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No Responses

  1. James Allen says:

    Punters favourite….

  2. JAmes says:

    Yes and you’ve recommended buys all the way up…even a stuck clock gets it right twice a day.

    • Johnno says:

      Pathetic. The kids trying to help he got MTA bang on mate i bought them @1.65p sold them @ 4.34p made over 7 grand pal. Its not his fault that russians are lazy buggers and the company are crap at updating investors. Even now MTA are up over 100% since this kid tipped them. Come on play the game and give credit where credits due. Ive still kept 250,000 bits of paper in them and whatever happens I can’t lose its pure profit all the way and the majority who got in sub 2p owe this site and this guy some gratitude.
      I only wish id got encore nautical eog chariot as well id of made over 50 grand. Hindsight is a killer.

      • Apur says:

        What a load of c**p all this excuse my language . You bought at the lowest £1.65 and sold right at the peek £4.34, wow . You are a star a really shiny starrrrrrrrrrrr…. I think we should follow you rather than BMD…….
        Come on .. Be realistic ………

  3. Pilesh says:

    Thanks Dan look forward to your post.

    Keep up the good work. Long Live BMD…..


  4. Anton Gully says:

    Good news?

    Could be doing with some…

  5. Luke says:

    You also said ‘ A Glaring BUY! and BUY AND HOLD! when they were 4.5p + – look forward to the post but all this talk – we just need to wait until they deliver..

  6. Angela says:

    Dan is back mtra sp up nice weekend thanks
    Ciao dan

  7. BB says:

    Nice one, 2 emails, one warning of a MTA update, the next one is the update, but no password, lol, not the first time is it???, also noted how much the SP has gone up as well in the last 10 mins

  8. rod says:

    You sent an email saying theres a update. Its password protected…but no password?

  9. bob says:

    DAN ,what’s the password? BB