Range Resources. Puntland Spud Imminent?

It’s all to play for here in the next week or two. Range is fast approaching the Puntland spud. Lots of back-ground noise here on varying potential news releases for next week.

English: Coat of arms of the state of Puntland...
News imminent?

From what we can gather all is now in place at the site. I spoke to several brokers this morning regarding spud dates. None of them could be pinned down. I also spoke to the company regarding what one of our subscribers passed on this morning in the comments section. Now you may wonder why we’re chasing up from a comment; well there’s a good reason the actual comment comes from an employee from within the banking community. Needless to say the company would not comment on the actual mechanics of the impending Puntland spud. I get the feeling that news is very close!  Eyes on here.




oops Here’s the link to the comment..http://www.guerillainvesting.co.uk/2012/01/13/the-smallcap-oil-gas-round-up-5/#comments

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  1. stevie says:

    Hey Dan, its meant to be 17th as Landau meant to be flying out 15th to oversee, all rumour of course and I believe in the public domain
    Cheers mucker

    • Stevie says:

      Wooooops, would fecking help if I had read texts from earlier in week, allegedly the circus comes to town Monday right enough….and if you thought the sp would slide thereafter we have Albrecht TD and TT cpr to follow very soon after ( Cheers for correcting me “E” )
      Dan , peace middle east matey

  2. Joseph says:

    Yep spud monday , all bells and whistles , big presentation .

  3. Ian C ( aka Investor tester ) says:

    Yip , PL is going out there for big presentation with press release and whole schabang to ring in the IIs.

    Dates arent confirmed , but from sources , it is gather willl defo be next week.

  4. Dan says:

    Thanks for the updates… I’m still learning about everything before investing and currently following GKP, MTA, NEW and now this. Appreciate every post you do! Looking forward to the new site.


  5. MW says:

    Don’t forget the rest of RRL’s portfolio, Herrera in trinidad spud along with the 3D CPR results, Georgia Spud, Texas 3P to 1/2P with Albrecht

    Jan/Feb is huge for RRL, the breaks are off!

  6. Ade says:

    Also RMP (Red Emperor) have a much more leveraged play on Puntland, RMP have a very small Mcap and limited shares in issue so a heightened response to Puntland is expected, plus lots of RRL holder have exposure to this play too, just thought I would mention it.

  7. usher03 says:

    Over 21 years the Market has been waiting for drilling to recommence in Puntland…and now we’re finally here!

    Spudding due to take place Monday coming!

    Keep the updates going as much as you can Dan!…for both Range (RRL) and also Red Emperor (RMP) who are joint partners!

    Onwards and upwards for both companies next week and beyond!

  8. Super HUB says:

    Hub has spoken to his contacts, he knows when it is. Hub is all seeing. Pray to Hub!!

    • zombination says:

      Hello Hub
      What are you doing on the BMD site?

      • Franny says:

        I’ll tell ya what hes doing zombie he’s sneaking around here trying to lift Dans’ posts for his God awful s(h)ite.
        Hub you two-faced git! Jealousy knows no bounds. LMAO!

  9. RichTheNewbie says:

    Could you perhaps give your take on what the city boys might do in reaction to the spud news. The reason I ask is I suspect many/most PI’s with an interest in the Oil&Gas sector already know, and expect, a spud any day now (probably Monday with an RNS from Horn Mon/Tue and the others to follow), so my question being would you expect more of a rise from larger players in the city when an official spud is announced? Or are we getting to the point where you’d consider it priced in now.

    • Brokerman says:

      Rich they’re doing it already the sp is being walked up as PI’s take positions pre-spud hoping for a lift off. Watch the spread & pay attention to the trading volumes. Watch for sells coming in below the spread or buys coming in over the spread. Then decide why YOU think it’s happening.


      • jason says:

        Sorry to be a newbie dan but what would each mean? buys above and sells below the spread. Thanks for any response and i will be subscribing, we need all the info we can get against the mms.


        • Brokerman says:

          If you notice that sells are coming in below the spread you need to determine why? The same if buys are coming in above the spread. There are varying opinions as to what the Book/mm’s are trying to achieve/manipulate. These are signals that can be used in conjunction with a DMA ACCOUNT (Direct Market Access) or your Level2. Sells below the spread depend on several factors, Size,Time (is it a delayed trade?),order book ie buys/sells showing, transacton type etc Which is exactly the same for buys. How much stock does the MM hold on the book is the MM happy to hold this stock.whO is the lead MM? What’s their liquidity position? Generally speaking if the MM’s want your stock they decide on how best to get it, they use a variety of ruses, tree-shake,Mis-information,chat-Board infiltration, increased or lowering spreads etc Failing that they will sometimes pay over the spread to gain stock or under the spread if they don’t want it. The reasons why they do this are many and varied. So you need to monitor through your accounts what is actually happening. They can lock you out online at the flick of a switch in a millisecond if you’re trading. You can’t say definitively why this is happening unless you have monitored news,trades,volumes etc,etc Because each share is being manipulated on it’s own set of criteria germane to that stock. RRL is going up as it seen as a riser due to impending spud, news,more buys than sells, big online following etc.



      • RichTheNewbie says:

        Heh, letting me decide is a dangerous thing 😉
        Just so I understand you correctly, are you saying large volume sells below the spread being a negative thing because someone is offloading in big chunks? (or am I misunderstanding you – i’ve noticed the odd one on RRL – though it’s still creeping up) – Personally i’m holding and bullish on RRL (especially due to Trinidad), with a small holding in RMP as a Punt (pardon the pun).

  10. paul says:

    there is not one aim share i would pick before rrl ……..expect big things here….so much potential…..Trinidad is the baby

  11. Haterofdan says:

    Rubbish Danny boy. RRL is going up because you’ve ramped it ! You’ve written a small piece on them that’s why they’rerising. Everyone knows that stocks rise when this Blog writes them up

    • joseph says:

      what a pig ignorant post……………….some of us have been researching range for years,you obviously havent.

    • jason says:

      hmmm RRL was up 10% yesterday
      I purchased RMP at 16p earlier in the week now 21p.


    • RichTheNewbie says:

      Yeah to be honest Dan was pretty slow to post anything Range (or RMP) related really, the spud news has been around for days at least. Definitely can’t blame him for being the cause of any rises on this/these stock(s). 😉

    • paul says:

      not a chance brokerman d could ramp rrl ………have you ever checked how many shares are in issue……..

  12. Pearl says:

    People, do not be drawn into believeing that RRL is all about Puntland. Of course, this is a masive part of their portfollio and the upside of a commercial discovery on this first drill is many multiples of the curren SP, but consider also what else they have:

    The P1s alone from jut one part of their Trinidad licence is the value of th current SP. That is before the receive the CPR for the other two parts of the licence, and of course the potentially massive Herrera and UC layers that lurk beneth our licences. (Neighbouring errera wells are flowing at around 2000 BOPD per well).

    3/3 successful producig wells in Texas with a fourth result due any day from Albreacht drill. Our 20/25% stake (varies per well) has cost RRL a total of well under $10M and is not value at somewhere between $150-250M. This top figur could well rise as we here more detailed data from Smith 2 and Albrecht.

    RRL are also about to spud ther second well in Georgia, we have a very shallow initial gas target that showed up very heavily on the heliu tests, and a deeper oil targt. it is likely, presuming that is spud by the end of the month as planned, that we will receive the results of this one before th Puntland drill reaches TD. The initial well is to be returned to, following additional seismic, in Q3 or Q4.

    In the next few weeks RRL ae also expecting to have the Nugaal licnce agreed by the Puntland government – the plan is t actively drill this well in 2012. So, yes 3 monster drills in Puntland this year, each one a compny maker in it’s own right. The chinese, koreans and american are lurking already in the background….

    Also,the real giant, Offshore Puntland – yes, initial data suggests betwee 10-20 Billion barrels of oil. And, this is the wondeful prt, RRL are finaliising negotiaions to be free carried up until the initil drill for a 20% stake in the mot prospective areas offshore.

    I could also talk about RRL’s stake inTangiers (soon to listed on AIM) with massive targets in their offshore licences next to Morocco. Or, the down payment that RRL has already made for a licence in Colombia, but I will leave it there and suggest thatsome of you spend some of ur weeend taking a look at this company. Underpinned in P1 way beyond the current SP and with massive upside from some of the most exciting drills taking place this year. RRL are definitely NOT a one trick (drill) pony.. Have a good weekend all….