MATRA . A Glaring BUY!

UK road number patch A11

1000 BOPD in 10 days!

There’s no pleasing some folk!

Matras’ latest epistle (foretold here) landed this morning confirming what we here generally predicted last week. The A13 problems have been RESOLVED yes that’s great news and the share-price spiked to 4.20p then began a gentle decline after day-traders NOT investors began closing their positions. “The water zone has been successfully isolated and only OIL IS NOW FLOWING!” Yes you’ve read that correctly OIL IS NOW FLOWING and what some are missing is this: The percentage of oil recovered from A13 can only increase as will Matra’s share-price. Pressure data should confirm a higher rate of oil flow probably in excess of 200 bopd

The A12 update should be seen in a very positive light. Drilling is known to be well advanced here and news should be with us in the next 10 days or so. The weather has caused some delays but investors should remember that All equipment needed to progress the A12 is ON SITE and in full use as YOU read this post. The A12 drill is at an advanced stage and it is drilling into a virgin oil reservoir. From what I can gather Matra is  determined come hell or high water to get the production oil flowing at 1000 bopd but I suspect that the 1000 bopd will be much improved upon once the production begins. This will significantly enhance the company’s value.

It’s never easy investing in small oil companys for future growth but one should always try to invest in those that are generally debt free, well-funded, good assets or asset potential with (whenever possible) proven oil in place and a genuine set of chaps running the company. Matra are all of the above. This Board are as honest as the day is long. Hodgson is an extremely polite and highly regarded geologist within the oil exploration community and Hind is a dedicated oil-man with a proven track-record of astute deal-making through-out his career. I like Matra and needless to say I believe in the company. Matra’s sp since they were first high-lighted by the Blog has more than doubled. This trend looks set to continue as Matra fight the good fight and bring value back to their core investor base. They are on the up.

1/ A13 water ingress solved.

2/ Full Production Licence granted.

We now await the third piece of news that will establish Matra as a fully producing oil company with all the benefits that brings to the company/investors.

3/ A12 side-track about to completed with flow rates of approx’ 1000 bopd

I get a lot flak via email for never giving out buy or sell rec’s. So I’m going to break a rule just once and I don’t do this lightly.

Investors moaned about the lack of a production Licence it’s now in place! Investors moaned and jeered about A13 problems they’ve now been resolved.

Investors are still moaning about A12 it’s about 10 days away from successful confirmation.

Matra Petroleum are a GLARING BUY! It is staring investors in the face and most can’t see the wood for the trees.

Gone for Lunch.



NB* Research your investments and take responsibility for your investments. Numpties always Blame others. Stay away from listening to chat site rubbish or you too will become infected with the Numpty virus.

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No Responses

  1. Allan says:

    Good update. Do you have Matra in your £1 million venture.

  2. Apur32 says:

    Thanks for the update
    We knew from Matrix document already that Well A13 will be upto 200 bopd
    A12 will be 1000 bopd and/or above

    see the last line of Page 7

  3. Tony says:

    Hi Dan,
    I hope this does better than San Leon, (Bought at same price you did) now dropping each day… Should I be concerned here?

    • Brokerman says:

      I like San Leon and I’ve invested as part of the 100k to £1million challenge.
      It’s up to you to decide what level of risk you’re prepared to take. When there’s no news these kind of stocks always drift.
      Try to look ahead to a position the company could be in should news/events turn their way or turn against them. Investing for future growth is always fraught with danger and you should be fully prepared to accept the risk or not as the case may be. Have an exit option available on every one of your investments. You don’t have to hold any stock if you begin to doubt it. It’s your money.


      • Conal says:

        Got there before me Dan.

      • Tony says:

        Hi Dan,
        Thank you for the informative and encouraging words.
        Have a nice day 🙂


        • Biggleswick says:

          Tony, are you seriously saying you invested in San Leon in the hope it would rise in a WEEK or two?

          It’s a mid to longterm play, everybody who has researched this company knows that good things will likely happen THIS year but heavens to betsy, man, it’s not gonna start the week after you just bought them. Have some patience and don’t invest on someone’s sayso in the vain hope something will make you lots of money tomorrow, based on that good vibe. The good vibe may be a projection, not an indicator it’s going to happen overnight.

          I don’t wish to sound rude but you seem really naive.

          • James says:

            Actually potentially not that naive…you could form a reasonable short term strategy out of noting BMD’s recommendations on twitter, being the first one in and then when the inevitable happens (the readers of the blog pile in) you then get out at the end of the day…Exactly what I did on SLE…and on CAD. One seems to have paid off SLE (now down) the other CAD, however, just kept ticking up, so missed out on today’s fun…in any event, financial economists have struggled for years to come up with technical analysis that provides such sure fire short term wins…

    • Conal says:

      Your little early to be showing any concern with San Leon Energy the price increase over the last number of months has been in anticpiation of what the next year holds for the company. Unfortunately within the year you are going to see volatility in the market as with any AIM share. Dan doe not report on share prices on a daily bases and tends to focus more on a long term outlook, I think Dan stated in his San Leon post that he plans to hold for 12/18 months. Having said that he expects for a tick up over the next number of months in which potential profits can be made. Maybe you should read the posts again regarding San Leon but hopefully that answers your question. Please be warned this can possible drop into the 20’s at anytime but also can rise significantly also as stated above AIM shares are very uncertain at times.



  4. Jimmy Choo says:

    Any idea whats happening with Baltic Oil Terminals (BTC), keeps trying to break 30p and huge spike in volume in the last few days.

    • Brokerman says:

      Yes I do. The news filtering through concerns increased revenues/pending broker upgrades and the general feeling that Baltic’s business model is currently under-value.


  5. Alain says:

    So why don’t you have Matra in your £1m venture portfolio, if it’s such a glaring buy?

  6. Paul D says:

    It’s a fair question Dan … and one I have asked previously …
    If you’re so BULLISH on Matra (no matter how small) why have you not declared an interest in your 100k to 1million challenge?
    I hold Matra and will continue to do so but am aware just how many Day Traders are on this one (I did it myself for some time and did very well) …. but it seems Matra is disproportionally affected by your musings … and it would be nice to see that you put your moolah where your mouth is .. so, you in or out?
    Keep up the good work …

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s already invested. I have a Matra holding bought @ 1.55p which is seperate from the challenge and purchased many moons ago.

  7. Rick says:

    I spoke to PH the other day and he say the A12 sidetrack is in advanced stages. He will announce an RNS for the completion of the sidetrack & for further information such as acidising and flow rates.

    It would be good if you could update us all soon on the procedures and timeframes for A13 & A12 and talk about your opinion on probable reserves for soko . This share does not want to take off for some reason