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Justice4theSefton2It’s all unravelling for Jim Ellerton the proven liar & fraudster. Just what in the name of God is going on at Sefton Resources? You’ll all know that myself and the hugely respected City of London financial journalist Mr Tom Winnifrith are the subject of a malicious libel action by this rotten, corrupt company.

Todays latest revelations that the Sefton Chairman Ellerton gave a Dentist, by the name of Mr Gary Dillabaugh, the Investor Relations job then the Corporate Secretary’s job at the time must have seemed bizarre. After all what does a Dentist know about being the Corporate Secretary of an oil & gas company? More to the point what does a Dentist know about investor relations for the said company?

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I don’t doubt that Mr Dillabaugh is an honourable man and probably a top notch Dentist. In fact I’m pretty sure that he’s a capable man and would almost certainly have got to grips with being the Corporate Secretary of Sefton however at the time of the appointments Chairman Ellerton owed Mr Dillabaugh over $400,000 dollars via personal loans. This was kept secret by Ellerton Hidden away from share-holders.

The questions are myriad. But now we have the answers.

John James Ellerton the Chairman of Sefton put Mr G Dillabaugh, a Dentist, on the company payroll to keep Mr Dillabaugh ‘sweet’ that is to say to keep him from demanding the return in full of his $400,000 dollars. So who amongst the Board of Directors knew what, where & when? What did Pinsent Masons know? Who approved Mr Dillabaughs appointment? His salary package etc, etc, etc. It’s a can of worms that yours truly will be opening at the forth coming Daniel Levi V Sefton Resources Libel trial! Can’t wait for it!

In the mind of the corrupt Ellerton the payments Mr Dillabaugh received for his work as the Sefton Corporate Secretary were being made to pay off his personal debts to Mr Dillabaugh using company funds. This is truly shocking. Ellerton has swore under oath that he paid Mr Dillabaugh company cash to pay off his personal debts. This is Fraud.

The Judge in the case, Robert L McGahey, stated “defendant Ellerton’s testimony was not believable” & “defendant Ellerton is not credible in regard to his testimony” You have all been shown many times the lies of Ellerton. Maybe now you’ll believe it when it comes from an American District Judge.

Ellerton swore on oath that he had used company cash to pay off his personal debts- See more at:

Tom Winnifrith raises some pertinent questions;

“The attached document also shows some interesting share transfers which beg the question of how many shares have over the years been held, bought and sold by Ellerton’s children?

The document also shows that other senior officers of Sefton were aware of this case – they appeared as witnesses against Ellerton. But this begs the question as to why the current directors who must also be aware of this have not reported Ellerton’s claims and behaviour to the relevant authorities? I ask which directors and officers of Sefton (and I include in that list the company secretary after Dillabaugh, the esteemed firm of Pinsent Masons) knew that their executive chairman was claiming on oath that he had used shareholders cash to clear his debt to Dillabaugh?”

You can read the full court judgement here

This has now gone to the Aim Regulation Team & the FCA Market Abuse Team.

Make no mistake it’s only ever going one way here. And that is Bankruptcy. You have ALL been warned.

NB. By the way just as an aside I think you should cross-reference Jimbobs July RNS claims of “75 bopd pre steaming averages over many months” claims. A quick check of the DOGGR Hartje lease reveals that Jim wouldn’t know the truth if it was written down and handed to him by a Colorado District Judge!



Daniel Levi

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