Range Resources !! Looking very good for 25p!

Pump Jack unlabelled

Ranging up!

Yes doesn’t it look very well at Range? The sp is continuing its charge since the Blog first high-lighted them. Now why are they increasing in value as foretold here by the Blog? Well it’s simple any oil company about to drill a 2 BILLION BARREL OIL PROSPECT WILL RISE AS THE drill nears! Simple really; especially when they are way under-value compared to their potential asset worth. Yes 50p looks nailed on here! You have all been foretold!

The rise should continue. First target for Range holders is 25p which looks like it will be breached in days rather than weeks!


Keep watching  and keep holding!






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  1. Christian F says:


    Please can you take a look at SOU, capped at £35 million at current 2.35p.

    Take a look at the recent presentations on their website:


    SOU’s NPV10 plus cash should have them trading at 10p per share right now.

    That would still leave their free carried interest in Indonesia in for nothing.

    SOU are a raving buy and are set to be 2011’s CAZA or EO.


  2. John Waters says:

    Dan i agree with the SOU comment.

    Captainnelsonforties a very very highly respected oiley who has highlighted EO.NPE and CAZA from the very beginning has highlighted SOU as being crazily undervalued.

    The italian assets + cash =10p a share and thats without any other drills and the indonesian targets which are a free carry.

    Thanks to the overhang you can get in at these silly levels.


  3. Barnstonpickle says:

    Dan there’s a poster CAlled DISCOMIXX saying this about you on III…””hes got some front aint he
    charging people for tips, telling them to sell rrl last week
    now telling them he tipped it, cheek!”

    I can’t find any post on here telling peeps to sell or any thing about fees for tips? Just thought i’d tell you.
    Mate as some newbies may actually be taken in by this Guys deliberate lies.


    • Brokerman says:

      This Blog is completely free. There are NO CHARGES whatsoever. I have NEVER charged any fees for any tip,news or opinion as the Blogosphere well know. I have never posted a sell on RRL. Discomixx is just one of the many numpties posting bullacca under different pseudonyms that currently populate Interactive Investor.

      Stay away from those Boards they’re full of witless individuals who post Blatant lies.


      • N says:

        I expect he is mixing you up with Tom Bulkford at RHPS – he posted the sell recommendation. I bet he regrets that!

        Also – can I recommend AMER to you. Cash generative terrific little oiler – SP is rising nicely.

  4. B1GGZ says:

    Thanks again DAN for update on RRL. Great to see the regulare updates all which am sure are helping lift the share price even further.

    Hey, another 3 or 4 days of regular updates from you might see it at 25p much much sooner.

    Please also look at HER, DPL. As I mentioned couple days ago, these might be ones for your £1 million challenge portfolio as set to rise very soon.

    Good Luck

  5. pyeman71 says:

    Sou are being plugged in a few places this past week or so. However I thought the trading the other Friday looked suspicious. All I got when challenging this was that the fundamentals are good. Bit of a throw away statement really.

  6. darth says:

    Sound Oil are way undervalued imho. They had a mkt cap of £21.5m with £9m cash on 10 Jan 11. They raised a further £3m on 17 Jan 11 that was 5x oversubscribed forcing Placees to buy in the open market. The now have around £12m cash and a Mkt Cap of £34.5m (at 2.275p) and have an NPV of $226m (£141m or 9.3p/share) for their newly aquired Italian assets which takes no account of their imminent Indonesian drilling campaign. In their Presentation they say there is a “Billion dollar upside”. The next BPC?

    Sound Oil plc (SOU)
    Shares in issue…..1,515,306,331
    Share price………2.275p (2.25p-2.30p)
    Mkt Cap………….£34.5m
    Date: 10 Feb 11

    Core Assets – Italy and Indonesia (Oil and Gas)

    •Cash approx. £9m.
    •£10m SEDA facility.
    •Drilling/Exploration programme fully funded to Q3 2012.”cashed up to Q3 2012″.
    •Drilling ready to go – 7 wells in 2011-2012 (beginning “early Q1 2011″).
    •Near term revenues
    •Future cash flows $40+ million pa
    •Indonesia now de-risked and has high upside
    •13 Discoveries
    •13 Exploration prospects
    •Billion dollar upside
    •Revenue in 18 months
    •3 MM bbls oil + 60 Bscf gas (best estimates)(CPR)
    •Net present value = $226 million (success case)(CPR)
    •Material growth opportunities = > 10 developments
    •Material growth opportunities = > 10 exploration prospects
    •Significant upside potential ~800 Bscf gas, NPV/EMV $500+ million
    •”Independent experts Fugro Robertson Limited have estimated that Consul’s licence areas hold a minimum 13 MMboe of net contingent resources with a combined success case value of US$226 million.”
    •”near term revenue potential”

    07 Jan 11 – RAB Capital announce they now own 330,917,624 shares (25.74%) of the Company .

    Dec 10 Presentation:

    Dec 10 Consul Oil & Gas Limited acquisition document:

  7. Andy says:


    Much appreciated if you could take a look at atuk (@uk)
    Cloud computing company having had 10 million funding from google and is a provider of eProcurement and eCommerce software, and has just announced that it has been awarded a contract to provide an eCommerce Marketplace to a local authority and NHS Services partnership.

    Ronald Duncan Chairman of @UK PLC commented, “We have worked extensively with individual Local Government and NHS organisations and the efficiencies of a ‘joined up’ approach are clear. We therefore expect this segment of the market to grow significantly as part of the NHS restructuring and believe we are well positioned as the only company which is a market leader in both sectors to benefit from this growth.”

    @uk look like they have cornered the market as their product incorporates carbon credit footprint calculating which the government is hot on atm.


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