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  1. stevie says:

    Dude ….umm I did try to tell you about it twice , do’u fancy a return to the 140’s on anticipation????

  2. Abz says:

    Thanks for an update on Encore. I have some stocks here.
    Could you please give me an update on OEX.
    I have so much hope with this one but your good words keep me motivated.

  3. Aughton 3 says:

    Also hold OEX and very happy to

  4. Phil B says:

    OEX is now some 12% down from a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully it is bouncing on resistance but it seems strange that with such newsflow on Cambay around the corner there is not more interest in the stock?

  5. OILBUG says:



    what is all this about £3.50 city placing re xcite ???????????????

    is this a shorter rumour or true other blogs state true.

    Good news seems to be CPR out next wek

    come on Dan xcite holders needs you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • James says:

      If true and the board are going for £3.50 would that suggest the CPR is not as good as thought…i.e. there not bothering to wait for it to be published before allocating more shares.