Gulf Keystone Petroleum. The FSA? Don’t waste your time!

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Well there goes the GKP bubble bursting before our eyes as the company finally bow to market pressure and release an RNS pouring cold water on the weekend speculation as reported in the weekend press. Lot of anger out there as the email in-tray begins to fill up.

Mark Lefty (The Independent) and the media et al reported that GKP had been in negotiations with several Big Hitters and that an auction may develop where these multi-nationals begin a bidding war for the company, £8 was widely quoted this morning online by the wide-eyed and gullible as each and every one of them was suckered in to what can only be described as a Professional City wide ramp. While there’s no doubt that GKP have been in some form of on off unofficial negotiations over the last year or so there’s no doubt that there is NO official negotiation being conducted. If there was an officail approach made then it would have to be reported within minutes of the approach.

So lets take a quick look at GKP.  Yes they have billions upon billions of barrels of oil. The share-price is certainly many times under-value so why is it that they are trading at such low levels? I’ve told the blogosphere many,many times the company are operating in a politically volatile region in the Middle East, Kurdistan, if they were not in Kurdistan, lets say Russia the share price would be in excess of £10.

There’s only two ways to look at it. Invest and hold or trade them as and when they spike which they always do. Now it seems to me that the powers that inhabit the City of London are currently using the latter as their strategy. How many PI’s have just been caught on this recent spike?

It’s a funny old world; the press has led PI’s a merry Morris dance once again. Who are the gainers? Market Makers, Professional City Institutions, with a handful of PI’s. I expect that the PI’s who bought in will be emailing enmasse “those” newspapers, media outlets responsible for todays spike. I wouldn’t bother if I was you they are completely immune from any form of censure. That’s the way the C(r)ookies crumble in the City of London. Hence the new site launch!



PS A salutory lesson for Christmas.

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  1. Gary says:

    You have hit the nail squarely on the head this time [ not saying you’ve not done it before mind you].
    PI’s were played at the weekend with the independant press release and again today by the BOD in GKP with an RNS release at 4:20pm when it should have been released at 7:15 am.
    Nice site by the way. A Happy Christmas to All

  2. Josh says:

    Couldn’t agree more Dan
    That numpty Hub has been on the loud hailer this morning and over the weekend . He looks a real nobhead right now.
    Hub should take some lessons from you Dan. Maybe you could give him a few on objectivity. He’s made a right prick outta himself today.

  3. Warrior Class says:

    It’s FUBAR Dan F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition.

    I salute your cool head and blogs. You’ve consistently been proved to be on top when it comes to oil, mining stocks
    Another feather in the BMD cap GKP.


  4. DAN says:

    classic pump and dump.

  5. wizzkid says:

    Mark Leftly is the Deputy Business Editor at The Independent on Sunday. He will have double checked this story before publication. He does not get things wrong. My suggestion is that you all pile into GKP before it is too late.

    • Brokerman says:

      I know Mark Lefty. I know him personally having met him on several occassions. I think you’ll find that Lefty has mis-interpreted unofficial contacts known about and reported on here many months ago as official ones.


  6. superman says:

    Superb example of pump and dump and well done to those that managed to pull it off it can’t be easy to pull a stunt like that !!??

    someone sold out on that spike……WHO ???