Help4Heroes. Goodbye. And welcome to our new project!

building a school

It will be done!

Just a quick update.

The total  raised and sent on your behalf  to Help4Heroes now stands at £886 plus £135.25p donated by Jackson Black. That’s a grand total of £1021.25p

Well done to all out there who helped to raise this.

Now as we here begin the migration from wordpress to our own fully independent web-site we are going to change the focus to a new aim. The grand project  is to Build a School in Africa. Yes it’s an awful big task but I’m sure we will accomplish it. I have already set the wheels in motion and will regularly update on the progress achieved on the new site. There will be(fingers crossed) volunteer opportunities available to actually visit the project and lend a helping hand. More of which will be discussed on the new site. So it’s good-bye to Help4Heroes and welcome to Build a school in Africa. Any suggestions as to which country are welcome.

Big thank you to all who helped our troops. Every bit helps.



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  1. Virtualis says:

    What a good causes, as for Africa let’s see if Kenya Is a good candidate. It is growing fast and the disparity is becoming more evident, let’s redress the balance between the rich and the poor and look at helping them to make a difference there. Kibira near Nairobi or the poor north to me that would be the question?

  2. Abs says:

    After seeing BBCs comic relief documentary on Kibera, Kenya. I would suggest that might be a good spot. The kids live in terrible conditions and at least they can have a nice school. P.S. Nice website.

  3. Richard says:


    The work Watoto does in Uganda is superb and worthy of anybody’s consideration. See

  4. Fred says:

    Hi Dan. Like your idea. I would like to nominate Mozambique for the school, particularly as the BMD readership investment profile has some interests with this country.

  5. AndyT says:

    How about a country that has an interest through one of your favoured stocks, such as Tanzania through Aminex for example. Then hopefully a profit from a rise is the SP could be put back into a school project.

  6. bren says:

    how much do you think you would need to raise?

    • Brokerman says:

      That depends on the size of the build. There are some informative outlets such as unicef that can be contacted for advice. I have already spoken to 6 seperate charities figures range from 40k and upwards. But I’d rather keep it down to 3/5 classrooms fully equipped with lavatory facilities etc. Teacher training programmes are also needed etc Its a great cause to be fighting for.Free Education is a way out of poverty and the right of every child on the planet. It’s just such a shame that it’s left to charities and private individuals to get things done while governments swan around the Globe talking bollocks and living in Luxury!
      Don’t get me started Bren!


  7. grumpy git says:

    A good cause, and one which I would be prepared to support. My suggestion would be Nigeria – largely due to the fact that myself and I guess plenty of others on here have done pretty well out of the likes of Afren, Bowleven etc., and maybe it’s time to give a bit back. A second thought for you – any way we could get the oil companies to cough up a bit? In my experience, most of them are happy to support local causes – it’s good PR for them.

  8. Sambo. says:

    My English parents in law live in Uganda and run Africa Equipment for Schools (AES).

    PLEASE look past the basic website, they are not ones to waste a penny on a glossy homepage, they use everything they raise from donations to improve the lives of school children and teachers, building and repairing schools, water facilities, education supplies – they could find a project to match the size of the ambition of the BMD team.

    If you have any questions they would be delighted to field them.

  9. JayWall says:

    I don’t believe in coincidence. So I’ll be paying close attention Dan, good on you.

    Touch wood you will achieve this.

  10. stevie says:

    Hmmm lots of supportive posts to a very good cause… simple thing missing here folks $$$$$$
    Dan…tell me when you have account opened and I’ll do a monkey via BACS
    to start with

    • Brokerman says:

      I’m setting up the new web site bank account next week. It’s a pain in the arse! Very decent of you stevie but wait until the new site goes live as there will be some members who i’m hoping can asist re’ the project.

      God Bless


  11. Vonny232 says:

    Good idea about the school.
    Just make sure that the money ACTUALLY gets spent on a school.

    Africa has had huge amounts of money thrown at it from different western charities and governments over decades. I think that a lot of this is wasted money, mismanaged and diverted.
    The best way of helping Africa is actually building somthing from bricks and mortar which serves a purpose, as oppposed to simply sending money blindly and hoping it gets spent correctly.

    Loving the site by the way!

  12. Ann Chance says:

    Hello Daniel
    any thoughts on the inactivity of Baltic Oil Terminal share price? It seems to have found a level of mid 20s

  13. Ann Chance says:

    on the school front look at Cristel de Haan pays for the capital costs of the building and then looks to the running expenses of the schools to be provided for by donations. I have visited Banglaore and Cape Town. Stunning set up. Apologies if this post appears twice as i did post and it seems to have been lost in the ether