Lloyds TSB. 80p Dans prediction!

The whole city awaits the widely expected return to profit today.

SP predictions vary widely depending on who you talk too.

 75p right up to the high 90’s is being widely touted by the charterists at Merril Lynch. I myself can’t see Lloyds hitting the 90p’s although i would be happy to be proved wrong on this one. Whatever the outcome here today one thing is for certain Lloyds will have a good day then settle down.

The SP will be driven mainly by the forward looking statements and of course the profit margin  coupled with the general Bullish feeling re’ the Banking sector as of late.

A great share to be in Lloyds at the moment but always remember that they are LONG-TERM for maximum profit.

Take no notice of the hot air being bandied around about HMG selling some of their stake now that HMG Lloyds are in the black. Darling will not sell any pre election or post election(He’ll be unemployed come May 6th) mainly because the HMG sell targets are believed to be set out in value stages they can’t flood the market. HMG price targets are all thought to be carrying a 30% plus incremental sell trigger/clause. Any sell off will be controlled

As a long termholder here i expect  rises today followed by some retraces with more blips . In plain English she’ll be up and down like a whores draws!

Good Luck to all who have held here.


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  1. dhatrader says:

    Any news on GCM resources and what info would you have on the Polo/CDN merger. Is Polo or any other player going to go after GCM? Any further news on GCM?

    • Brokerman says:

      I have rather taken my eye off the ball here at GCM since my accident. Happy to see the huge rise in Share price. I expect that there are an awful lot of toings and frowings going on behind the scenes.
      Remember if yor heavily in front here why not take some profit and derisk. Greed can exact a heavy price. Topslice when in profit.