Oxford Biomedica. Stay well Clear. There’s NO cure for Rabies!.







rabid dog

Rabies is infectious!



Here we have another woeful biomedical company that has promised much  and delivered absolutely nothing other than misery to share-holders. I do recall there being much of a rabid hullabaloo about them some time back.

With some predicting great things for OXB. But as usual it all came to nothing.

With a rights issue/placing now certain to bring the sp down to  5p it’s a wonder that they’ve currently only dropped to 7p on the news. A massive dilution for ordinary PI’s with no light at the end of their production cycle. I can’t see any benefit to any stock-holder here that’s unless you’re on the board creaming in pay and expenses.

A real rabid dog of a company this one and any one telling you any different is speaking with forked tongue or is infected with Rabies.

I’ll spell it out STAY WELL CLEAR of this shambolic company there’s more bad news to come and the sp is destined to slump some more as they flesh out the bones of the placing/rights issue.



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  1. Norman says:

    You are hard-hitting when it comes to this company, but like a good science you make your deductions solely on the facts. The raising of more cash bodes ill and I can’t see why they are consuming so much cash, and no serious player in the pharmaceutical sector does not make a take-over offer. My suspicion is that there is nothing this company does or can do that is not does as effectively and more competitively in ordinary research labs in any publicly funded university using the talents of PHd students to do the main body of work.