Aminex. Get ahead of the curve? Trolling Never Pays!

Exposed Christopher Holden lives in Bury Greater Manchester.

Welcome to the sick world of  Bury Grammar school educated Christopher Holden the 38-year-old North of England based Multi-Millionaire professional Trader who has over a considerable period of time posted disgraceful, abusive comments & sent abusive emails using a myriad of fake, false identities. One of Holden’s wheezes is to sign up the site admin for sexually explicit material.  I’ll just go through some of the known false emails and chat identities, (there’s just too many to list so I’ll write a dozen or so). Holden has over 10 false accounts on ADVFN with screen names such as “ralph moat,Juniortopinfo, smellyjim, perthglory, Rob74son, bornos47, 1drtli, hectorpl2 & one which says it all about this online creep “bellend2” The creep has had a multitude of fake accounts on Interactive Investor, “Manic Miner” being just one of them & London South East “goinglikearocket” where he conducts his ramping or bashing operations depending on which position he has taken on a stock.

We managed to track, trace & monitor his activities over a considerable period of time helped enormously by the Nina Logan’s Facebook account which links directly to many of his family & friends indeed there’s even a picture of him on his wife’s Facebook account.

One identity which led to the unmasking was that of Nina Logans who contacted the site admin last year pretending to be an irate female. (What a sicko pretending to be a female). Holden had set himself up as a female trader with fake google email accounts and FINANCIAL CHAT SITE IDENTITIES et al!  (  various other email accounts were used, with different slants on the purported sex, ie female evaarmstrong, evaarmstrong444, ninalogans12, ninalogans123,  Holden has also used BT Email accounts and sends his abuse out via A BTINTERNET IP.

Now with this type of whacko you can bet that his abuse of our site is the tip of an iceberg. If you check his BTINTERNET ACCOUNTS & history just what would one find? The lunatic is a serial online nutcase who should be banned from the internet. Yesterday morning he was operating on ADVFN’S Xcite energy Board when a link to the up-coming article was posted  “Multi-millionaire to be exposed online in 24 Hours!” Holden then disappeared for over 4 hours to enlist the services of a solicitor (Aughton Ainsworth INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM FurnessHouse FurnessQuays Salford Quays Manchester M50 3XZ) who contacted the site admin threatening a Super-Injunction. We responded to them & passed it to our legal representative. Holden’s solicitor states that his client apologised for the comments in Feb 2011 & has not visited the site since which is a complete & utter lie. A quick check of his ip service provider history & logs will reveal the tissue of lies that Holden now seeks to maintain in an effort to deflect away from his nefarious online activities.

Holden is nothing more than the sum of his parts, A NASTY, DEVIOUS CHARACTER who has now been exposed online for all to see. As for his solicitor & threats of Super-Injunctions I say this to you directly; BRING IT ON!






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  1. Thadeus says:

    Thank’s for the coverage on Aminex this has been under the radar for sometime I have been feeling lonely on this one, a good result in Tanzania could be transformational, I realise your time is a precious commodity but any thoughts on Encore would be of great interest they seem to be stuck in a tight range and good results seem to have little effect.
    Thanks again

  2. Kevin Shaw says:

    Dan any idea whats going on at Nostra Terra. Do you rate it as a sell or not?

  3. Lepracauns says:

    Well spotted Danny Boy… I bought in pre offer, then took my lot and some more, not as smart as I would have liked as the price has actually been around the 8p offer price mark.

    However, you are spot on with your projections on this one. I would.hope 10 / 11p pre spud.

  4. Marmaduke says:

    Thanks for a great report. Some hope for monkies like me that bought on the top of a spike sometime ago.

    • Brokerman says:

      Just hang in. There’s some information that i’ve had to with-hold from publishing due to the blog being in the public domain and accessed by all. Once the new site goes live then this kind of “research” can be divulged behind protected encryption.


  5. stevie says:

    Dan check the bat line mate

    • Brokerman says:

      OK Stevie. I’m on it.

      I’m off to yorkshire at the moment probably on a wild goose chase but one never knows.
      I’ll get back to you tomorrow when I land back in the capital . Good work on the waitrose mou by the way. How conversant are you with DMA?


      • stevie says:

        Do most of my trading DMA mate, posted a few points over last week on how one singular pi can use it to alter book etc…..aside from if its a team, scarey!! Njoy t’north like…..hmmm interesting

  6. robert says:

    Thanks Dan for all your hard work,regards.

  7. Sir Alex says:

    Dont worry dan , nothing wrong with the europa league at all . Good experience . Ask fernando torres 🙂 ha ha

    • Brokerman says:

      Torres what can I say? Shameful dive! Had me wincing! Manure deserved it. But we will be back! I’ll be at the theatre of dreams! Where your nightmare will come true 3-1 Chelsea at Old Trafford next week.


  8. James says:

    Think you Aminex cartoon picture is the same as the one you used for EDL…which brings me nicely onto my next point. EDL have 17 days left to sign the letter of intent for a coal field that would (potentially) give them a huge amount of resources relative to current market cap.

    Despite this two large shareholders have sold. Bit of an odd decision just as the company is on the cusp of such a big deal…could be an ill wind.

    But, despite this the share price had held which suggests there is someone buying these large amounts….

    Not sure what to make of it quite frankly.

  9. JayWall says:

    Producing assets in Tanzania ? what ?