money back!

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  1. Dan says:

    I am 120% certain the MMs operate on the message boards , Easy to spot, always pop up at critical times , little Advice , just spouting crap , they start by gaining trust and becoming a values member who can influence
    I am certain DES is the most manipulated share on AIM, on any given day even a bad one with no news it can fly 30% despite nearly being in admin , it’s a law to itself . Then take mxp, found oil 12 times in 2011, ramped production from 2100 bopd to 5600 bopd, increased p2 70% yet we tank on good news , the MMs are collecting cheap shares here, and are 100% playing games . We have a few guys who only pop up the day before news and spout bile .
    MAC sold 10.5m shares the day before ask-2 was a duster – you telling me they didn’t know ?
    Funny how we got punished 12% for a duster , would never of rose 12% if it had been oil. We can hit them all, although we gave it a good go this year . 2012 promises to be a higher success rate of 50% on the shallows , and the elephant EMBA b is due in 3 months

  2. Dan says:

    Also I have already reported des and roxi to the aim regulation authority – waiting for them to come back to me. I sent them a detailed document from the last 12 months , showing everything from volumes, spikes , and anything dodgey.
    I have said I want whoever is doing this brought to justice , the little guy , like me and you are getting played , on these dogs non producers . They have so far not said I’m wrong, they are investigating it, a nice chap called Peter is reviewing my case .

  3. Dan says:

    I have told Peter that I want the police involved at some point should my findings be proven correct , if they will not then I will .
    It’s fraud pure and simple .
    And we all know it goes on, take city boy geraint Anderson , he has personally told me its rife, and still is !!! Yet nobody listens , well it only takes one case to break thru, then the flood gates will open , al la the hacking scandal , we all know they have ALL been hacking people’s phones for years !!
    I also have it on good authority a few leads on people who are involved , all of which has been passed on, but of course I cannot name on here .
    Let’s hope we get a little more fairness back for the every day small investor

  4. DGMan says:

    Tas Devil is Back.

  5. Mike Jones says:

    Bell Pottinger great read Dan. Biggleswick could this be Biggleswiki similar in name?

    Love the new look of the blog Dan.

  6. Angela says:

    Why not just ask authority to close down all this iii lse and avdf chart room for the good of all company in the shares market .

    Still holding my shares in Matra and not looking into lse anymore .

    GLA and superdan.

    • Biggleswick says:

      Angela, I honestly wonder that if all share chat forums were closed down that AIM shares would stabilise and be much less volatile.

      What goes on on LSE, iii and ADVFN, etc, is sheer lunacy day in and out, and yet people are drawn to it in droves, like an addiction. Or your quest to find real news on there is ruined by OTT ramping/deramping posts that fill those bbs up. No offense to Dan and others who run genuine and good sites, but it wouldn’t bother me if all share discussion portals were shut down. The damage that infiltration and badmouthing has done to longterm holders portfolios has been immesurable this past year. I am sure the above mentioned forums are more riddled with corrupt practices than they ever were and genuine investors are losing hard-earned gains to such greedy practices. Small investors are denied the chance to even get a foothold in profit before it is pried off us by these subtle scare tactics.

      Many shares have been totally held under this year: MXP, RRL, RMP, SLE (what’s going on at SLE?? I’m at a loss), etc…mostly AIM oilers are esp. frustrating as even good news has seen shares bomb or not even hold onto a decent gain for long. RRL’s asset base re: upgraded TT figures means it should be trading at a higher asset-based value and yet we are at nearly 7p! I feel like we are all being crippled on purpose and the market has lost any sense of fair play. Effectively it’s lost the plot. Only shorters and daytraders get any joy, and largely dodge paying CGT, whilst investors have the ignimony of having to pay CGT for being loyal and not daytrade. As long as the get rich quick side are favoured by George Osborne and Co. then they’ll flourish and ‘investors’ in the true sense of that word will always be the losers.

  7. Biggleswick says:

    “How long has it been going on? Years! One of Pottinger’s “Operatives” named Biggleswiki has admitted altering online entries at Wikipedia…”

    It definitely wasn’t me! Even though I am somewhat Polish on my Dad’s side!

  8. Pike says:

    Bethany3 on ADVFN and III is very suspicious.