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Yet again AS FORETOLD (I love this saying. Annoys the hell out of the Numpties) on the worlds favourite PI’s Blog, Xcite energy have sparked into life!

With a current SP of 137p investors who researched this stock thoroughly should be showing a healthy profit.With much more to come. It was a glaringly obvious gain but investors minds of late have been distracted and clouded by Falklands mist.

Many emails asking if BrokermanDaniel has any stock here? Well the short answer is NO! However I am always quite happy to post honest opinion on stock even when I am not invested and know that they are destined to rise. Why so?I here you say. Well the ethos of this Blog is to help Private Investors not myself. Don’t get me wrong I do invest in some of the stock posted on here. If I’d invested in Xcite now I’d be showing a healthy 55% gain but after cashing in some Nautical,Char,Minerva,BP,GCM, and one or two others I find myself in a rather embarrassing cash rich position having recouped ALL of my initial investment coupled with an extraordinary profit and a free carry of stock on all the above company’s. There are two company’s that I will be holding until the bitter end regardless of daily/weekly fluctuations good old Gulf Keystone and dear Encore as I believe these amazing companies will far surpass their current under-valued position. There’s a certain doubling of sp at Encore with a possible multi,multi bagger of GKP on the horizon both will be taken-over somewhere along the line as the all-seeing Blog eye knows discussions have been taking place on an ad hoc basis.There are a few small investments in one or two juniors but most of Dan’s portfolio consists of Footsie 100 companies Lloyd’s,BP,Barclay’s etc. Mainly Banking,Mining,Oil sector stocks trading in the Footsie 100.

It’s been a fantastic year so far for the Blog with stats going through the roof at times. WordPress have contacted me more times than I care to remember. The hack attacks have been roundly and resolutely defeated and the web-site is beginning to take shape.

Max Petroleum have been on my watch-lists for ages but I took my eye off them due to their fundamentals not passing muster so it just goes to show one never can write a company off. There are gains out there; the secret is research with more research.



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No Responses

  1. andrew says:

    Cambridge Mineral Resources plc is to raise funds through a rights issue, where it is offering existing shareholders the right to buy additional shares
    Would someone with some knowledge please explain the impact that the rights issue would have
    Cheers Dan

  2. SolaKing says:

    Hi Dan,
    You don’t have a choice but to do well with your investment seeing you are out to look after the interest of the us shafted Private Investors.
    The Bible says in Proverbs 11:25 “The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself”.
    Thanks again.
    Cheers, SK.

  3. mary says:

    thanks again, look forward to your daily updates. any word on lenie gas and oil cheers mary

  4. ChangFai says:

    Could we have an update on your thoughts on Petrolatina please ?

    • Brokerman says:

      I have been closely monitoring Pele. The recent fall on Colon 3 result and shenanigans re’ block LLA57 has created uncertainty. But long term prospects are excellent.


  5. John Whittle says:

    Dan, there was an Edison Research Note released yesterday.

    Would be well worth you letting everyone know, its a great read and the multi-bagging upside is there for all to be seen.

    You can read it on the link below


    Let them all know Dan !!!