DESIRE Petroleum. R.I.P!

d BP petroleum math

And it comes out as MATRA!

Well here we go again the latest news from Disaster Petroleum confirms what we in the city already knew. MORE DUST!

I’m afraid it is all over here bar the shouting. There’s no stomach left in the old girl (city) for further investment. It will take a mammoth whist drive by the powers that be for funds to be raised here.

How many times do Investors need to be hit before the penny drops? Hope springs eternal. Will they strike oil at Ninky? If I was a betting man I’d urge caution and steer clear.

It’s yet another sad day for the privateers who have been led a merry dance by the nutters over on the boards. We here hate to say it but it needs to be said “WE TOLD YOU SO!” Desire Petroleum burned brightly so much so that they turned oil into water. They either lied to the market or they are incompetent which ever one you chose makes no difference to your investment. They are dead in the water get the hell out of here! How many times do Investors need to be hit before the penny drops? Hope springs eternal. Will they strike oil at Ninky?  Not a chance. How do we know? Research and past performance.

Some good advice for all you Desire investors who are hurting this morning. Wake up and smell the sweet scent of hope. Get your eyes on MATRA Petroleum or Encore Oil.



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  1. ABZ says:

    Thanks again Dan.

  2. Lt says:

    A bit overkill Dan don’t you think – RIP????

    • Brokerman says:

      Certainly not. I’m afraid the only thing that is keeping this company alive is Private Investor hope.
      The professionals have long gone to greener pastures.


  3. peaches says:

    Where do you see encore in 2 months time Dan? great posts by the way………… certainly know your stuff.

  4. Danny says:

    Thanks again Dan, remember I asked you about this one a few weeks ago….. Thank the Lord I took your advice.
    Regards Danny

  5. Adam says:

    I note you forecast a share price for MAT at possibly 100p but on what basis? According to the Company’s own expert report the NPV of the reserves found is already fairly reflected in the MarCap.

    • Brokerman says:

      There is no forecast it is a synopsis of where they could be. I base my sp targets on the potential increase in size of OIP,predicted revenue stream,further asset consolidation,increasing oil price,infrastructure in place and general intelligence from various sources indicating that Matra may be deliberately down-playing expectation. Read the report and the reserves estimates coupled with the provisos on increased oip. The possibility that Matra(over the next 12/18 months) could hit between 50-100p is very real. Matra have more oil in place it is nailed on. Ask yourself this question; If Matra had been producing oil through-out 2010 what would their sp be as of today? They now have a full 20 year production licence. They are not there to sun-bathe. The oil has been found. It is going to be pumped out come hell or high water. That’s a fact=ergo sp increasing!


      • LT says:

        Dan, it is worth noting that Matra have been awarded a 20 year PL not 25.

        • Brokerman says:

          Just a typo.
          Have corrected it now LT


          PS I imagine LT that you are feeling more happy re’your Matra holdings?

          • Lt says:

            I am indeed Dan. 4 years is a long time in a share like this! I am now praying that A13 will indeed produce even with a water cut.Lt

      • Adam says:

        “There is no forecast it is a synopsis of where they could be.”

        Based on a lot of assumptions – I understand why the share price might be rising now but to 100p in 12 months? When their own experts have placed a cap on the value of the reserves estimates which include forecasts for an increase in oil price and which is now fairly reflected in the MarCap? Remember an ever increasing oil price is not a good thing and usually presages an inflation-induced bubble bursting. They are not there to sunbathe but they can’t magic black gold beyond what the current reports say is feasible, 20 year licence or not – it’s not an infinite pot. Unless you are of course factoring in many more finds in your target. Which makes your target highly speculative.

        • Brokerman says:

          Firstly Adam you need to fully research what the company in particular what PH was stating some time back re’ his expectations. I’ve witnessed, as have many who frequent this Blog, the rise of Caza GKP ENCORE,NAUTICAL,CHARIOT,XEL and many more oil stocks from similar positions. The AIM is littered with junior oilers that have risen dramatically over the last year from low sp value. You quote 12 months in the post it states 12/18months. You need to read the full CPR where you will come across many different resource estimates dependent on further data/drilling seismic etc. As for the folly of an increasing oil price bursting an inflationary bubble you are talking nonsense. An increasing oil price increases oil revenue a decreasing oil price decreases oil revenue. It’s what is known as basic economics. All investment is speculative. It is how you interpret the analysis of the CPR that undermines your post. The CPR is not set in concrete.


  6. Dust Ferret says:

    Why would anyone sell DES now at the bottom?
    Might aswell leave it in for seismics and last drill.
    Telling people to get in MTA at the top?
    I thought you didnt do tips? Its best just to give your opinion of a company rather than to tell people to buy or sell, given you hold shares there is a big conflict of interest. I agree with your comments on Encore but again probaly not the best time to buy just now, incase of weather delay to the next drill. Should buy on Spud.Regards, DF

    • Barnstonpickle says:

      Ferrt His post doesnt tell people to buy Matra or Encore he states this;;;;;;;”Some good advice for all you Desire investors who are hurting this morning. Wake up and smell the sweet scent of hope. Get your eyes on MATRA Petroleum or Encore Oil.”

      Thats not a buy recc it’s telling people to watch and look into the two companys. Dan has consistently warned people to be wary of Desire. Every drill he got right even when they told us they’d hit oil dan announced it before they did and still he posted to be wary of Desire.


  7. BoLtBlUe says:

    Hi BMD,

    What are your thoughts regarding the apparent transfer of licence interests from Arcadia to the Dunholm Group? There has been no RNS giving details of this apparent transfer, however, a quick look at their website and you can see that the name of the partner on two of their licences has now changed from Arcadia to Dunholm. I know that Arcadia are a private company and they don’t need to tell the market anything, but surely Desire need to kepp their investors and the market updated on something as significant as a partner change? Does this not break the rules regarding disclosure of price sensitive information?

    This company are a joke!