Nostra Terra Oil & Gas. Improvements on the Horizon?

Water horizon (Computer graphics)

Look to the Horizon.

It’s been a wild week for holders of Minnow Nostra Terra Oil & Gas. The sp surged yesterday on an RNS regarding the much awaited HPI Settlement. It looks like Matt Lofgran aided by the recently installed Alden McCall may have finally woken up from the HPI NIGHTMARE .  The revised settlement is a further improvement on the original “parting of the waves deal”.The Company will make a further announcement to confirm closure. Under the Original Agreement, NTOG was to have acquired the HPI interests in Boxberger and the maximum cash receivable was to have been USD1.2 million payable within 180 days of closing. Under the new revision Nostra will receive $1.3 million secured against HPI assets with a 10% interest charge. The rumour here is that if the new partner New Century Exploration become intertwined heavily with Nostra then one or the other could eventually be swallowed up by which ever one is stronger. Only time will tell. News has reached me that Nostra are going on the offensive. There’s a new Public Relations firm now on the payroll and Lofgran is rumoured to be signing up with proactive investors. Both good moves and a sure sign that Nostra are on the right track. The value of investor relations should never be under-estimated. As Nostra found out to their cost last year!

Certainly one to watch as I do believe that Ntog are currently looking at further assets lets just hope that in percentage terms these assets are not in the  1%,2%,3% category’s. What they need now is improved bopd and quality assets. There’s plenty out there.

Improvements on the horizon.



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  1. Ann Chance says:

    Cadogan and San Leon are your two choices in your challenge. What would be shares three and four? There seems to be a lot of positive news for some companies recently however either the fortune tellers have it priced in or it is being ignored. As always, would be interested in your views.
    thanks, Ann