Encore Oil.. Catcher North More oil hit?

Space Shuttle Discovery approaches ISS for doc...

Another oil discovery?

Just a quick one here there’s a definite buzz around the market this morning carrying on from yesterday.

Unconfirmed rumours of further oil shows at the drill which is thought to be ahead of schedule and is on Encore’s last RNS just about half-way through the 20 day  given time.

Take note that Nauticals’ sp is also rising which is further adding fuel to the rumours. Could be a big find about to be discovered here. But please remember it is as yet unconfirmed.

The operator has refused to confirm or deny the oil shows rumour but they are certainly rising on an expected rumoured further big oil discovery.



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  1. highlandstar1 twit says:

    email me pls

    lex steele

  2. Perana says:

    There has also been a big rise in Sterling in Canada who are the operator at Cladhan, may be connected?

  3. lee says:

    hi with this news will this get in the way of a t/o
    regards leigh

  4. stevie says:

    Dan , would have told you tue but you never effin respond to me. They hit coring point tue night, very good shows, well charged. Now going onto TD…..they haven’t found the OWC yet so may sidetrack , if so its a monster matey

  1. 3 February, 2011

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