Rotten ship Vernalis on the up? Life boats stowed away?

Well at long last maybe the penny has finally dropped  here with this Board.

Garland who inherited the Vernalis posioned chalice may be feeling a little healthier today however their not out of the woods just yet, 76p needs to be hit for share holder value to be put back on an even keel.

Rumour here is that Garland is making Vernalis more attractive re’ a possible takeover/merger with one of the big Pharma’ players. How true is it? Investors only need to research Garlands history.

Currently up 13% on a very good set of results. Still a long way to go for all those poor investors who shelled out 76p for their rights only to see them drop by 60%.

Rumour is that the CEO has been reading this blog and taking affirmative action to address share-holder concern (if only that was true!).

A small pat on the back from the blog to Ian Garland keep up the Good work who knows you may even get yourself a shiny gold star if this continues!


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  1. ed cremin says:

    Dan could you tell me what you think about Cleardebt (CLEA)


  2. miopus says:

    Canisp Dan – worth warning your readers about.