Where is the Honour & Integrity?

You know it’s really frustrating at times trying to beat the market and get a head start. Is there no honour or integrity left out there?

Investors had a real chance here of kicking the market/city in the teeth after being given the heads up on the stock. We have been working on this company since February 2011 collecting data and information from sources close to the action. I can’t understand why some would seek to undermine  trying to help private investors to get a head start? Why would any investor want to release the contents of the post online thereby giving the market makers/city back the initiative? We have unsubscribed every financial institution subscribed to the blog it’s taken weeks of painstaking manual trawling only for idiots to release the contents online thus destroying months of research. The city will now redraw their positions and attempt to drive the stock down once Private investor interest wanes! Bloody idiots!!!


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  1. Top Info says:

    What do you expect? It isn’t a paying service so free to all!

  2. tsubie says:

    an unwinnable war, but good on you for trying.

    BZT has a very bright few months ahead of it. Thankyou for the information.

  3. trotskymac says:

    Where’s yours!! I seem to remeber multiple posts about XEL and Encore, take over talks and SP’s of 300-400p for encore, 600p for XEL. Then we find out the other day you’ve sold out!
    Funny that!

  4. Fred says:

    Hi Dan. You are still the man. It’s not your fault that your comments have this effect. I actually think it is quite flattering. However, you are right to be upset that there are plenty out there that care not a jot what you ask and will deliberately choose to do exactly what they want. Perhaps you should take this whole thing private and then exclude anyone who publishes something you request them not to. It probably wont stop it completely but if you charge a membership fee everytime a new address signs up, at least you can make a few bob for the web site or your chosen charity.

  5. randomguy says:

    It might be helpful if you could somehow block ip-addresses of the big city trader institutions. Most of them are at work and will be using their web-browsers from their office, hence if they are ip restricted they cant access the post. Im a programmer of sorts and would be more than willing to put this in place, should you need help.

    • Anton Gully says:

      IP blocking won’t work. They can VPN over to their summer home in Portugal and access the site from the PC there… or their mum’s house or… or…
      And 99.99% isn’t good enough. Either 100% foolproof or the information will get out.

      I think charging to be on an email newsletter and leaving it to the individuals to make the best use of the information would be a better way to go.

      It’s like Lock Stock – guns are for show and knives are for pros. The website is a gun, the newsletter is a knife.

      • randomguy says:

        An email newsletter wont help either, it just makes it a few seconds quicker for the bad guys to forward it to their mates or colleagues.

        Although to capture the culprits, id propose an email only post every now and again with some juicy info. But reword the newsletter for every few thousand email addresses – so when the post is leaked you know which batch of emails addresses the culprits are hiding in. You can then target those batches for further segmentation and further reworded newsletters to work out who the culprits are and then name and shame them.

        • Anton Gully says:

          I’m not really proposing trying to hide the information – I think that’s futile and “catching bad guys” is a waste of time. There are more of them than there are of him. Even TRYING to stop them makes BMD look foolish because he never will. He’s angry about the posts getting into the wild and they’re laughing at him. Better to ignore them.

          Make the money by charging for the newsletter, so at least they’re paying for it and then EVERYONE has the information to deal with and let the market decide. It’s that or get to a point where the information is restricted to a small, select group of people that can be trusted and who are paying much more for the privilege of access to the reports.

          Walled gardens are flawed when it comes to the Internet. It is literally one man versus hundreds of professionals.

          Most importantly, I think, is the information that’s being manipulated by the pros isn’t the reports per se, but the thousands of people who will follow what the reports suggest. The manipulation is anchored in the knowledge that people will react to the information regardless of whether it’s good, bad or indifferent. And that’s not a slight on BMD, it’s just the nature of the beast. There is nothing special about the information to them, just the knowledge that many people will be buying or selling based on it, if you follow me. I suspect their software would pick up the unusual trading patterns almost instantly anyway, but what do I know?

          Anyway, I’m not trading anything until I get my XEL paper losses under five figures so I’ve un-subscribed from here to avoid temptation.

  6. Ian says:

    Agreed….I am invested in the very stock you mention and it has been painful to watch the last few months SP drop on waning PI’s not getting any returns.

    I myself was confident that we would get there by end of 2011 and
    get a substantial return.

    This morning I was veyr excited to read your views and has reinstilled my confidence
    in this stock.

    However , thanks to the individuals who abused this precious info , other PI’s now don’t have acces to this.

    I am deeply disappointed , like you , and hope that people will have better sense in the future.

    I can almost be sure teh SP will retrace back to the previous levels until such time

    as the company itself has an RNS.

    Well , I thank you BMD for your help and you ambious blog here.

    I look forward to the next review and hope no one spoils it again.

    Keep up the great work BMD 🙂

  7. Jonny Roe says:

    City people still have hotmail etc.

    • Tiz says:

      they also have static IP addresses at their work, Jonny 😉

      …Although not full-proof, will help

      • Brokerman says:

        I’ve been able to sift out the City ip’s as most of the insitutions use static and are known to the blog. It’s taken two weeks of constant manual trawling through the email subscriptions checking headers and ip’s we will not get all of them but most of them have been disabled there’s always one or two that get through. Once the new site goes live we should be able to block 99.99% of them. It’s about gaining an edge unfortunately some don’t realise how important an edge can be.


  8. S4ILOR says:

    Tell me about it! I am heavily invested in XEL and EO after doing lots of research. It is shocking what has happened to the sp on both companies. All part of the AIM learning curve, I chalk it up to… Terribly frustrating, tho. But this is, sadly, the field in which we have to play.
    Keep on keeping on, Dan.

  9. peter bendle says:

    This guy “Spikey” is he for real looking at the number of posts that are made by “it”! Don’t give up Dan there has to be a way round this!!

  10. B0GiE-uk- says:

    What a bunch of tossers. Dan why do you not email updates to trusted users instead of posting them on the website? Maybe using different wording you could root out the leakers?

    • Nick says:

      this is god damn good idea man, best so far!
      Dan, if you lets say, have 3000 subscribers, divide them in 3 (or 6 or 12 or whatever) bunches by a 1000, then send the article to the e-mail of each bunch with one or few keyword changed, here and there, and when the article appears on the BBs, you will know from which bunch is the leak… flag these users and next time divide the flagged group by more and so on, until you catch the scum….
      I know its a lot of hard work and is much more complicated than it sounds, but could really do the trick…
      Well done to you Dan!

    • randomguy says:

      Didnt read this post yet, so I pretty much posted the same thing above. Find the leak, using batches of email only posts containing keywords hidden within the text. For example one group of people get emailed ‘cheap stock’ another get ‘undervalued stock’ in the body of the post. Then you can ferret out the culprits.

      Once you find them, dont ban them, they will just sign up with another free email account. Instead give them access to your normal posts, but when you have breakthrough news – feed them wrong data if your feeling malicious otherwise just dont notify them via email/twitter.

  11. David H says:

    There are so many idiots out there Dan. Please keep up the good work, don’t let them ruin it for the rest of us.

  12. anon says:

    The vast majority of people on LSE are private investors! The update you posted wasn’t company changing, although it was interesting to read. But do you really think if more people know about this then the price will fall? If there’s any truth to your posts then the institutions will be buying at these levels and so will the PI!

  13. True Grit says:

    If u are serious about fixing the leak send me a mail.

  14. Dem0l1K says:

    Stick at it, work out who its and then nail them!

  15. John says:

    Dan, just a thought but why don’t you assert copyright over your posts? That way when the likes of SpikeyDT repost them on III/LSE not only are those sites bound to remove the posts but also (certainly) in the case of III as they require phone verification able to reveal the true identity of the offender so you can then seek an appropriate civil remedy.

  16. BB says:

    TBH, if you want as much secrecy as possible, don’t send emails out with titles giving away the info.

    I for one always read all your emails and check your site for info to act on if I feel the need.

  17. Mikejones says:

    Daniel get your new site online and charge a joining fee of £500 or £1000 that will sort it OUT! i HAVE MADE OVER 34K THIS YEAR from investing after researching your opinions as have thousands of other PI’s I would gladly pay a grand a year bearing in mind how much ive made and could of made if id stuck 10k in Sefton!!!!


  18. Angela says:

    SpikeyDT is a idiot…….!!!!!
    Ciao from mta holder that respect dan work.

  19. stevie says:

    Hey Dan,
    Think you have a very valid point and every right to be furious having spent so much time researching.
    Anyway…..EO told you so dude….this should speed up the company issuing official news re going back to Burgman, god know why they haven’t released RNS about it , think everybody in Aberdeen knows yet market haven’t been informed……dont get it at all.
    p.s. Antrim energy mate

    • Brokerman says:

      Now you know why i’ve been unable to answer your emails. Literally up to my eyes with work and the Blog posts. Shame really as we had another follow up post for PI’s pencilled in for Monday. That’s £420 down the drain! The contacts will not parley now! And there’s no chance of getting the research money back!
      Keep up the good work Stevie.


  20. leee says:

    I don’t think people realise how much damage there doing when they go on about Im in/Im out, Im waiting for sp to go up/down to buy or sell. If we were all playing poker would they be so fast to let the dealer know there hand, NO they bloody well wouldn’t, funny how they blame you or mm’s for making the market volatile but it’s themselfs who are there own worst enemy gobbing off and bragging. sorry it’s come to this and you have spent all that time to be ruined, maybe people will stop to think about what they put on bb’s before they hit submit. BB’s should be banned. atb leee

  21. Barnstonpickle says:

    Evening Daniel
    I see the Nobjockey Spikeydt is posting crap on iii he’s actually using several of his aliases to back himself up what a sad get talking to himself through his multipule screen names trying to dig himself out of the hole he’s in . Lost all credibility now multiposters they are a sick joke.
    Keep up the great work and for godddsss sake get this new site up and running and make sure you charge a fee to join leastways it will keep the cranks away.
    Great call on Sefton and BZT.


  22. inspector Knacker says:

    Ello ello elloe, whats all this then. I was proceeding along interactive investor street when i came across a poster who gave his name as spikeyDT upon further investigation I realized that the said poster has been using different screen names to post unflattering comments about our Danny. I gave him a clip round the earlug.
    Chill out Dannny all the best
    Inspector Knacker