Bezant Post withdrawn.

It’s just not on with certain posters on Interactive investor and London south East breaking the code of conduct. I have withdrawn the post on Bezant and investors can among others thank SPIKEYDT on interactive investor & BOTTEH on London South East for delibrately undermining the integrity of the post. Treachery. Please make your opinions known to them!

There’s always one or two idiots who spoil it for the rest!



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No Responses

  1. Luke says:

    They are bots dan! check their number of posts

  2. happy says:

    Spikey – you are an idiot, your villlage needs you back for entertainment purposes.
    BMD – Kepp your pecker up – don’t let them grind you down.

  3. rod says:

    What a bunch of wankstains.

  4. Doubting Thomas Today says:

    Can i ask what price you purchased and sold XEL for and what you think to them as a long/short term investment today?

  5. pete says:

    What is it with some people? when will these muppets learn…….in fact no not muppets, they are acyually the cast of fragel rock

  6. paul says:

    No amount of insults will change the behaviour of certain individuals, this is something that we will just have to live with. A shame really, I did not even get to read the post. Chin up, be assured that 99% of us here have integrity.



  7. OB1 says:


    What more can I say

    Cheers OB1

  8. Angus says:

    Well I wasn’t one who was able to access the info anyway, but have read it on LSE since you posted your last comment. What can you do? Even if you charge for your site, as many research and or tipsters do, I don’t think it would deter these people.

    What do they gain by divulging the info?…..nothing other than being the one who brings the info to chat site first, as you see from disclosures from other pay sites.

    But if they do break your rules can you cancel their subscription, without refund and refuse any re-subscription, not that they would wish to keep paying. But can the system identify the culprits?

    It must be very frustrating, but i guess that is the world we live in eh!

    bon courage


  9. Fred says:

    Hi Dan. You are still the man. It’s not your fault that your comments have this effect. I actually think it is quite flattering. However, you are right to be upset that there are plenty out there that care not a jot what you ask and will deliberately choose to do exactly what they want. Perhaps you should take this whole thing private and then exclude anyone who publishes something you request them not to. It probably wont stop it completely but if you charge a membership fee everytime a new address signs up, at least you can make a few bob for the web site or your chosen charity.

  10. David Garvey says:

    I’m not sure what all the fuss is about since the SP spiked as soon as the advanced warning of the imminent posting was sent out.

    In reality, every post here has been followed by a spike and the subsequent retrace so all this cloak and dagger stuff does is help day traders.

    If you are going to post an article, it would be better not to name the company – just the advance warning of a password.

    All reserch and opinion is useful and I don’t see any other Brokers worrying about the impact of their views.

    ps. any news on 12 & 13 flow rates?

  11. GKB says:

    Dan, I’ve had bitter experience of certain morons who frequent LSE, iii and ADVFN. Ask who benefits from their actions …. I believe many of them work for the City institutions who you challenge with this blog.
    The solution is clear IMO …. validate members with proof of identity and send sensitive info. by encryption. An additional layer of security could be to send pictures of text with a water mark rather than just text. At least then, if they do get hold of it they’d have to type it all out rather than copy ‘n’ paste.

    BTW, still waiting for your thoughts about PXS. Any chance?

    • Anton Gully says:

      “An additional layer of security could be to send pictures of text with a water mark rather than just text.”

      That is genius.

  12. Senor Burns says:

    From my knowledge SpikeyDT is not one person but a group of people as that username posts 1000s of messages on various stocks (all the ones I own too). If you look at their message history it’s staggering and reeks of a city ramper.

  13. stockbunny says:

    ……you just can’t help some people.

  14. Richard says:

    So what that it was posted on the ADVFN site well after you posted that you were putting it up and the price at that time was up 9p on the day. I have been in BZT since 18p days and more recently in the 50p placing so if it gets it out to more buyers surely that’s all the better as by then all your subscribers have been made aware anyway.
    I understand that City types who play games should not get it before we have a chance to see it but the more who see it well after publication like on Advfn that’s better for you as you will certainly get more subscribers also

    • BrianBrian2 says:

      I have to agree with Richard Dan. I sit and look at the loadings the market makers put on certain shares and wonder why we buy them, when we know they are being nobbeld by the hooks in the City. The City makes sure it gets its cut of the cake, but we are not invited to the party or privy to any advance warning of the spoils to be had that day. There is logic to Richards observations Dan, in that if you orchestrated a move on say one particular share, not stipulating a buy, but just highlighting the merits of the chosen share (like you have before) but at a given time at say 10am or 12pm (NOT AT 8am THOUGH) the city boys would have backed their horses and gone out for a liquid lunch (joking). We cannot raise the anti enough to increase the SP though, unless there is a concerted effort of all your readers. One thing is for sure, it will take some coordination and a concentrated effort by all bloggers to have any effect on the SP. Yes it will be a smash and grab raid on the chosen share, but it will also be a less0n to the City that you/we mean business

  15. miopus says:

    Don’t understand the mentality of these people. Perhaps they are like those who feel the need to expose themselves in public.

    It undermines the integrity of this site.