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Just a quick one here. Alerts have been set for an expected RNS.



There’s a big push rumoured here.The Market chins are trying to dampen it down by pushing through delayed trades known as OK Bombs.  This stock is very strong. Stake building taking place. Eyes on please. Will definitely hit 25p in my opinion based on how the market are trying to manipulate the sp.

Hold it will get to 25p sooner rather than later. Watch the delayed trades. Lots going through below the spread these are buys bought earlier and withheld to suppress the rise. Sure sign of strong buying and stake building.



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  1. Lee says:

    You aren’t half giving this some beans!
    I don’t mind though – I’m very much in early doors and know there’s much more to come

    GL ALL – DYOR etc etc

    • Brokerman says:

      I’ve just ran through the volume incompassing the Delayed trades. The current sp should be 19/20p based on the algorithm for today so far.
      It has to be stake building/order filling. News leaking hence the rise and alert triggers being set.
      Just finished lunch will double check with my sector watcher.


  2. alex says:

    trying very hard not to top slice these, been here since june!

  3. B1GGZ says:

    Il be refreshing this page every minute then 🙂

  4. tony says:

    Another good tip Dan,still think MTA willl be the biggy,whats your thoughts on uen Dan, they seem well under valued 58mb at around at $0.4pb

  5. Barnstonpickle says:

    Dan are you invested here? If so for how long and what is your target.
    Thanks Mate you’ve literally made mo over 100k over the last 6 months! I love you Dan.
    Big xxxxx’s


    • Brokerman says:

      Strange as it may seem but no i’ve not invested here. I run the Blog just to try and help others re their investments.
      It’s all about researching stocks and cross referencing news and expectation with potential. You have to make judgement calls on your stock. There’s an awful lot of nonsense posted online and I only try to dis-spell the myths.
      Great to see investors making money and giving the market the V sign. It’s a real kick for me!
      Don’t fancy a Big Kiss from you Pickle I’ll pass on it!
      Good Luck
      God Bless


  6. alex says:

    im saving up for a wedding, fingers crossed!

  7. bogie says:

    Just sold half of my RGM (12k) @4.7p to buy RRL (11k) @ 16.45p. I must be mad!

    Thanks for info on trades Dan.

    Sick of waiting for news on RGM. AB has been quiet for too long.

  8. Sanj says:


    You heard anything on the License for VOG. Surely got to be anyday now…

  9. Nik says:

    Well hes not wrong im trying to get in some more moeny as we speak!
    The prospetcs for range’s year are pretty good.
    Lets hope PL does the magic we allw ant him too!

  10. Phil B says:

    I have a rule that i never buy on a spike. If RRL keeps going then great but i have learned some tough lessons in the past. I am very confident on Oilex – when do you think the market will waken up to this? They are due to take delivery of the rig for their horizontal fractured drill mid March so time to take a position i think? Whet do you reckon?

    Phil B

  11. John Waters says:

    Dan Please see the following RNS for SOU. The presentation maybe of interest to you.

    Seems like the overhang is clearing at SOU now and could rally like CAD did.

    Sound Oil plc (AIM: SOU) the upstream oil and gas company with assets in Italy and Indonesia, wishes to announce that it will later today post on its website, http://www.soundoil.co.uk, a presentation it will shortly be giving to analysts.

    The presentation covers the prospectivity of the licences, update on drilling plans, and the current funding position.

    For further information please contact:

  12. Christian F says:

    Dan, SOU presentation on website later.

  13. bobbyshafto says:

    Dan, I know you’re on CAD but there’s is chatter they have got Chevron interested in a farm out. They are talking to 3 big players and it is being touted as Chevron. Keep watching.

  14. John Waters says:


    “CaptainNelsonForties – 1 Feb’11 – 09:53 – 2045 of 2420

    The most similar comparies to SOU now was CAZA at 4-6p (now 50p). CAZA had cash and NPV10 of its discoveries at 43p per share at that time, so I was filling my boots between 4-6p. SOU have cash of approximately £12.3m, NPV10 of the Italian discoveries of $226m/£141m. That’s £153m cash and NPV10 or 10p per share on current discoveries. No accounting for Italian exploration potential.

    Cash: £12.33m

    Independent NPV10 on Italian licences $226m

    Indonesian potential (I use $1m/Bcf in the ground as gas is generallly much more recoverable than oil). These are all exploration targets so high risk but significant upside:

    Citarum PSC

    Cataka P50 440BCF (20%) 88Bcf
    Jatayu P50 380Bcf (20%) 76Bcf
    Lodaya P50 640Bcf (20%) 128Bcf

    Net upside is undeveloped 292 Bcf / $292m net to SOU (would require successful appraisal drilling etc).

    Bankanai 5% free carried
    Again exploration targets so high risk high rewards but still all potential at present:

    Kerendan deeps, there have been a number if shallow flowing wells on this field at approximately 9000ft. The deeps are 12-14000ft.

    Kerendan deeps P50 1.4Tcf (5%) Net 70Bcf
    Jupoi Prospect P50 3Tcf (uspide appraently over 7Tcf) 5% Net 150Bcf

    Net 220Bcf from the free carried Salamander wells. That is only a selection of the upcoming drilling targets. So since the cash and NPV10 equates to about 10p per share, the P50 of Indonesia is up to $500m approx, just how much hope is priced into the £30m cap? These should be trading much higher on the Italian assets alone, nothing in the price currently for the Indonesian potential, Any one of the above 5 prospects could be a company maker for a business this size. Dora and Laura are the only two offshore discoveries the rest are onshore. They’re both within jackup territory and certainly not in deep water (60m, 197m). Imo the Italian ban will be lifted once they realise that oil and gas tax revenues are more important. Especially when gas discoveries are one of the cleanest sources of energy, and even the environmentalists don’t like eating cold lentils. there are a whole host of O&G companies listed in London that are valued on hope without an asset is sight, SOU with its listed discoveries isn’t one of them. And SOU could give most of them a run for their money in terms of prospective potential.

    Captain Nelson Forties”

  15. B1GGZ says:

    Dan ,
    Seems everyones looking your way for a confidence booster on RRL again as is stalled a little.
    Another comment from you and I bet it hits 20p today !
    Am happy as long as it stays stable for rest of today , however a push up will do very nicely.

  16. Roadrunner says:

    Howdy Dan
    Any thoughts on the takeover rumours here? Thoughts seem to be that RRL are the key to Puntland offshore and big players will be desperate to get their hands on that? Certainly a very interesting story anyway…


  17. N says:

    Dan have you checked out AMER yet? Seems to have been rising really strongly over the last week.
    In summary:
    1. An established E&P with cash flow being generated from oil
    2. A well planned, ambitious and finded drilling campaign in territories with known reserves (6 new wells this year)
    3. A steady, controlled increase in production from existing wells (planned 500bpd to 5000bpd this year)
    4. A company that is delivering on its plan
    5. A steady increase in share price
    6. An increase in volume
    Looking really good!

    • Jim says:

      I have been in AMER since the Chaco days – fantastic little oiler with huge prospects this year. I am up £10k – happy days!

  18. John Waters says:

    One last post as im contious of throwing SOU down your thoat and soundling like a ramper.

    CaptainNelsonForties – 11 Feb’11 – 09:46 – 2431 of 2439


    What makes you think that 10p is “fair value”? 10p per share values in NPV10 of the existing Italian discoveries plus cash. The rest of the company is then free:

    Kerendan gas discovery onshore Indonesia P2 207Bcf (SOU 5% 10Bcf approx) FREE in the price at 10p

    next 5 Indonesian targets P50 net to SOU 500Bcf approx (free in the price at 10p).

    I don’t see 10p sound as fair value, I see 10p SOU as reflecting the NPV10 and cash. I reckon there should be a % in the price for the massive exploration upside here and Kerendan already looks like a valuable asset for any small cap. Folks are boot filling at the minute as the share price doesn’t cover current discoveries let alone potential. The presentation is likely to make interesting reading later today as it will detail all the goods for SOU, all the licences, discovers and drilling schedule. I’ll be looking for the development timescale on many of these Italian discoveries.

    Don’t worry too much about a few sellers, we had an insti dump shares in CAZA at 6p before it subsequently moved to 67p. We need sellers to get orders filled. Demand seems healthy enough this morning too.

    Captain Nelson Forties

  19. Phil B says:

    Dan. Any update on Oilex? The sp is drifting south by the day where it should be moving in the opposite direction!

    • GKB says:

      Hi Dan, Newcomer here, brilliant site. Could you please give an update on PXS? It’s a death by a thousand cuts! but your last update (April 2010) seemed more positive. Thanks.

  20. smalltime says:

    Hi Dan,

    Just wondering what your opinion on LDP is if you don’t mind? At first glance they don’t look too appealing- lots of debt and uncertainity around how it’s going to be resolved, history of placings at discounted share price, and reserve and prodcution downgrade last month have lead to a hammering in sp.

    But they are a producer, so how can they be @ 2.15p whilst an explorer like DES is @ 34.5p? I think that 2 of their wells are currently shut-in due to maintenance on pipelines and general repairs. I feel LDP could be undervalued at this price, but perhaps there is too much uncertainity to take a position?

    Thanks for continuing to blog and have a good weekend.

  21. Kira says:

    Saved as a favorite, I enjoy your site! 🙂