Before The Duel

I predict an FT retrace!

As promised here is the challenge to  Mr Neil Hume, FTAlphavilles London Online Editor and his trusty side-Kick Mr Bryce Elder.

The very mention of this Blog on your site generates a ban for the poster. You have consistently hurled and engaged in childish name calling of my good self.

So Messrs Neil and Bryce let us see your genius in action!. Show the world! Show the internet! And take the challenge if you Dare!

I challenge you both to an online stock duel. Pick any three stocks for a 3 month period investing a notional £10,000 per stock. Stock buy to be reported online within a 1 minute time frame ie; BP bought @ 467p this day 12/12/011. Each stock can be sold ONLY once during the 90 days. The profit or loss on the three stocks after the 90 day expiry to be totaled. The sale of any one of the stocks must be reported immediately by an online reference to the sale ie; BP SOLD 11AM this day 12/12/2011. A one minute allowance will be allowed ie 11am BP sell reported online at 11.06am will not be allowed.

I throw the gauntlet down. Do you two HAVE THE BALLS TO PICK IT UP?

Either put up or shut up!

The internet is watching!



PS….“BINMAN”  awaits your response……

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No Responses

  1. Dan's #1 fan says:

    Epic! Go get ’em Dan!

  2. Christian Fox says:

    Time to buy LGO again : )

  3. ABZ says:

    That’s wat I like DAN the MAN.

  4. Discotrader says:

    Love it dan! You have to keep us upto date with proceedings! How about and money made is given to cash for Heros or some other good case!

  5. Lee says:

    Hi Dan, I enjoy reading your posts always very informative
    What are your thoughts on the desiredisaster@btinternet.com email which is action for wronged investers



  6. Diddy says:

    Dan the man

    good article dan, the researching will now commence! Any update on OILEX LTD (OEX)?