Cadogan Petroleum. Alert! Warning!

There are over 1700 known private investors who have a substantial holding here. At present there is a plot afoot to gain stock for  order fills. Do not sell your stock there will be many ruses used over the coming weeks to manipulate this stock. It is destined to rise considerably. 100p is being touted as the recovery position for this company. Cadogan are in full recovery and they will continue to trend up over this year.


You have been alerted.





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  1. Peter says:

    Dan,thanks for that. Regards

  2. Doubting Thomas Today says:

    I just wondered about how you can word this as a full recovery when we are currently riding at our highest point for nearly 3 years… I guess your talking about a recovery to the 3 year high. Are you suggesting a breakout to test 50 or maybe even 3 year resistance at 75p or are you expecting a re-test of support at 35p? as people start selling into this recent, (looks like soon to be our) 3rd test of 45p ish?
    Curious for more info…

  3. kennyb says:

    Good alert Dan.
    I’m actually waiting to get in,so i’ll watch their tricks first.

  4. Perana says:

    I agree, this is a fairly illiquid stock and moves quite sharply on relatively tight volume. There has been a glut of tranches of AT trades taking all orders off the book. There is some stake building going on – I am staying form until we at least hit £1.00.

  5. hopeful says:

    Appreciate the heads up. Got in on your earlier recommendation and they are virtually the only share I’ve bought still showing a profit! Very disappointed with the Budget Oil Tax and having to watch the slide in sp’s. Particularly disappointed to see NPE and VPP go down so much. Do you think there will be a trend upwards soon, or are the North Sea E&P’s doomed to be rejected?