Nostra Terra in the grip of the Pump & Dumpers!

large_logo2Once again yours truly has been proved 100% correct. We predicted that as soon as the consolidation was completed over at Nostra Terrible Oil & Gas (LON: NTOG) that the pump & dumpers would be out en-force and the company would then revert to type and begin the usual raft of dilution and placings. That raft of placings and dilution has now begun in earnest. There will be more placings and more dilution. That is 100% guaranteed by the Nostra Terra ‘form book’.

The pumpers and dumpers, who are acting on information given to them by the company and with the company blessing, always use the exact same modus operandi. Which is thus;  Pick a small cap company desperate for cash. Contact the company, broker, nomad and their PR and begin a dialogue, get others onside to push it and begin chatting about it on twitter, email, mobile, texts, London South East, ADVFN, etc. They then Flood the chat sites with various fake accounts, bombard twitter with wild predictions and shite. Get it on sharepickers, a few tinny podcasts, articles on one or two small blogs etc. Organise a shareholders piss up and jobs a ‘good un’. It’s always the same.  You can see it in real time on twitter.  Every stock these fookers write about is the best thing since the invention of the wheel. Blag, Blag Blag….  The truth of AIM is that there are only a small number of genuine resource stocks worth looking at. That fact in itself is the truth that exposes the continual lies shat out on a daily basis by the pump and dumpers.

Mike Whitlow the notorious liar and head pumper and dumper, receives payment from some of these companies. The company he uses is this one Volant Services,  where he describes himself as a ‘financial consultant’ the emphasis on CON. To form a company which is unregulated and to state you are a Financial Consultant is a criminal act Whitlows’ professional credentials? He worked in the water treatment industry. A sewage worker

They are low level conmen. Traders/Investors should tread very carefully when dealing with such people. As for those CEO’s daft enough to align themselves with such low level conmen, remember this, you ‘reap what you sow’ and that is all too often share holder discontent and revolt.

Today we learned that Matt Lofgran, CEO of NTOG, has yet again diluted and raised £250,000. A keep the lights on placing while they await the cash from the sale of Chisholm Trail and the disastrous Egyptian East Ghazalat production revenue, that has still not landed. What’s galling genuine share-holders is that the sale of assets such as CT, which has had millions upon millions of dollars spent upon it, has been sold off at a huge loss.  There’s growing evidence that more assets may have been sold off without market notification. NTOG should come out and clarify share-holder concern that other assets have been sold and not RNS’d. After all if they were announced via RNS when bought then they should be announced via RNS when sold.

I used to have a good relationship with Mr. Lofgran, who I still believe is a good guy, sadly the way he was cosying up to the Mike Whitlow (a.k.a Doc Holiday) pump and dump gang that operates on twitter has now lost the support of myself and many others. Basically what happened was that Whitlow was beginning to dictate to Matt what he should do. In one instance he demanded that Nostra remove their logo from a website that CaliforniaJoe and ABM McKinley (2 Good Guys) were trying to build. Lofgran contacted the guys and told them to remove the company logo. That for me was the last straw and I withdrew my support for the company and sat back to watch it burn, as it is now. In fact we later found out that Whitlow had contacted every company that these guys were working with, making scurrilous, malicious accusations of a sexual nature and drug dealing which were wholly untrue. They were malicious and without one shred of fact whatsoever. Lies. The tirade of abuse from Whitlow on twitter ended up with twitter banning him. Of course he then tried to set up a base on Instagram which ended up in the toilet. He then crawled out from under his rock back to twitter with a new account. Hilarious….

These are the people who are now dictating Nostra policy.

The nomad has to intervene here and should check exactly what communications have been passed through email and telephone calls. The company’s relationships with these pump and dumpers needs investigating.

It’s time Matt Lofgran realised that when you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.



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8 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    Volant Services. This is really bad Dan. Doc Holliday is a scheming lying toerag. I’ve reported him to the FSA. It’s bloody criminal.

    Well done Danno. Another cracker.

  2. Mike Hare says:

    Nothing most already knew BMD.

    Matt was OR IS a Jekyll + Hyde CEO.

    Selling off the company “family silver” in-order to survive while also diluting share-holders takes the biscuit. Lofgran should resign and let Ewen Ainsworth take control.

    Getting into bed with known market abusers and rampers shows how low Nostra will go to pay their wages. They’d rob the pennies off a blind man.

    Where’s the nomad in all this?


    Nostra have failed for years. He has to go

  3. Kath says:

    Take it from me he’s also been paying TW cash, not to attack ntog. Tom has been taking shares in companies for years. They’re all at it.

  4. Bill says:

    Haha, and you’re a saint, everything to do with you smacks of shite

  5. Jakelikescake says:

    Keep it coming Mr Levy. Share holders have to be made awre of the dirty tricks some will go to just to make a fast buck. Liars and bullsh**ers abound in Alternative Investment pond

  6. Jimmy says:

    I have been surfing online greater than 3 hours as of late, trying to get some good info on Nostra Terra. I’ve really taken a beating on them Dan. I should have listened to you months ago.

  7. Numptyman says:

    Yowza man! How come they haven’t declared sales of their wells? This strikes me as shady. The whole board should get the boot. Not disclosing sales is tantamount to fraud.