Matra Petroleum. It’s a Scream!!!!!!


A Matra investor?

It’s been a strange few weeks of limbo for holders of Matra stock but things are looking set to improve. Last months road restrictions are but a distant memory.What this could mean for Matra is significant with both wells expected to be producing more oil. The whisper of increased production activity and the promise of a ten fold increase after the acidization should see smiles returning. It’s known by the Blog that there has been an increase in activity here over the last week or so. The company are refusing to confirm or deny at what stage production is at, citing market sensitivity. Acidization must either be close to an end or possibly finished.  MTA has been gearing up the work rate at the site although it is generally known that the Russian work ethic isn’t on a par with the West. News is being desperately sought by online investors keen to get an edge before the next RNS which in all likely hood should be the Big one! It’s make or break time for Matra’s Peter Hind and Neil Hodgson. Let’s hope for a Screamimg success! News is overdue. Eyes on for an RNS!



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  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for the update Dan. I was begining to worry a bit with the downturn in the share price.

  2. Steve Johnson says:

    Thanks for the update Dan. I was begining to worry a bit with the down turn in the share price

  3. Lee Holloway says:

    Thanks Dan!!

  4. Investor123 says:

    Hey mate, thoughts on EOG? How rich is it going to make us investors? Cheers buddy

  5. Angela says:

    Thanks dan but i do not understand “click ads”
    Please help
    Ciao Angela

  6. Danny says:

    Thanks Dan, as always you keep to your word ! Regards Danny

  7. bren says:

    they should mix the acid with vodka might help the oil flow!! thanks for update dan appreciated

  8. Nibor says:

    Dan, thank you!

  9. SolaKing says:

    Thanks Dan. I am beginning to learn to have patience. Almost sold yesterday at 3p, bought at 2.836p but held back. Happy I did not.
    Have a nice weekend and I look forward to happy day(s), and/or week(s) in May 2011 and beyond.
    Cheers, SK.

  10. ashu says:

    Thanks Dan you are very kind. Thanks for taking care of us.


  11. Angus says:

    Always good to hear good news, but the way the market treats good rns at the moment my prediction, being The Cynic of Castex, is a minor rise in the first hour of trading followed by a steady but inevitable decline below the price from which it started, although on release of your news we have seen a small revival in sp……Hoorah!

    Had the news come 3 months ago i think we would have seen a very positive reaction, but now any good rns is treated with almost disdain look at AEX and BIOM this week. There are those that buck this trend obviously and
    it is May of course, but there’s the point isn’t it, timing is everything so the release of good news can be good or not so good, the timing of bad news is just plain bad whenever it’s released.

    but ours is just to trade and die eh! Here’s looking forward to the autumn and praying no mega event occurs to upset the usual positive movement in sp’s towards the year end.

    Good luck to all.