The Worlds gone mad! Viva the Revolution!


Saudi nerves!

There’s revolution in the air! The current global fears re’ Egypt,Tunisia,Bahrain,Libya, Yemen,Morocco etc. Just go to show that there’s nothing certain in life. I go away for a week and come back to a global crisis. The oil price could hit $150, Saudi Arabia may be about to ramp up production that’s if they themselves do not fall prey to the people’s’ yearning for Democracy! Then throw in an earthquake or two!

The markets are buzzing,there’s opportunity here for the serious investor out there. The City movers and shakers love it. Don’t believe any news organisation that tells you differently. Uncertainty brings opportunity and as you are all witnessing volatility! Fortunes are being made on the back of it! The great unwashed  eyes have been taken off the Bankers and re-focused on Libya. The Co-a-Lie-ition are sneaking out bad news that gets buried on the back pages. It’s a win win situation for all involved except the masses!

But as ever I am still here! Back from a weeks sojourn traipsing around New York. A fantastic city that must be one of the noisiest places on earth!

I’ve lots to do to catch up with the Blogosphere rather got sucked away from the City chicanery and had a refreshing time enjoying life!

I will be trawling through the emails and comments that have backed up over the last week.

Back on line!




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  1. Terminator Trader says:

    thoughts on LON:OILB? thanks

  2. sun says:

    Hi Dan. I am very worried about the oil shares are slipping down everyday. Its along time you have not updated about Matra, RRL, BHR

  3. Davie says:

    You will no doubt be busy with the masses wanting to know why there share is down when you said it would go up LOL, Good luck !!!

  4. DD says:

    Hi Daniel…….

    I work as a directional driller in Saudi.
    Saudi is pretty much at max production capacity as it is and their drilling program has been winding down these last 2 years (rig count dropping) So take any rumours of an increase to above where they are now from them or anybody else with a pinch of salt.

  5. JDS says:

    We are all keen to see what updates you have on Matra. People saying they are Acidizing A13 to improve flow >100bopd and A12 producing. Is this feasible or just rumour? Why no news?

  6. alex says:

    not fun, my top ups last month (oilex, bhr,.gkp, eo) in the shite hole…help….

  7. Langyboy says:

    Welcome back Dan!!!!

  8. thethinkingturk says:

    you can’t do anything when the doom people r out!! this is no more thana correction so the big boys get in first before the run up in march, seen it so many times before, if you did your research and nothing has changed in the company just sit and wait if itdrops buy more but you will have to make your own judgement when to buy more!!

  9. smalltimep says:

    Hi Dan,

    Glad to hear you had a good time, welcome back to the madness

  10. Richard says:

    Welcome back, Dan. Markets always over-react to bad news and there is enough of it around now to cause a real panic. ‘Never catch a falling knife’, as my old Mum used to say and if you are looking at your p/f taking a hit every day, don’ panic. And if the worse did happen in Libya etc, what better shares to own than oil in a more stable geo-political situation than the M East and N Africa? So although my XEL, MTA, RRL etc are indeed quite poorly at the moment, like all good children they will soon bounce back.

  11. Thadeus says:

    Back to the grindstone Dan
    They have got the crowd on the run and when they can smell blood on the street the big game hunters come out and bag themselves an elephant. Fundamentals will triumph over fear in the long run, remember the reasons you invested in the stock in the first place if nothing has funadamentally changed stick with it

  12. thethinkingturk says:

    why you all asking dan!!! he can not control the Market , at the moment the Market is having a very good correction so just wait till it all settles down and then top up, some of the oil stocks have a long way to drop yet, they will be the shares with hope attached to the price, the company with oil and producing will recover first the others well I don’t know on them , I fell sorry for all the pi’s on t traded and I am sure their will be plenty on here worried!!!!

  13. Danny says:

    Hi Dan,
    as a new investor I’ve only invested cash I can afford to play with. To be honest with you I’ve just gone with the flow and see great potential in Matra and San Leon. I’m not worried about the peaks and troughs,you pay your money- you take your chance.
    I think some investors forget that you too will see your holdings fluctuate on a daily basis, so it’s not for the want of seeing the share price rise for everyone ! Thankyou and kind regards Danny