Sefton Resources. We have a new way forward.

EDL Pumpers & Dumpers!

Sefton Resources today announced that 10.2% of the Company, 485,750,000 shares are held by Daniel Levi Associates, a partnership between Daniel Levi and Christopher Williams, aka @chrisoil. You can read the RNS announcement HERE

There’s a lot of speculation out there most of it way off the mark. Such as the half-wit who flooded twitter and shareProfits with scurrilous lies that we had been selling the shares. How many people this caused to sell out is as yet unknown. What I would say to any one invested here or thinking of investing is that you should base your decisions on the known facts. Stick to what is actually known. Not what self proclaimed ‘Journalists’ with no experience or training whatsoever of actual journalism post on internet sites. These sites can quickly appear and disappear.

There are one or two good sites that actually can research and get good information such as CaliforniaJoes Blog  run by Chris Bailey, one of the most respected posters on So be careful. And as ever derisk your investment/trades whenever possible.

New Way Forward

I spoke to Sefton Resources yesterday. An amicable conversation. As the single biggest share-holder we are now in a position, if we so choose, to call for an egm to effect change. All options are on the table and there are many options available to us. We are here to force change that increases value for share-holders, for ourselves and for the company. We, unlike the barefaced liars and pump & dumpers, do not hide behind lies. We tell it as it is. We are here to make money. It’s called the Stock Market.

Any changes on Sefton, could involve bringing in further assets from the Bahamas if the Indonesian deal fails to complete. Assets that we are actively negotiating. That moment may or may not arrive. What will arrive is that we will now seek an official meeting with Miss Whitford to increase their awareness that Sefton have to pull their fingers out and get the producing Indonesian assets, in the bag and announced asap.  If that meeting is unproductive we will call an egm. We have the backing of many. Including  the market legends Clem Chambers and billionaire Jim Mellon.

As for the malicious Ellerton litigation. This is a $500 dollar writ that ultimately will fail. You could if you so chose issue one yourself in the Denver courts. It’s not worth the paper it’s written on. Ellerton’s lawyer is actually a friend of his, working on a contingency that if they get any kind of payment then they split it 50/50. It’s a typical USA greenmail ploy.

I shall on Sunday be meeting Miss Whitford to hand over a box of Sefton Resources confidential information that I was working on when at the Company. That box contains the information and evidence that will kill off the litigation. It will assist the Company in striking out the writ.  It contains all of JimmyLiars fraudulent spending activities and much more when he was in situ and when he was booted. Jim Ellerton is a fraudster. He was beaten in the UK courts by myself and will be beaten in the USA courts, this time trained professional Lawyers are beating him down. Not a blogger!

Our opinion, as investors, in so much as we can give an opinion, is that Sefton are almost certainly now aware that they have to move quickly. There’s super gains to be made here if the cards are played in the right order.  If there wasn’t we wouldn’t be holding 485, 750,000 shares.





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