Liam Fox Fairy Tales. Resign now!

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Mickey Mouse knows!

Does anybody really believe that the current scandal about to claim the head of The Defence Secretary Liam Fox isn’t about money or government corruption? Liam fox’s current explanation comes right out of the Hans Christian Andersen genre it is in its self a Fairy story believed by no sane individual. Adam Werrity has been meeting Liam Fox (His long time Buddy) for one reason and one reason only. That is to push his clients into lucrative meetings with the defence secretary. Adam Werrity has been initiating meetings while posing as an advisor to Liam Fox. This isn’t about friendship that’s a smoke-screen.  So just who has been paying and financing Werrity’s trips abroad? Werrity? I’ll tell you who THE HIGHEST BIDDER for his services! This is about power and influence of course Werrity has been getting paid from his clients the question is has Liam had a few perks thrown his way? It’s a wasp’s nest and this Blog is predicting the demise of Liam Fox who has and is lieing through his rotten teeth! More corrupt politicians. Liam Fox you’re as bent as a nine bob note, resign now! You’re only kidding yourself if you think you can ride this one out!





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    And so say all of us