Xcite Energy. The BP connection?

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The BP connection?

With  approx’ 140 million shares in issue city analysts expect XEL to begin an upward  rise as the 60 day time frame for the drilling campaign progress’s to its ultimate goal. Investors should keep their focus on here as some believe that 60+ days is rather over-cooked. BP sources have briefed some in the market that news will be out BEFORE the stated time-frame. The probable outcome is that news on Bentley will begin to filter out much sooner than the company time scale. It’s known that XEL want to progress Bentley as quickly as is possible. A 200p target here before official news is in my opinion a realistic possibility bearing in mind that XEL are almost certain to announce very good results. Expectation will push this sp upwards as investors cotton on to why BP with other leading companies have joined XEL in the Bentley Alliance.

Currently there’s a school of thought here that this is a wholly under-valued stock which doesn’t reflect value vis-a-vis the BP involvement. Once the viability of the discovery begins to sink in some will have the mist cleared from their eyes as to why British Petroleum are heavily involved here!

This is a win situation developing which will almost certainly see a rising sp during the drill and on completion of drill.


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  1. OILBUG says:

    Great post as normal Dan

    I have positioned 70% of my portfolio in xel on the low risk/ value now.

    QUESTION : wonder if you could help me with your blog info ? have a holding in cov energy drilling low risk barquentine prospect 6tcf gas potential next to proven windjammer.

    I was at the agm hydrocarbons both side of the fault.

    However do you know if RNS tiggered alert yet because 6 weeks is nearly up- started drilling 20th september.



  2. OILBUG says:

    Ok Dan no problem

    seems there is a big Anadarko presentation at 2.00pm so maybe learn some more re cov news



  3. Ivoryjohn says:

    Retraced/ What are you talking about man? EO is up to over 130p the trading range is a normal fluctuation. You are talkin dogs left overs bro!
    Hey Lob whens ya blog up and posting?

  4. chilaxed says:

    Hi Dan

    I have a question to ask

    Which do you think is the best term investment for the next 2 months – EO, NPE, or XEL – all look good and i have been in EO and NPE but not XEL. I know you do not give out investment advice and I always mkae my own decision, but any help you offer so i can make up a unsure mind would be appreciated.

    • Brokerman says:

      Jason, I really can’t advise you where to put your money. All three of these companies are in my opinion a very good investment.


  5. chilaxed says:

    Cheers Dan

    decisions decisions!