Not For Sale Katherine!



FAO Mr Daniel Levi.

We are an online business brokerage firm. One of our clients is an investment banking firm located in California.

Our client has expressed interest in this exact niche and would be interested in the possible acquisition of  We would like to open up negotiations into the purchase of the website in its existing form and the domain name.

Our investor at this time is only interested in online businesses that have over 50,000 unique visitors per month.  Your online business does not need to be profitable or generating revenues. If interested in entertaining an offer, please provide us with the number of unique visitors received last month and the best way to contact you.

Best Regards,

Katherine Moore Acquisition Team Lead (602) 364-9521 Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Katherine

We currently have a capped membership of approx. 1,000 members. If you want to buy the site then you’ll have to pay £1,000,000 which will then be distributed to the membership.

The Brokermandaniel site is not for sale.


Thank you for your interest

Mr Daniel Levi

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