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Christian F?

There’s a lot of requests for an article on;

Empyrean Energy Plc

I am working on an article but these things do take time.  I am at the mercy of Father time trying to fit in work commitments and it is quite difficult to get certain responses from the company re’ data. So just to keep the Blogosphere aware that there will be a post on the above company when all the information and requests from various sources/contacts /opinions come in.

There is at any one time an awful lot going on in the back-ground re’ any one post and it does take time to collate information before opinions,articles can be written.

Lets hope that Christian now calms down!



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  1. Anne Chance says:

    thank you Daniel. 73 today so am celebrating both my birthday and Cadogan’s small rise. Small sweet sherry all round! I think a regular reinforcement of shares would be useful for most people if both time permits and, of course you feel minded to operate this site as an ongoing news-type source. Cheers!!

  2. Starfish says:

    Hi BMD
    Do you have an email we can send you data?

  3. Christian F says:

    Thanks Dan, good presentation released by JVP EKA yesterday on ASX:


    eme HAVE 3% OF s/l AGAINST eka’S 6.25% but dividing by half is about right as EME have more projects on top of S/L.
    Presentation values EME now at 32pps. Currently 8p.
    Last I’l say on the matter and yes I have now calmed down : )

  4. thethinkingturk says:

    dan did u have a look at GFM

  5. Will says:

    Any chance we can get some thoughts/views on AMC?


  6. P B says:

    Oex is lingering around 25p at the moment with virtually no trades goin through yet the Cambay play is about to kick off…what is going on BMD?

  7. Bob says:

    How about getting Roxi on the favourite companies list? Also can we get an update on the challenge? Would be interested to understand if you are on track v your planned position

  8. Gavin Mitchell says:

    BMD, whats you thoughts on Shamaran Petroleum currently awaiting results on Atrush results

  9. bobbyshafto says:

    re CAD you should be getting a nice birthday present shortly Anne my love. Keep em peeled at CAD and Bobby’s the word.

  10. Tom says:

    Hi BMD
    I made a lot of money with NTOG. Thank you.
    I’m thinking of buying SOLG. What is your view on SOLG?

  11. The Proper ALEX says:

    Hi Dan……I know everyone is asking for research on their indavidual companies, and I feel the “atmosphere” of this blog has now changed from discussion, to demaning information from you in the last few months. Which I feel is bad.
    However, back to 1 of your favorite companies, Encore.
    Why do you think their Double Spud yesterday had no coverage on the review boards, and generated no additional interest?
    Do you believe Burgman will still be the tipping point for sale (25days)?

    • mw says:

      Well said ProperAlex. This website is getting annoying now at the amount of people wanting BMD to promote their investments !

      • The Proper ALEX says:

        On the Encore debate, I feel the undrilled Burgman may be the tipping point, and a sale COULD come after Burgman completion (25days) and before Cladhan apprasial (40days).

        The only worry on the SP is the financial report, which I think is due 8th/9th March.
        This should not effect investors too badly, as any money lost will be due to their aggressive drilling program over the recent months (so they should get returns on their costs). The delays back in September/October, were not at the expense of Encore.
        The only issue is I have a small spread bet on, and I feel that that if some investors see the decrease in money in the bank, may bail, causeing a short term decrease……..which will recover before Burgman TD, but could trigger stop losses.
        The financial data could also be a trigger for sale.

        Also, anyone with an Audit background could help me here….
        Is it possible for Encore to not announce their money used for the recent drilling as losses. But to announce it as investment in the current wells. Therefore they are not “realised” untill the drill completion? (when they will have returns on the money anyway?)

  12. Rich says:

    RRL prefoming well & only way is up up up! Any updates Dan? Surley a stock that we should all be following with a keen interest? Views from everyone welcome.

  13. alex says:

    I hope encore do strike at burgman, but this exploration well is much riskier, any thoughts on this? seems like the market is not getting excited either…