Matra Petroleum. Further news.

The Mummy (1959 film)

"Mummy" is the word!

Yes you all know how much we like this feisty little oiler even if their Investor Relations policy is non-existent and Dear Old Peter Hind is as tight-lipped as an Egyptian Mummy. We still see  huge potential from this Board/company they are a decent lot. I had a brief chat with Peter Hind yesterday got absolutely no-where (as expected) although we were asking for an Interview for the Blog which may yet take place once the oil is flowing here. Fingers crossed. The Mummy (Hind) seems to have been under a mis-aprehension re’ this Blog I got the feeling that Pete thinks we here are making money from the Blog. How I don’t know. If we get any freebies we always pass them on to our subscribers, our Adsense revenue after WordPress take 50% goes to our nominated charity. It’s only a small donation but it’s the thought that counts. Any way back to our train of thought. We will be actively sourcing our own information here the word has gone out to our friends in Russia. No point waiting for Matra to pull their finger out. Who knows I’ve got some days in Lieu coming up I may even hop on a plane myself grab our interpreter and head for Orenburg camera in-hand! Russia here we come!



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  1. 13thMonkey says:

    Russian Roadtrip eh Dan? Thanks for all your efforts, although it would be nice if they weren’t required: I don’t understand what the company have to gain by being so tight with the newsflow. If there are delays, why not release statements specifying why, instead of letting confidence slowly drain away and wild rumours spread unchecked?

    I have a love-hate relationship with this company- you’ve convinced me there’s an opportunity here, but bloody hell are they frustrating at times!


  2. Angela says:

    No password this time much better……

    Ciao Dan

  3. Danny says:

    Нет новостей это хорошая новость, спасибо за обновление Дэн!

  4. Marc Clark says:

    Hi Dan, Love your posts. I have been in Matra now for 8 months or so (entered at 1.8p so Im happy). I am still holding and still very excited about this share. I wanted to ask for your thoughts on LGO?

  5. Chad13451 says:

    Dan thanks for this. What are your thoughts on CAZA NAV difference between 2009 and 2010? Seems a considerable drop.

  6. OB1 says:

    Dan, firstly thanks for the update, as always I have clicked on one of the adverts to do a little in the name of charity.


    What was “dear old Pete’s” response when you commented on the investor relations being “woeful”?

    Did he care, or intimate that things would get better?



    • Brokerman says:

      To be fair to him he is under pressure and this did come through to me in the conversation. I expect that Investor relations are now moving up the company agenda. It was made crystal clear to him in a rather abrupt manner by myself. I hope there’ll be some distinct changes now being discussed at Board level for the future. The life blood of small companys is their Private Investor base. Without which they could not operate. No small company wants a Private Investor rebellion!


      • OB1 says:

        Thanks Dan.

        I bet if they released an RNS stating they had engaged the services of a PR consultancy the SP would rocket, never mind Flow rates ; o )

  7. Danny says:

    Net novostyeĭ yavlyaet·sya horoshyeĭ novostʹyu!

  8. Mike says:

    Hi Dan

    Hows the report on EME coming along? Looking forward to reading this one, thinking of buying but would like to read what you have to say first.


  9. bren says:

    well done dan, sometimes they just need to be told like it is…..after all, its shareholders who own this company.

  10. AJS says:

    Check out Oilbarrel article on Matra issued today. VERY good read and VERY promising.

  11. AJS says:

    Dan – Great Oilbarrel article released late this afternoon on Matra. Very good reading and very good news! If your blog now can’t move the share price, let’s hope Oilbarrel can!

  1. 30 March, 2011

    […] Matra Petroleum. Further news. Yes you all know how much we like this feisty little oiler even if their Investor Relations policy is […] […]