The Madness continues. LSE what a bloody SHAMBLES!

London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange caught a cold this morning!

Well what a week it’s been here in the UK for small investors. The revolutions are continuing. And now we get the London Stock Exchange going down!

It’s been madness in the city but all now seems to be getting back on track. MM’s/Brokerages are slowly playing catch up and most stocks should be available to trade later this afternoon providing that the new system currently being tweaked and pulled doesn’t develop another virus/glitch? There was pandemonium this morning as trades went down! The books were closed opened closed etc as the extent of yet another LSE cock-up began to dawn. It’s cost millions! Every time the LSE upgrades you can bet there’s a monumental cock-up. Of course we’ll all get the excuses over the weekend but in true British fashion it boils down to inferior programming ie; IT done on the cheap! Talk of legal action from some of the big hitters may help to spur on a fix!

It’s caused no end of problems what a bloody shambles!





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No Responses

  1. Christian F says:

    Dan, you looked at EME yet?

  2. john says:

    Whats happening with MTA Dan? some ppl on the forums say you guess stuff buy i dont agree….You know the right ppl. Can we have an update

  3. Langyboy says:

    Looks what happens when you take time off,
    Middle east in a mess, LSE crashes etc.

    Do’nt try telling me it’s a coincidence.
    I will start a movement to have your passport revoked.

  4. thethinkingturk says:

    Dan, did you look at GFM yet?