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  1. Alan says:

    Thanks for the notification.

    • Peter says:

      Hi, this is my first post here so I hope it makes sense! I had been into NTOG trading in and out, making small but worthwhile profits. Then I saw you were not a fan so I bailed out, still making a small profit again.
      When you changed your opinion(!), I bought back in at only a few points higher than my last sale and now I’m showing a profit again.
      So all’s well that ends well. I agree your other poster’s comments about EME which I also hold.

  2. Joseph says:

    It got to be done , make room for all that good news dan :o)

  3. Dust Ferret says:

    Selective deleting? : )

  4. Christian F says:

    Dan, can’t believe you have tipped NTOG and not EME. Both have the same market cap and operate in the fashionable Eagle Ford area in Texas. EME’s production is multiples of NTOG’s. If you research some of the recent news from EME’s JVP’s, AUT & EKA in OZ then you will see that EME should now be worth around 32p per share when the new reserves report comes out any day now which will upgrade reserves especially in the 3p to 2p bracket. That is more than 4 x the current share price. I just cannot believe that EME are trading at sub 8p when other rubbish is valued much higher.
    Anyway, miss it miss out as the saying goes. Once this report is out I have been told EME are to embark on a presentation campaign including London.

    All the best.

    • Brokerman says:

      Christian I’ve not tipped Ntog. I’ve given an opinion. I am going through eme but it does take time.
      Ntog took 6 months of research before I managed to form an opinion.


  5. Christian F says:

    EME could be above 50p in 6 months : )