Sareum . Thoughts for the Day!

Normal cancer cell division from NIH

Only for the Brave investor!

Well what can one say about Sareum? The sp has increased many times since they released news on Sareum’s ; Aurora+FLT3 Kinase programme.

Some are hailing it as a possible cancer wonder drug others are just completely shell-shocked that Sareum managed to keep the results under wraps! No leaks or pointers other than Director options in December 2010! So what’s it all about well read below:

“The recent pre-clinical in-vivo study for Sareum’s Aurora+FLT3 Kinase programme, targeting the most common form of adult leukaemia, showed that the leukaemia had regressed to such an extent that no detectable cancer could be found in any of the cases treated – ten in total.

By comparison, leukaemia increased five to fifteen fold in the study examples treated without Sareum’s compound”

SAREUM HOLDINGS PLC – Research Update: Positive Leukaemia Model Study.

Phew! Sounds like Sareum have hit the Jackpot!

Well not according to Sareum who are trying to dampen down speculation of Licensee agreements  “The Company can confirm that it is not currently in advanced stages of discussion with a potential licensing partner” Pull the other one Sareum!

Of course that statement is strictly true they are not in discussion with “A LICENSE PARTNER because they ARE in discussion WITH SEVERAL LICENSE PARTNERS! Semantics!

So just what stage are Sareum at?  It is a racing certainty that Sareum are indeed in talks regarding license agreements with several partners!

“The Company can confirm that the results of the study have, in the ordinary
course of business, been sent to potential licencing partners and the Company
will be engaging with these partners to determine their interest in the data.”

Sareum have just become one of the Hottest Takeover targets in the Pharm’s sector! And make no mistake here at the very least when the mist clears there could be several partners signed up for Aurora+FLT3!  It’s all a matter of opinion of course but these miracle drug discoveries if firmed up can explode.

How high could this go? Now there’s a question? No one at this point can answer. It all depends on partner agreements and possible merger value to prospective buyers but there’s been many a small Pharm swallowed by multi-nationals at mouth-watering prices. I suppose the answer to the question is another question; What’s the value of a cure for Leukaemia/Cancer?


Hold your stock it COULD very well be worth 100 times its current value! Over time! (0.8p). Once the Blue touch paper is ignited these kind of stocks tend to have a mind of their own and just explode! Speculative punt.



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  1. Dan (not BMD) says:

    All sounds a little too good to be true in my opinion, my prediction? this will turn out to be hot air and the drug doesnt work, hence no leak other than now when they need more cash and want to start a feeding frenzy for the stock.

    Who knows i could well be crying into my beer in 3 years 🙂

  2. jo says:

    Morning Dan,

    Another great post, my question for you is are you in? If so is it an investment in your 100k to 1mill portfolio?

    Warmest Regards


    • Brokerman says:

      No To wild for my Blood is Sareum. Interesting just to sit and watch. Reminds me of the dot com booms etc. Great entertainment.
      If they pull it off or get TOed God knows it will go mental.


  3. Devil says:

    That post didn’t do well for the SP. I think most missed the “Over Time!” bit at the end. lol

  4. Si says:

    I’m sorry: but 8/10 reduction in AML when the remission rate is 8/10 in under 50s anyway? Is there really anything to celebrate here? And in 8/10 subjects the AML returned in 2 weeks – albeit lower than UNTREATED individuals. It is also very far off phase 2 and phase 3 trials – and is it really going to stand up to current chemo/radiotherapies. At the moment just hype imo.

  5. bob says:

    I’m sure you have had alot of feedback about encore and nautical recently have you heard any further whispers or have anything else you can add to the daily ramping and deramping of this share since the recent announcement


    • Brokerman says:

      The value in Encore and Nautical is under-pinned. Just hold your stock. The recent oil discovery has been largely greeted as a flat-line. These companies are made. Future growth will continue. Hold or sell it’s up to you? Try to look at where they have come from rather than on a day by day basis.
      Think ahead and base your investment on fact.


  6. VooceOfReason says:


    You should be ashamed of yourself for this massive ramp, which is not only in parts extremely non factual but completely bonkers. I don’t know what your game is here – hyping so you can get out, or if you genuinely believe what you are writing?

    At these levels (1.9p) SAR is a massive sell. We will not see 2p again until at least 6 months to a year (if at all).

    Here are my reasons why:

    *Share price was blown up to a completely ridiculous level and this has all the hallmarks of a pump and dump. Traders have now exited and the hot money has moved on.

    *It is being hyped all over the share boards by desperate people looking to get out. Sure fire sign that the SP is only going one way (south).

    * Company placing at 1p – surely if SAR were that convinced of their findings, they would have held out for much more.

    * We have had numerous pharma workers posting saying that the rise we have seen looked more as if it should have been based on phase 2 research rather than phase 1.

    *Why? because many promising drugs work on rats, mice but then turn out to be completely ineffective on humans. What else do SAR have except this? Pre this discovery, the SP was 0.15 for good reason.

    *This is not a “cure all cancer” drug. It does not even promise to cure all leukaemia (although it is for the most common sort).

    If you are lucky 1p (the placing price) will be the floor.

    For those who are not selling and taking the loss, you will most likely be locked into this share for years and may never see your money back. Sorry.

    • Brokerman says:

      Ashamed? I think you’re missing the point. Sareum have had a dramatic rise well before this Blog wrote on it.
      You must know that any stock that rises over 1600% must be taken seriously by any financial House,Newspaper,Blog or any other medium that discuss’s stock investments. I wrote my piece on Sareum when they were falling in value Down 700%. To try to Blame this blog for their wild fluctuations is like your post ridiculous!
      Many a fortune has been made and lost on stocks that’s the way of the world my perfidious friend. If you have any concerns then take it up with the company. I am not invested in Sareum as are the majority of the chaps who frequent this Blog. I have stated in the comments section that they are “too wild”. However it is as plain as the nose on your face that any company trumpeting a cancer cure whether it be at an early stage or in the last stage will fluctuate wildly. Investors who take a punt do so at their own risk. Investing is about looking into the future prospects of the company.
      You have obviously invested at the 4p plus level on the back of the rise. That is your problem not mine.
      Take responsibilty for your actions my good man and stop posting gripes.

      Mr Daniel

  7. voiceof doom says:

    Yes it’s all your fault Danny. Im with the voice of reason on this one how dare you write about a company on your blog especially one that is the hottest topice in its sector.
    Yeah it is up over 600% but thats not the point. You must first seek permission from every nutter online. I invested in the dotcom bubble sar are a punt for the future. The voice of reason has spoken bollocks mainly due to tryin to day trade Saruem. You pillock VOR.
    What goes up always comes down!
    Blame yourself not a blog Moron alert here me thinks Dan.
    Thanks for the memory of why i never joined Interactive investor full of Dickwats!

    Keep up the great work Danno

  8. Henry says:

    Hi Dan,

    Would you get Shares in SAR?



  9. winny155 says:

    Hi Dan,

    14 months on, what’s your view on Sareum now.



  10. winny155 says:


    If you hear anything, bear me in mind please.

    I’ve got 700k of them. 🙂