Cadogan. The Prophecy continues!

Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy

Dan's 50p prophecy on its way!

There’s an awful lot of emails backing up from yesterday asking for opinion and so on, as to the reasoning behind the 100k to £1 million challenge investment in Cadogan.

Some potential investors doubt that Cadogan traded at 230p. Some think that there’s an overhang. While others still believe that the Board are the same and haven’t changed.

The recent RNS’s should be viewed as further confirmation that Cadogan’s’ market profile ie; confidence is slowly returning. The QVT Financial stake has all but evaporated and we now see Kellet emerging as a player here. The whisper is that Kellet bought part of the QVT Stake. You’ll note the dates of the QVT SALE are the same as the KELLET BUY. And both transactions were declared after hours yesterday by Stefan Bort. Yes that’s correct the very same Stefan Bort who has just declared a director buy this morning. Make of it what you will. The strange thing is that Stefan cannot be contacted this week as Stefan is away he will be back in place come Monday morning. Yes dear old Stefan is currently in profit on his newly acquired stock. Well done Stefan Bort.

There is a seller in the market at the moment believed to be QVT however I really wouldn’t concern yourselves about them. It’s generally accepted that the QVT stake has all but dwindled below notifiable thresholds. It was made abundantly plain to QVT that their presence was not welcomed by the Cadogan Board who you may recall completely out-witted the Coup d’état

So it’s onwards and upwards with production expected to triple, Cadogan are looking like a sure-fire bet to double in the coming weeks and months as sentiment continues to grow. Debt-free and fully funded with a significantly enhanced new CPR which will greatly increase investor confidence and company value. This really is looking more and more like the multibagger foretold here! Minimum 50p hold!!!!!!



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No Responses

  1. stephen says:

    Hi Dan
    How many companies have you bought for thye 12 month £100k to £1 million challenge is it just SLE San Leon so far

  2. James says:

    Cad were always going to be orbital once they broke 25p. Best of luck to all and Dan in your challenge. I’m enjoying reading about it! 🙂

  3. Christian F says:


    How about the following companies, all multibaggers from current sp:


  4. Mo says:

    Dont you see RKH as a fair old investment with their Sea Lion and future prospects ?

  5. bobbyshafto says:

    There will be very favourable news over the coming weeks. Not a ramp and I put XEL up here in the 75p-80p area. CAD are in discussions with 3 ‘major oil cos’ regarding a farm out as stated at the OilBarrel conference. Keep watching. Long term this can get back to the 230p IPO price.

    • Phil B says:

      What do you mean XEL up here in the 75p – 80p are – you think it will rise by that amount? I think the BOD of XEL are delaying the rig because they are working on a financing package that will limit dilution of the sp going forward. They clearly stated at the oilbarrel presentation that the ‘negotiations will take as long as they need to’. I think/hope! they will start ticking up soon.

  6. Glen says:

    Hi Dan,

    Strong day for Matra today does that mean news is on its way in the morning? I notice MM’s bidding strongly.


  7. Vince says:

    SLE great choice – I’ve been in it since 17p.
    I strongly recommend LPX for your 100k to 1 million challenge.
    Pharma that is developing drug delivery of EPO and Insulin as well as others in an already established market.

  8. Lt says:

    Dan, what did you make of Matra’s RNS today? Not quite as anticipated? These guys are real slow with progress. The fact they had not put a figure on how much less than 100 bpd gives out the wrong vibes imo.