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  1. Oiler says:

    lol wheres the 0.25p option

  2. Simon says says:

    It’s actually on Full Field Development. So that option doesn’t arise. & with a min of 15.1 million barrels, No Debt , A13 production, with A14 Drill never will

  3. b0gie says:

    Dan, sorry to change the subject. Whats your take on XEL this morning? 20% down. I’m hurting badly at the moment with a £2.80 avg.

    • Brokerman says:

      I did hear in late October that they were struggling with their cash-flow which seems to be borne out with the recent drawdowns. I also had a very good source intimate that the upcoming drill had hit problems re Health & Safety regs. Also the planned 8 drill production may have been cut back to 4 while the company are rumoured to be experiencing supplier difficulties re’ production well heads. Could also be that the Boardroom are worried over their cash position being undermined by the delays. Only rumour of course but it seems to be well founded.


  4. Chris says:

    Probabaly wise to choose the lowest figure, that way you wont be disappointed if it doesn’t go up much further. Over-hyping a share does nobody any favours and will cause bad feelings on the forum and leave a nasty taste in one’s mouth. Maybe this IS a ‘goody’ but seeing will be believing as and (if) when.

  5. Toby says:

    That’s crazy talk Chris. The boards are awash with posters on lse,advfn,googlefinance,III all posting comments on Matra some post 20 or 30 comments a day. R u saying that Brokerman shouldnt talk about or post on his blog news views or opinions?That he’s not entitled to blog his views on his blog? It’s his blog he’s entitled to post as much or as little as he thinks fit. It’s a hot topic I personally welcome the debate but lets not come out with crazy talk saying that we on the chat forums iii,lse,advfn are allowed to post as many comments or opinions as we want while others should keep stum!

  6. Nibor says:

    Dan, d’you think the backwash of the anti-frackers in Oiho will have any effect on NTOG? Thank you!