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A BOXER IN A BIND -- A Prisoner of the Rebelli...

A typical Private Investor. Chained and kept down by the weight of the market

I had a meeting with the designers yesterday. All is moving along very quickly. The new web-site is based on the London Evening Standard template with a newsy theme to it. There will be many new features that will only be available to  Genuine Private Investors via subscription, which will be verified.Access to the forum will be via login and password assigned on subscription. There will be a front page accessible to all. But the Blog is going behind an encryption programme and will be protected. The big idea behind the subscription is Guerrilla Investors/Guerrilla Investments. Private Investor empowerment breaking the chains that the market makers place on every private investor. We will seek to advance Private Investor knowledge by way of conventional research and unconventional methods. ie We will actively target companys and commission research specific to the company. We are also looking at some form of collaboration with several Brokerages. There will be an amazon book store and a BMD online shop. And I will be amassing company data, broker notes and press cuts for the BMD research library. There will also be “Guerilla missions” where bona-fide subscribers will be invited along on “forays” to source information for the PI’s. The cost of which (flights,accommodation etc) will be met by the Blog! We currently have great contacts in some far-flung places and will be attempting to add to them once the site goes live. I’m sure that there are subscribers with friends,family or business associates peppered over the Globe. We will be looking to utilise every (legal) means possible to enhance Private Investor wealth. In other words we are going to take the fight to the City of London. The privileged information gleaned by Brokerages, Market Makers and Institutions gives them a huge edge.  Information is the key! And we are going after it!

Viva the Revolution!


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  1. Cecilia Jones says:

    Good work as usual! Thank you for thinking of the small private investor.

  2. Justin says:

    I really cant wait for this website to go live.

    Good work Daniel!

  3. Gctrader says:

    Ok how much?

    • Mr Jeffs says:

      Its a top idea and if it works we’ll make tens of thousands of quids each year. I cant see Dan paying for every ones flight to Brazil or Russia so there’s going to have to be some form of fee. I dont mind paying a few hundred pounds after all mate ive made about 18k from this blog over the last 6 months but if yhe’s talking about thousands of pounds each then it wont work a small nominal fee on a monthly or yearly basis is ok by me and i suspect by most after all we pay thousands of quids every year in bloody broker fees and stamp duties. Come on Dan web designers and servers cost big money and sites can run into thousands of pounds to upkeep how much have you shelled out so far on the site/ It must be a tidy few quid surely ?

      Mr Jeffs

  4. tee says:


  5. Trappist says:

    Fantastic Dan, looking forward to the website going live. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  6. Chris Clark says:

    Sounds really great Dan – really looking forward to new website.

  7. MikeST says:

    Many thanks for all the effort Dan. From the sound of things its going to be a brave new dawn for the PI, bring it on!

  8. jason says:


    Can’t wait for the new site to go live…it seems to be promising much more than I had thought it would do…will be dusting off my passport in readiness for one of those forays!!
    Great work on behalf of us small PI’s who lubricate the wheels of many a share on the LSE…
    Keep it up!

    (btw, any chance of initial comments on SNRP/FCR?)

  9. moons says:

    Great stuff,really behind what you do,can only get better and bigger.

  10. sblu says:

    Sounds interesting……….anything to help us PI’s is a bonus…Thank you.

  11. Chad13451 says:

    BMD – Blimey Man Dan is a modern day Robin Hood……thanks for arming the PI’s with goods from the MMs forest. Keep up the fight…..PS say thanks to your blog helpers….Fryer Tuck, Little John and Maid Marian.

  12. Adrian says:

    Excellent ideas, cant wait for it to go live.

  13. miopus says:

    Wow !

  14. miopus says:

    All this technology and research is going to make ADVFN, iii and LSE look like broken abacuses.

  15. miopus says:

    Sorry – broken abaci !!!

  16. barnstonpickle says:

    Yes I must agree. Dan a small monthly fee is acceptable but how the hell is this going to cover flights and so on to “Far flung places”? May I suggest that the adsense revenue should be used from the new site? After all charity begins at home.


  17. bren says:

    deg the right direction. this blog should be to benefit the pi not the market makers who are loving the volatility. well done dan.

  18. Neil says:

    Dan, I’m a big fan of your blog and have benefited from it, so would probably subscribe however it seems you have done a u-turn since you posted

    Why the sudden change of heart?

    Regards, Neil

    • Sarah says:

      Neil as Jamesy says get real. web sites cost thousands to run, flights cost thousands, Designers and programmers cost an arm and a leg (I should know I am one) research costs thousands are you really expecting Dan to foot this bill? He’s done amazingly well thats why he gets the traffic the site is ranked very highly on Alexia and it actually gets two rankings one for brokermandaniel.wordpress.com and the other for brokermandaniel.com which means that hits for his site are being split so once it’s under one domain name then bmd ranking will greatly improve. Take note Neil that BMD recently managed to get Rivington Street Holdings to part with 30 free tickets valued at £50 each for bmd subscribers and a discount for any bmd follower. This proves to me and others that bmd is being taken very seriously by the city .


  19. Andrew says:

    Sounds interesting.. Cant wait!

  20. Joseph says:

    Thanks for the update dan , all sounds good . Wish mta were as forthcoming with the info ! Do you rekon ph has only run small family businesses in the past ? Is he out of his depth ?

  21. I hate mm's says:

    sounds good, we need a good forum where we can share knowledge and not have blind ramping but multiple ID’s and total twat posts such as “topped up” which just put good posts down the pile

    • Anton Gully says:

      “I hate mm’s”

      I hear this a lot but isn’t it actually the case that without them the market doesn’t work? You never hear this sort of thing about other commission based middlemen, like car salesmen or estate agents…. oh.

  22. jamesy says:

    Neil I think that’s unfair that post is talking about this blog which has been run now free to all for the last 16months give or take a week or so. The time this guy has spent helping PI’s must run into thousands of hours and lets face it we’ve all made good money from it Iam over the moon with my portfolioanf my cash position has trebled to 70k since i began tuning into the blog. Cadogan and europa have turned my lowly portfolio into a winner and i made £653.44p in one day on Haike chemical best ever daytrade which i dont usually do never daytrade id gladly subscribe on a monthly fee pay as you go scheme after all do you really think that Danny boy is going to foot the bill for trips around the globe? Get real man. Dans a realist and a genuine guy he could of began charging for info a long time agoThe new web site isn’t a free blog there must be costs running into thousands of pounds for the designers alone. So long as the fee is nominal i’ve no gripes£10 a month or some thing on those lines is more than fair in my opinion

    • Neil says:

      Jamesy, It’s very nice of you to answer on behalf of Dan, however if you read my post I said that I would probably subscribe to the new site, and have benefited a lot more than you from this blog.

      However I was curious to hear from Dan about his decision to change to fee paying when in the past he has been passionate about it being free for all.

      • Brokerman says:

        That’s a fair point Neil. There has been nothing decided as of yet regarding paid subscriptions. The hope is Adsense revenue and merchandise sales may go some way to covering costs. A donation button is being looked at to help with the paid research. The problems with this are many, not least the burden of cost being equally spread amongst the membership. Some will donate while others will not; although all will benefit from the information. It’s hard trying to get the balance right. If there are paid subscriptions imposed then they will be nominal in size. Every little helps.
        The hope is to keep the professionals out of the information loop and one way to do this is to make subscribers disclose their identitys via a small subscription charge which will assist in verifying who the subscribers are City professionals loathe giving out their details which can then be checked. It’s all up in the air at the moment and nothing is ruled out or in. If you have any thoughts or ideas then please do post them. Or contact the Blog via the Admin email.
        Good post by the way Neil and quite legitimate questions. Well Done. Just the kind of subscribers we need!

  23. Hufc1908 says:

    Great move forward and private forms is the way to go. More information the better as that is what gives you knowledge to be able to invest in a company in the first place. Keep up the good work Dan

  24. Euan says:

    Are you going to open up a WebShop where T-shirts, baseball caps and other BMD paraphernalia canbe purchased?

  25. tony says:

    well done Dan we need to get one over on these mm and iis

  26. Aberdeen.fm says:

    It’s too early to collect any fees on this stage.
    All Dan needs is a “buy me a coffee”… in a form of PayPal Donate button…
    Each of you can support this blog simply by clicking on adverts placed on this blog.
    In future – the more popular sire is the more commercial will be placed to the site. Not only google adscence but from private companies.
    When you build a community you need to offer free stuff, otherwise you’ll loose your customers. Remember facebook aproach.

  27. Anton Gully says:

    Dan, as any guerilla investor knows – information seeks to be free.

    Therefore the purpose of the new site will be to delay information. It can never stop it. I don’t even think it can delay it.

    Thinking like the enemy (the MMs, who I honestly don’t see as the enemy) I can come up with ten ways to get around a simple subscriber based system without breaking a sweat. Okay, fine, I can think of two straight off the top of my head. Did not think you were going to push me on that – well played, sir, well played.

    I’ll maybe drop you an email with my thoughts. Maybe not, cos it’s all pretty obvious to anyone who does IT support. No point making it easy by posting anything here, but in brief I don’t see there being ANY problem getting at your research. The entire iii and lse boards are made up of people slapping eachother’s backs over snippets posted after being lifted from other people’s websites.

    That aside, I don’t think there’s as much MM intervention going on as people think. I’ll clarify that, the market makers job IS intervention. They’re positioned between buyers and sellers and without them the market wouldn’t work. When people see a positive post on here they rush out and buy the shares, pushing the price up. When these are small cap, or relatively small cap and the amounts being invested aren’t that large, the spread widens to make the trades worthwhile for the MMs. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong. I spent ages railing against the MMs trying to hoover up my shares cheap, and then I went out and did some research. MMs make their money trading shares, not holding them.

    I’ll repeat that – I don’t think MMs increase the spread because of demand, prices simply go up because there is demand and if no-one is selling at the current “price” the bid price increases until somebody’s sell is gonna trigger. Otherwise there are no shares to trade. Again, I’m wet behind the ears but this is my understanding. There isn’t a single MM, there are several and they have to compete.

    There are two types of critical information – one when there is going to be good news. But more importantly when there is bad news there will be a rush to sell that will tank prices regardless of how much the information is out there. The first big sell drops the price and sucks up the available buys. Then who’s left to buy? Exactly. The MMs.

    I dunno. I feel like I’m swimming against the tide here. I value the research you do, Dan, but the bogeyman aspect and the paranoia ill suits you.

    Trust me, I’ll be subscribing for the research but I’m done with hunching over a screen waiting for the next big opportunity – if I need to be plugged into the computer to take advantage of a longterm investment, there’s something wrong. This is why I don’t understand why it matters if the information gets out. It’s straying off message if you say I should be investing for the longterm but only if I act upon THIS information NOW before the MMs hoodwink me out of my potential millions.

    So, no offence intended and I hope you take this for what it is.

    • Brokerman says:

      I appreciate your post and opinion but if you really think that prices simply go up or down on demand then you are making a wrong decision. MM’s hold a very privileged position. They provide the liquidity in the Market. Their influence on stock is HUGE. THE WHOLE SET-UP OF THE SEAQ SYSTEM BENEFITS THEM NOT YOU! Market makers are able to to artifically inflate or deflate stock prices on any company they choose at WHIM. They use a variety of dirty tricks to do so, some legal and others illegal. Delayed publication of trades so called after hours buys or sells inter-brokerage agreement between competing MM’s auction calls selling over the spread buying stock under the spread in effect cheating Private Investors. If i was to buy 10 million matra shares ,i would have to pay well over the spread probably 5p as it stands now if the Matra sp rose to 6.5p and the spread was 6/6.5and I then decided to sell I would be lucky to get my 5p original buy price! even though the value of my stock has increased some 30%. They manipulate the prices to gain maximum profit for their companys. They also organise buys amongst themselves to get a stock going upward to sucker investors in they also do the reverse to lower prices triggering on the book known stops. How many times have investors tried to sell their stock when in a winning position only to find the electronic dealing facility closed? Telephone call only trades then kick in; then upon telephoning after 5 minutes of being pissed around they get a quote well under the spread! This is a typical delaying tactic used by the market. They will lock you out online thus delaying your sell/buy while they bring down the price or up the price to maximise their gain. It’s all about information and keeping the private investor in a foggy mist after all what can one small investor do? How many times have investors or day-traders been locked out online from dealing? It’s happening right now as you read this and do not think that the market sleeps it never does. A good starting place to learn about how the system works is the London Stock exchange rules and reg’s on Market Makers. Check it out.

      Good Luck


      • Neil says:

        If there was ever a post explaining why PI’s need to work together then this is it. Anyone thinking of investing in AIM shares should read this before they do anything else.
        Finally I would like to add that boards like iii and LSE are also used to manipulate share prices. These are read by thousands of PI’s and are full of unregulated rumour. I hope the new site will continue to be a source of good information that we can rely on and trust when making our investment decisions.

      • bren says:

        We all remember the rockhopper last year june, when those gits took it from 250p to 110p in minutes and had it back to 240p.just as.quick before the good news. shafted many good pi’s out of winning positions if they had stop losses.

  28. Anton Gully says:

    To show what I mean using example from my PF and info off Google and lse.

    KMR 15m volume traded at 42p = £6.3m value traded, spread 0.17%
    SLE 5.2m volume traded at 36p = £1.8m value traded, spread 0.72%
    FTO 1m volume traded at 12p = £0.12m value traded, spread 4.3%
    MTA 1.8m volume traded at 3.7p = £0.067m value traded, spread 5.56%

    The spread is largely a function of overall value traded.

    I do love me some numbers.

    And KMR is up over 5% today. They’ve gone from 17p after their settling pond breached to 42p in under 6 months. Maybe another share worth looking into. Also into their charity and community projects BTW.

  29. miopus says:

    Dan – am getting blog from my MP which comes under your blog title.

    • Brokerman says:

      Explain ????


      • miopus says:

        I am not a computer whiz, but my local MP’s little blog now appears in my inbox under your heading ! I have sent it to you – I think it is a mistake with Word Press.

        I asked him on his blog how much the war in Libya cost per week, but my comment was removed from his blog.

  30. bren says:

    best example I can think of was rockhopper last year, unbelievable that was, total manipulation when they tanked it from about 250p to 110p then straight up to 240p half an hour later, right before the good news. they need a good kicking those dirty mm’s. they took a lot of winning positions from .pi’s out that day.