Xcite Energy Rumours & CPR

There’s a lot of requests here for information at the moment.

I am as ever awaiting responses from various organisations.

I will hopefully be in a position to update the Blogosphere asap. However I am due to fly to New york tomorrow. Although this means I am out of the UK It will perversely give me more free time.

I am on the case and on the hunt for information.



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  1. OILBUG says:

    Thanks Dan

    your a star as always…………………………….

    my broker just reported back, thinks its an overhang which is nearly cleared.

    Just fun and games rather than anything serious like a limited issue re bentley alliance before any upgrade.

    However cpr looks ready to go next week.

  2. DIcky says:

    What are your thoughts on EME ? I have bought quite alot recently but wondered on your take on them apprently Reserve report in the next week or two & rumours of a possible sale of its Sugars project for more than double/treble its present market cap, would appreciate your thoughts.

  3. DIcky says:

    EME any thoughts on it Dan rumours swirling around etc

  4. stevie says:

    Umm seems t be a lorra confusion over the fabled upgrade….my understanding was we are getting a reserves upgrade ( allegedly monday I am told) and then full CPR which is a re-write job will come later in year. Stat are defo in talks!!!
    Have informed US customs sketchy geeser looking like Che and answering to name of Dan has several K’s of columbian marching powder up his kudgie…….njoy brush with the colon warriors lol

  5. A Christensen says:

    any news about Matra Petroleum, are they soon finished with that sidetrack

  6. A Christensen says:

    And the 50 million new shares from Matra, how is that running,

  7. CashClaire says:

    Have you got any thoughts on the news that is to come on Monday 21st Feb re Petra Diamonds (PDL)?

    Petra Diamonds will announce its interim results for the six months to 31 December 2010 on Monday, 21 February 2011 at 7am (UK time). A live webcast will be held at 9:30am (UK time).


  8. Inteligenceleak says:

    Dan you still going for your 25p target on Roxi? Or you moving it to your ‘probaly’ 50p?
    Should be good as it’s dropped to 6p since you put it in your favourite.
    Also MXP you still rating as a buy after the duster?

  9. thethinkingturk says:

    hi dan

    first post could you have a look at gfm, I think you will like this one plenty of value here.