Several Whispers here doing the rounds. 

 1/ News is about to break re’ the future funding of GKP. (This could have huge implications for stock holders)  Bearing in mind that many, many Private Investors have now been shaken out of this stock; which has taken a battering over the last few weeks. I told you all that the Market was manipulating GKP stock and that it expects most small PI’s to be shaken out of the picture when the stock rockets. There have been numerous Big hitters on the private side of the fence who have been hoovering up stock over the last few months on the drops. Dennis O,Brien is one name that has been doing the rounds of late. Maybe as a certain hedge against SEY coming up short.

2/Rumours of a possible tie up with Hunt oil have been gaining ground since a Chinese delegation arrived in Baghdad they are alleged to of spoken of the GKP find and put the cat amongst the pigeons by requesting a tour of the Kurdistan region. To which they were refused.

3/Whisper of a provisional resolution to the ongoing Baghdad/Kurdistan oil dispute may well be on the cards here. The USA have been upping the pressure on the Baghdad central government to seek provisional terms with Kurdistan in-order to facillitate a huge increase in production.

In House notes here are all predicting an upward spike on ALL companies currently sat on/producing oil in Iraq, based on noises coming out of Capitol Hill, this year will herald a major turning point for Iraqi oilers.


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  1. Lost says:

    Thanks Dan sounds positive glad I never sold out please keep up the hard work

  2. Katie says:

    Thank you for your information, I was so worried this am as all I could see was my shares going down by the day, but I held firm as I beleive this to be a very good investment. Only time will tell but your comments always help to keep me sane.

  3. hi999 says:

    dan, how much do u think it will be if there is a to bid

  4. stevebuffet says:

    Thanks Dan, hopefully tomorrow the funding issue will be put to bed for good. Bid speculation from Hunt as you indicate may show itself or from another bidder as yet unknown.

    Many thanks


    Ps Expect the usual abuse from the crazies but pay no attention.

  5. Jules says:

    Hi Dan,

    As always thank you for the update, just a quick question, why do GKP want to shake out all the smaller PI’s. This is not a bash, I am just curious ?



    • Brokerman says:

      The market are shaking out the PI’s not the company.
      Why ? 10 Billion barrels of oil with an SP that doesn’t reflect the true value of the find makes for greedy MM’s who are holding stock back knowing that it is only a question of time before the SP multiplies several fold leaving them holding literally tens of millions in clear profit to be sold on at a further premium, it’s known as a three card trick for every 3 shares bought back only 2 are resold; one is kept in treasury. I know of two traders who have withheld 3.6 million shares bought at 49p, back from the market.


      • miopus says:

        Very interesting. Thanks Dan.

        • miopus says:

          Buyemsellem and onwardsandupwards on iii GKP Board making daft accusations that MikeyAdmin and I are part of a deramping brigade.

          BuyemSellem was one of the bunch of arrogant idiots banned when complaints about aliases made to iii from many people.

  6. retardo says:

    thanx for ur effort dan and views from places we cannot access…gkp fundementals remain the same and r good risk for me and others ..this should fund my allotment this year and next!!!

  7. huge implications… rather vague, Dan: I am a convert and appreciate your info

    but huge implication good
    or huge implications bad for we the PIs?


  8. Randalf says:

    Cheers for the update dan, let’s hope some speculation sets in now and we see a sustained rise.

  9. Mike says:

    ifs and buts …………if my aunti vi had balls she would be my uncle bob………the one constant factor in all this intrigue and SP flutuation is the OIL,BLACK GOLD………..hand me down those can of beans ,hand me down those can of beans …you know the rest clint eastwood gets the girl,…………lets all hope we get the pot of gold we are all after……

  10. QS says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks as always for the invaluable updates.

    Any idea for the rise on GCM today?

    • Brokerman says:

      Expectation of license agreements.


      • golfguy says:


        Referring back to the GCM blog, Raingod on iii suggests that a formal announcement on the mine isn’t likely until May. Do your sources agree with this timescale?


  11. I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you’ve got an interesting point of view.

  12. pompeygs says:

    Dan , have followed your thoughts/whispers for the last 6 months over GKP, and although not a huge investor have enough to keep me an avid watcher of the share price. Have held on and due to buying in again at well over a £1 beginning to reach my break even figure. Over what timespan do you think that GKP will start moving up again for the long term. Is the silence from TK hurting this share more than is neccesary, we seem to get nothing but good news and still the share price drops? I as well as plenty others have become emotionally attached to this share as we feel this is one of those opportunities to belong to a company where the story unfolds and we are part of it. I realise that the MM are playing a big part in keeping this share down but surely with all the good news even they must struggle to keep the lid down? Pompeygs

    • stevebuffet says:

      Good post pompey I have asked the same question quietly to myself many times. All that’s left is patience, but it does wear thin after so much good news and not being reflected in the price. cheers steve

  13. leesbillbob says:

    As you said before many PI’s would sell out on a price drop.It is amazing.

  14. Jeff says:

    Reassuring Dan, and don’t we all need reassurance! Having persuaded friends and relations to get in to GKP because of the basic fundamentals, it is nice to hear of a 3 card trick that demonstrates faith in its future, even if the MMs tactics are highly questionable.

  15. modfather says:


    many thanks for your continous updates regarding GKP, it doesnt go un-appreciated!! could you put your feelers out for any information regarding VIY. As i see the upside potential in this AIM stock to far exceed GKP in the long run, as they can potentialy hold E&P companies to ransom, with there Quantum RD technology.

    Up the Revolution!!!!!