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  1. jeff1977 says:

    Provisional RNS Alert, this is a new category to me? Is this an in-house status?

  2. jay053 says:

    Hum, what will this be!! Placing? surely not!!
    T/O attempt? possible
    Funding? possible
    Holdings RNS, Likely

    RNS Tuesday At a guess!!

  3. rob0000 says:

    Hi Dan.
    Good to see you ve got your finger on the pulse !!
    Love the updated site_ looks very professional
    Bring back the site meter so we can see your
    global audience!!!

    Good luck

  4. ltcampers says:

    What another RNS alert !!!
    Well I hope its not another oil find or a revised upward DGO report
    which will only be met with TOTAL indifference by the MM’s controlling
    the SP on GKP.

  5. aj74 says:

    Hi Rob,

    Hope alls well. Did you note the recent good news regarding BlackRock Investment Management? They have successfully negotiated for a 25 Year lease of 292,418 sq ft of space of the recently completed Drapers Gardens development in the City of London. This is very good news indeed and I note at December 31, 2009, BlackRock’s AUM was a staggering $3.346 trillion. It’s certainly a very positive signal for Songbird Estates as a company and its little wonder the Qataris are so heavily invested.

    I loved the headline in the Times the other day ‘BlackRock gazumps Macquarie’ – Macquarie Bank International is believed to have been in discussions towards the end of last year to acquire the lease of Drapers Gardens for a period of 20 years and it now appears BlackRock Investment Management has effectively gazumps them. It’s being viewed in the UK and international media as a very positive sign towards UK commercial property and it was reported as such in the Wall Street Journal just a few days ago. Its little wonder the Qataris are thought to be looking to buy up the entire share capital of Songbird Estates and they are of course very astute investors.

    I also noted the continued strong demand for shares from one or potentially more buyers on Friday. Its all the more impressive considering the performance of the overall market on Friday.

    Please see some of the most notable buys listed below –


    Total: £901630.88

    Also very interesting is the increase in the value of trades during January and then have a close look at February. I note we are only at the 6th February and yet were nearly at the half way mark of total trade values for both November and December. There is certainly a strong upward demand for shares being seen. I look forward to what next week brings and I certainly feel the Qataris must soon be reaching their target increase in their investment from 24pc to 29.9pc. Lots of good news to come!

    Here’s to next week.



  6. randalf72 says:


    something posted on III, that kind of stuck in my mind at the time but it took a poster there to make me realise what was bothering me.

    the senior GKP representative at last weeks investor presentation was Ewen Ainsworth the Financial director. Every presentation prior has featured Todd Kozel and I can’t imagine him missing out on one of these shindigs unless he had somewhere more important to be.

    So does anyone know where Todd was last week???

    • jay053 says:

      Agreed Randalf!!

      I did ask the question, to those at the presentation, did anyone get wind of where TK is!!

      But im sure there are many reasons why he was not have been there!

      • randalf72 says:

        yep Todd has many reasons not to be there.

        and most of them to do with GKP.

        if you look at the RNSs we know could be issued this year

        Algeria Sale
        SA Oil found/initial flow calcs
        SH2 drill started/completed
        T/O or Merger
        Duster in well
        Contract issue agreed/not agreed/renegotiated with ICG
        Commencement of oil internal sales/exports
        II investor holdings over trigger level
        Funding agreed/not agreed
        New SEDA Arrangement
        SEDA Exercised
        ETAMIC unable/able to provide their share of funding
        Other funding arrangements in place/not in place.
        New PR company named
        Change in BoD

        The majority of them can’t fail to be anything other than positive for GKP and a lot of them also require the presence of Todd Kozel.

        In any case the odds are that the next few RNSs will be interesting and hopefully map out the rest of the year from GKPs perspective.

      • Barnston pickle says:

        Hey Dan why don’t you ban this jason prick? Have you read some of the comments he’s posted on here slagging u off?
        Hey dickhead Jason why don’t you shut your nasty gob trying to be clever you prick.
        Ban this moron Dan!!


  7. stevebuffet says:

    Dan what is your feeling as to what may be in the RNS, your opinion is always appreciated.
    regards steve

  8. windfall says:

    People be very careful what you read on this site, don’t read the wrong things, (what you want to read) you could be lead into a false sense of security, no reflection on Dan, just be VERY careful,

  9. Randalf says:

    Well the sp dropping in this way suggests there is either bad news on the way, someones just unloaded a load of shares or the MMs are doing the mother of all tree shakes.

  10. Diamondbob says:

    I said it was going to the 60’s last week and it almost made it bottoming at 70. If the Dow and Ftse hold on there supports it should be a steady move back

    • Brokerman says:

      Diamond Bob your now back peddling. Suggest you reread your 60p prediction. At the time of writing it you were merely jumping on the shorters’ bandwagon with out qualifying your prediction. A few good reference points re’ this share are the SEDA drawdowns, director buys and broker targets this will give you a more accurate picture of the current trading figures on the sp rather than just pulling numbers out of the ether.


  11. Randalf says:

    Looking at the daily chart todays big drop appears no more than a tree shake.

    • Brokerman says:

      Take a look at SAM. Flying today.


      • rob0000 says:


        Really pleased to see SAM taking off !
        You will be proved right about GKP
        Just a pity small investors were parted
        from their shares over the past 48 hrs

        Keep up the good work
        Good luck

    • rob0000 says:

      Hi Randalf.
      Yes i agree, they snapped up a lot of cheap shares!!
      Nice positive news from OIL MINISTER AL_SHAHRISTANI
      IRAQ to resume’ oil exports in the near future’.

      News getting more positive for us!!

      Good luck

  12. Stokie2 says:

    Erm, has anyone noticed that we have not had the RNS that BMD predicted??? Any thoughts Dan?