Range Resources It is what it IS! Read the Label!

Range Resources

25p minimum!

I’ll say it once again I can’t be any clearer. If you doubt the potential of Range Resources then you haven’t researched the company. Puntland/Somalia, Georgia assets are potentially in the MANY BILLIONS! Please read the reports and latest news releases! To accuse this Blog/me of making it all up is quite simply the ravings from deranged loonerticks. Speaking of which!

I’ve read some of the woeful comments currently coming in regarding Encores/Nauticals’ Catcher North Discovery. One in particular stands out it’s written by some chap calling himself Kenneth Hitchen in it he states that I have cost him “3 thousand pounds” How so Kenneth? I first high-lighted Encore when they were about 48p and Nautical when they were approx’ 120p? To come on to a Blog that has consistently told investors to “research their investments” trying to apportion blame for encore’s 14 foot oil discovery has to rank as one of the most pitiful comments ever posted on the Blog. Shame on you Ken. Now you are banned from the Blog. Don’t waste my time or the time of the many decent people who use the Blog with your cringe-worthy posts!

I’m very sorry having to write this but one has to put ones foot down now and then!

Every serious investor who reads through the company epistles,Broker notes and professional analysis on Range Resources can only base their estimate/view on what is out there in the public domain. No one is twisting any investors arm to buy or sell any stock written about on this Blog. The problem YOU as the investor have is your ability to make informed decisions based on YOUR research. The amount of emails and comments withheld clearly show that some have not and do not research their investing/trading.The old adages and clichés used many times need to be reiterated . “Please research your investments it is your money not mine!” “Take responsibility for your decisions”

“The Buck stops here”

Range Resources are sat on potentially company making assets these assets COULD amount to many Billions of barrels of oil. Now bearing in mind that the main assets have as yet NOT been drilled and the way the Market behaves vis-a-vis fluctuating price values, time-lines,news releases, potential,expectation and general investor/city sentiment. It is my contention that Range Resources should continue to trend up as we get nearer to the first big drill penciled in for April 2011 Georgia. Now here’s the crux of it. They will almost certainly rise and fall many times before the drill bit spuds in Georgia but the trend will be up that’s to say that the current SP should be but a distant memory; a 50p target here is not out of the question before Georgia spuds! If they bring home an oil strike anywhere near the estimates in Georgia/Puntland etc then Range will rocket to many multipules of 50p. Now it’s only my opinion but I have as you all know been known to get these things right now and then hence why the Blog’s following is in the 1o’s of thousands and not half a dozen or so nutters with fake split online personalities talking to the ether over on some of the chat sites!

A minimum 25p target will be smashed here as the upcoming drills approach!

Range Resources are coming on the Radar and they will rise. Massively under-value!


El Daniel!

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  1. Joe says:

    Agreed – massively undervalued IMO! This one has the best chance of multi-bagging this year.

    BTW that logo is for a different Range Resources based in the US. The logo for the correct RR LTD in Aus/UK is http://www.rangeresources.com.au/fileadmin/templates/images/range_resources_logo.png

    • TOPSHARE1 says:

      You gotta doubt his research if he cant even get the company logo right! Has he been researching Range Resources Corporation instead of Range Resources Ltd.
      You’ll have to do better than that Dan son.

      • Brokerman says:

        Come come . It’s a free logo pic licensed as shareware by creative commons. Shake your head. I never knew the words Range or Resources were subject to copy right???
        Tut! Tut!


  2. mark wrigglesworth says:

    How can investors complain about decisions they make with their own money. You should always DYOR. I treat BMD and other sites as a way of firming up my own research and thought processes. Sometimes they make comments that had not occured to me and so imporves the research you have undertaken. BUT dont blame others for your investments!

  3. Miracle_Boy says:

    Puntland – 20% of 18Billion Barrels
    Recoverability 30% = 5.4Billion Barrels / 20% = 1.08Bill net to Range
    1.08 x $5 = $5.4Bill or £3.35 Bill / 1.6bill shares (fully diluted) £2.09p

    Georgia- 40% of 2Billion Barrels
    Recoverability 38% = 760mmbbls / 40% = 304mmbbls
    304 x $30 = $9.12 Bill or £5.66 Bill / 1.6bill shares (fully diluted) £3.53

    Valued at $200Mill or $120Mill or 10p per share

    Too early to say but flowing at 700bopd already

    *Puntland offshore being negotiated

  4. ric demetrius says:

    BMD would you be kind enough to add RRL to your BMD favourite companies section. Cheers 🙂

  5. Richard says:

    Dan, ANYBODY that whinges because a SP does not do what they expect in the short term and then blames you (or anybody else) is too stupid to be using the Stock Market. You highlight a lot of valuable information and people should treat what you say as a reference next to their own research. If I choose to ‘blind punt’ a tip from you (or anybody else) there is only one person to blame if it goes wrong and that is me. Thank you for continuing to ‘shine a light’ for us.

  6. Moby Dick says:

    Hi Dan
    Thanks for the update. Have you considered Noventa? What’s your opinion of this stock?


  7. mrnab says:

    Well said Dan. People need to take as much care (if not more) when buying shares as they would do for anything else they buy – you wouldn’t buy a new TV or a house without doing at least a little bit of your own research now, would you?!?

    “Warren Buffett believes, as did Benjamin Graham, that investors should look upon share investment as buying a part of a business. Investors should take the same approach to buying shares as they would if they were buying a business.”


    Personally, I’m not sure what the panic with Encore is! The fundamentals have not changed!!! People have just been spoilt with this company, as they have had good result upon good result… so a minor setback for once, and all start to lose their heads! And those people after just a quick overnight buck feel aggrieved. This approach is not investing, it’s gambling – go to Ladbrokes instead!

    At the end of the day, it’s up to the individual investor – DYOR!! Dan does not force you to hit the buy or sell button – that’s the individual’s choice!

  8. paul says:

    some people just want to blame anyone but themselves for bad decisions. Me I’ve made a couple, NTOG being one. But have more than made up for it when I got into EO at 30p and sold at 135p. Not everyone is prepard to research and will be influenced by sites as this, which is ok but dont place blame if it does not work out as predicted, and dont invest what you cannot afford to lose.

  9. Glen says:

    Hi Dan, any news on Beacon Hill? heading south at the moment.

  10. philip says:

    Have you any views on UEN?

    Another O&G company with Russian connection.

  11. Mark P. says:

    Hi Dan,
    this is a great blog, and you do a great job in keeping it updated. Many of us appreciate your efforts, and are aware that it is upto the individual to do their own research even more so with investing , after all its their money.

    Keep up the good work


  12. B1GGZ says:

    Couldnt agree more with you DAN.

    Go on RRL, lets see 25p smashed very soon.

  13. mike scott says:

    …you do know Range Resources (RRC)(the company logo you used) ft worth…is NOT the same Range Resources (RRL) Australia that you mention??????…..