$800,000 Dollar Debt Judgement, Serious Driving offences & Assault charges. Chairman who?

Can it get much worse for the AIM Regulation team? Just what does one have to provide to them before a company is suspended or at the very least investigated? As you all know I am very able at researching/investigating company’s. And by extension their Directors, CEO’s and Chairmen.

So here’s a conundrum for those out there investing in what the respected City of London Financial Journalist Mr T Winnifrith calls “The #Cesspit”

Is it right that a London Listed company should keep from it’s share-holders that it’s Executive Chairmen has a judgement against him for over $800,000 thousand dollars? That the said Chairman’s self awarded Top Hat pension still owes him over $1million dollars and rising.

Maybe the Nomad can explain and while he’s at it he can also explain 11 separate court cases. 10 of which he was the Defendant in. Charges range from Assault, Driving unroadworthy vehicle’s, to Driving with no insurance & this is in just one state in the USA. Come on down Jim Ellerton the man that likes to fleece investors and pretend that he has integrity & honesty. You have convictions by the bucket load! About as unfit a person as there could be on a Board of Directors!

What else is out there on this chap? Well that would be telling wouldn’t it?



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