The Bell Pottinger Interactive Infested, London s(M)outh (P)east, ADV(BP)FN Riddle.

Online Subterfuge

So just who are the deep under-cover  Bell Pottinger operatives plying their trade online in the chat forums and Blogs? IT’S BEEN KNOWN BY THOSE IN THE KNOW FOR YEARS THAT THE BOARDS ARE INFESTED. A quick check of our email subscription lists reveals, yes you’ve guessed it, Bell Pottinger subscribers!

Discussing techniques for managing reputations online, David Wilson, Bell Pottingers chairman of Public relations, mentioned a “team” that could “sort” Wikipedia. “We’ve got all sorts of dark arts,” added Tim Collins, Pottingers Managing Director of public relations, “I told him [David Wilson] he couldn’t put them in the written presentation because it’s embarrassing if it gets out.” How true Tim!

A presentation shown during the secretly recorded meeting said it could “create and maintain third-party blogs” – blogs that appeared to be independent but in actual fact were being run by Bell Pottinger to deflate or enhance at the behest of the client. These would contain positive or negative content and popular key words that would rank highly in Google searches. They also asserted they could manipulate Google results to “drown” out negative coverage of human rights violations and child labour. How sickening is that?

Questions NEED TO BE ANSWERED.  Who are the operatives operating online?  How many “Teams” have Bell Pottinger been using? Which Blogs are being run by Bell Pottinger? Who are the Bell Pottinger double identity fake posters online?  It’s as obvious as the nose on your face that this type of manipulation, spin & Bashing has been going on for years so does it stand to reason that these fake Bloggers & posters have been around for quite some time? Of course it does. I’d be mighty careful of the self-styled “Kings” of the financial chat communities. There’s a big question mark hovering over their screen-names.

Have a good think before you leap as to why some-one would spend hours upon hours every day posting in a chat forum?

So just what action will Lord Bell(end) take to root out these Pottinger miscreants? Hmm let’s have a think. Will he sack the lot of them and throw himself at the mercy of the great British Public? Or will he begin a counter-offensive disguised as an “Internal Investigation” to obfuscate & prevaricate? Shredders at Bell Pottinger will be working overtime!



NB. Expect to see some well known posters going off-line over the next few weeks. Goodbye Bluehorseshoe

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  1. marcus says:

    hi dan massif improvement on the site looks happier well done . ok what are you on about you sound like one of the plebs on iii selling a share .how do they affect us? and there’s always some one pushing a share i do it hopefully with the best intensions, if your saying more please say it so we can learn or understand where your coming from . or stop smoking the green stuff you might have to dry out .

    all the best marcus

    • Brokerman says:

      Thanks Marcus
      It’s only a freshening up until the new site goes live in Jan 2012.
      The article is about how the City of London infiltrate and manipulate private investors online. If you want to learn about it then check out white propaganda,Grey propaganda,Black propaganda definitions via an internet search.


  2. Mike Jones says:

    Yeah the tinternet is full of liars and cheats Hub is the biggest fraud on iii imho.
    He’s been at it for years the lieing two facet git.

  3. Brendan the Brickie says:

    Hi Dan Like the new look site mate. Its a theme from wordpress isnt it? Funki theme? I’m starting my own wordpress blog soon so ive been checking out what themes to use. I’m a Brickie by trade and was thinking of advertising my services online what do you think is it worth paying for themes or starting off with the free ones?



    • Brokerman says:

      It’s a great idea. I’d use one of many free themes to begin with. No point spending good money at the start. Just get used to working your way around the management control system before you splash the cash.

      Good Luck


  4. marcus says:

    hi dan sorry about the touchness in my email .shorting the ftse with a naste loss bad day, so sorry .I am looking up the thing recomened and oo00hh .good eye opener

    thanks marcus