Matra Petroleum. 2012 the year of Matra?

Matra MS80 1969 F1 Jackie Stewart Fernando Pin...

It’s great to see the old girl finally beginning to crawl up off the floor. It’s not so long ago that Matra were trading at 5p It’s been a tough time for holders of Matra but as ever hope springs eternal as we head into the New Year. 2012 is set to be the year of Matra!

There’s always one stock that I just can’t seem to leave alone “Matra!!!”  I keep coming back to it and checking, then double checking the figures,the news, the sources, THE OPINION and as ever I can only draw one conclusion. Matra petroleum are sat on a minimum of 15.1 million barrels of oil THAT’S ALMOST CERTAINLY GOING TO DOUBLE, POSSIBLY TREBLE AND COULD QUADRUPLE! The oil is there, hence why I keep banging on about the company. It’s a question of time before they begin to produce. Expect to see the stock continue to rise and gyrate as we near A13 production with the added bonus of the much vaunted A14 drill. Remember the BOPD targets for full field production are 6/7000 barrels a day. If the company achieve this then Matra will be trading in double figures before the end of 2012!

I declare 2012 the year of Matra!





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  1. johnptfranks says:

    The sub 1p sp has been a great buying opportunity. Here’s to 2012 for Matra.

  2. splitinfinity says:

    Lets hope it does go up. Last year was one hell of a roller coaster ride, so lets hope the worst is over for matra and that they begin to chalk up investor confidence.

  3. Iain says:

    I totally agree. Bad news out of the way now. Its onwards and upwards. One question though. Do you see funding as an issue?

    Thanks and happy new year.

    • Brokerman says:

      No I don’t see funding as an issue. It’s generally accepted that Matra’s game plan is get A13 on production which allows them to demonstrate the viability of the Soko’ field. Which in turn will add confidence. There’ll be queuing up to buy in once the penny drops that the water issue has been resolved by the company. Greed will kick in with the institutions.


  4. Tsubie says:

    This kills your credibility.

    • Stevie says:

      Wind your neck in tsubie. Dan why do you let morons like this post on here? I hope the new site doesnt become populated by idiots like this?

      • Brokerman says:

        No need to worry Stevie. The new site is subscription only to enter. You can access certain parts of the new site without joining so people can read the small cap round-up morning notes London open etc and the general news. There’s also a facilty to ban offending abusive visitors from actually accessing the site. They get re-directed to the BMD ban message which I’ve had great fun writing. So in effect they can’t even access any of the pages once their IP has been logged. I have transfered about 30 IP’s accumulated over the last few years to the Ban list from this Blog.


  5. Jenny for your thoughts says:

    Yeah Dan I’d hhave to agree with Tsubie thisrise “kills your credibility”. After all an 80% rise since they were at 0.5% is nothing to shout about. I did buy 1.3million at 0.54 even though im sat on a 70% profit I must agree with TSUBIE as i am an iams cat who has no brain stop making me money right now brokerman dan i protest it is shocking!


  6. Mike Jones says:

    Good luck Brokerman.

    Hope you had a nice crimbo

    Keep up the great work & well done for sticking with Matra. I bought at 0.56 & am well up awaiting A13 production.
    (Tsubie you are a real jerk)

    • Cartier says:


      Funnily enough I also did a bit of topping up at 0.56 too. Heres to a bright and oily future in the Urals 🙂

  7. Cartier says:

    Maybe 2012 will be the year for Matra, but it might be the year of the CONDOR, the year that CNR finally flies 😀

    Or maybe it will be an XCITEing year out there on the Bentley field, rather than remembering that Halcyon period at around this time last year when XEL were trading at around £4.

  8. joseph says:

    agree with all that dan,just waiting for the usual drop before buying more,but anyrthing under 1p is bargain no lose.Like the pic too,obviously it isnt running on matra oil……!!

  9. Angela says:

    Thanks Dan nice post.

    Tsubie sei un idiota. lol

    Ciao da Angela

  10. Rocky says:

    Any thoughts for SAN LEON.It looks like a bargain at 8p .1 million buy today.any confidence looking here,is one of ur best shares.

  11. Dan says:

    15m barrels of oil is not huge in my honest opinion . Take mxp,just one of their 12 tiny shallow discoveries in found upto 135m , plus another several and the deeps at 497m each currently drilling .
    I mention the 135m in UTS for mxp not because it’s a large amount compared to 15.1 at MTA, but it highlights the perils of extracting oil from the ground and finding the black gold is only half the battle , getting it out and flowing onto the balance sheet is just as important especially in today’s risk off market
    They have been messing around with UTS for over 12 months to no avail.
    It’s all very well banging your drum about the oil being their but you need a quality management team with the ability to turn that discovery into a producer , and taken your bias out of the equation would you really trust the MTA board with a spud gun ? Weather they have the ability to surprise and get the field producering remains to be seem. They can have all the oil in the world but it’s useless in the ground . It’s all about if they can turn the corner , and it’s a massive IF , we only have their previous track record to go off, and so far they are a alcoholic footballer – wasted talent .
    Let’s assume they carry on in the same hap hazard fashion and fail to get it producing, then the current price is not undervalued whatsoever , in fact I would say its about right given the current monthly revenue , production and flow rates given the risk off market no one will price anything in for potential .