Matra Petroleum. Good News on the way?

Flag of Orenburg Oblast, Russia

Good news on the way!

Well it’s been a long hard road here for investors. However we can now exclusively reveal that Peter Hind, Matra’s top man, is in Orenburg to finally oversee the Re-Starting of production. The lack of news has hit investor confidence but as I understand it rough weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances such as Vladimir Putin’s’ visit to Orenburg today have impacted the time line for news. (The roads in and around Orenburg/drill have been closed today for security reasons). It is factors like these that have had the Board pulling their hair out. Nothing else!

Pressure testing on A13 and the A12 side-track are rumoured to be all but complete. It is safe to say that the Board must be acutely aware of the pressure investors are heaping upon the company and it is with this in mind that I expect a full favourable operational update on A13, A12 and the development plan in the next RNS. You are all aware of the Matrix note which is Titled;  “ON THE ROAD TO PRODUCTION” what more do you need?

The whisper is that the Broker note has been extensively researched with co-operation from Matra.

Matra are going back on full production with a 1000 BOPD minimum!

Remember invest for the right reasons! And hold your stock DEFINITE good news is on the way!

How do I know this? Research,research and more research! The RNS confirming most of the above should drop next week when Peter Hind comes back to the UK that’s the feeling here!



PS You can ALL thank me next week!

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  1. Olivanders says:

    Thanks for the update Dan.

  2. Stephen C says:

    This does look quite interesting but i need to do a little more research! You clearly have very good links! Any idea on when we might get that Encore update? You shall have to excuse my lack of patience…

  3. Paul says:

    Quite literally sold a good % of my stock a few hours ago to increase my position in EO before an expected RNS next week, only for this to happen. Still have a good few here but I’m gutted. Me thinks I may have to go shopping on Monday if not too late.

  4. Albela says:

    Hi Dan,

    I am pretty much new in this game. I have one question to clear

    Why MTA(3.53p) are so low in price as compared to XEL(3.65p) when they are both in productions lines. Is it due to amount of shares issued ? Please help.

    • 13thMonkey says:

      This is about as basic as it gets, but in summary:
      The share price itself is not an indicator of the value of a company, except in relative terms. The market cap is what you need to look at for the current valuation. This will be determined by a huge number of factors (hence the need for extensive research), but for oilers it’s basically how much oil they have or may have, and how likely they are to get it out of the ground.


  5. James says:


    Any views on NTOG?

  6. Dust Ferret says:

    NTOG massivley up again, Dan think your going to have to concede defeat on this one, its doubled recently.

  7. andrewh says:

    has your update alone caused a jump in matras SP since being posted?

  8. Paul D says:

    Well, it’s certainly lifted spirits, we’ve all been waiting on this news, let’s just hope you’re right Dan. Perhaps more importantly, are we going to see a considerable purchase on your part to add to your recent project?

  9. mary says:

    hi dan, any news on bmr, its like the secret society on half of these bbs thanks for the update on matra

  10. Alex says:

    Although the RNS will be due when Peter Hind returns…….and there is obvious Shareolder Pressure…

    BUT Shareholder pressure has generally not effected MTA’s actions in the past. When do you expect the RNS?
    I personally think they will stick to their normal protocol of releaseing operational updates around the 14th of the month.
    So I predict 8th-15th Feb.
    I know its a pessimistic view, and feel free to contradict me, as you do know more.

    Also……thanks for the update, it saved my spread-bets, the stop loss was getting increasingly close.

  11. no english teacher says:

    “hold your stock ‘DEFINATE’ ”

    Firstly, after a spelling correction… we have ‘definite’.

    Secondly, this is bad grammer. It should read ” hold your stock, definitely…”

    Hope this helps your blog somewhat, certainly the credability at least.

    • Brokerman says:

      R u Definitely sur or jus definate abot dat Sir?


      • no english teacher says:

        What about, your professionalism or your ability to make any real literate contacts?

        Good luck

        • Brokerman says:

          Thanks for that Chicago.
          So your Fundamental Bob? Coming on the Blog to give us all an English grammar lesson while posting scorn on other sites.
          I note that the comma after “What about” is extraneous. What does that say about you? Now run along. Do feel free to post a comment on the chat sites that you WRONGLY placed a comma and as Chicago points out, “BUT IS ANYTHING IT DOES NOT DO MUCH” made a complete idiot of the post castigating the Blog!
          Many Thanks for your observations which show the world and his dog how risable they are.

          Mr Daniel

  12. Chicagoguy says:


    You are quite right depending on what country you come fom as a USA citizen we use the Definate over the definite maybe Dans’ a yank.
    O by the way I take it that you are FundamentalBob posting on Interactive Investor? This is your post is it not old bean?

    “Could’nt be bothered going through it all but is anything it does not do much for his credability where im concerned.
    Back to school for him!” By fundamentalbob


    Now correct me if I am wrong that dosen’t make any sense Bob?
    Maybe it’s a typo people do make them. Or maybe Bob it’s back to school for you! Glass houses and all that!

  13. Lt says:

    Appreciate your take on things Dan. Lt

  14. MT says:

    Cheers Dan – don’t think you’ll have any trouble hitting your 100k – £1m target if a single post on here can cause a 20% spike 🙂

    Hope you put one out for EOG sometime soon.

  15. Barnstonpickle says:

    Dan why do you entertain morons like this? Coming on a blog slagging off the grammar shake your head Bobby if youve got anything useful to say then say it we aint bothered about the odd typo and it seems neither are you pal get your commas out for the lads! Moron of the highest order posting tripe then slagging off on interactive. You tosser Bob!
    I checked out the Putin in Orenburg info your right mate he’s there today on an official visit. Thanks for the heads up.


  16. Ironman says:

    English teacher/ Don’t make me laughhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “Credability?” You’ve spelt it wrong you thick twat!
    Now fook off you dumb fooker! Fundamentalbob/ You need to drop the “funda” bit of your screen name and stick with whats left.

    Sorry about the language Daniel, creeps like this make my blood boil. He’ll keep all quiet about his grammatical typos and chew others up on theirs! Bloody fools the internet is full of them.

  17. daVE says:

    Hi dan thanks for some great posts what is your target price of this share

  18. tony says:

    hi dan thx for the update 1000bd would give us good cash flow ready for the next drill,
    will you take a look at uen and give yours thoughts

  19. stephene says:

    Can you do one for EOG please

  20. endg4me says:

    Good call mr Brokerman

    I’ve been tracking these bad boys over the past few weeks and have taken a particular interest in the technicals showing a rather bullish 50 day SMA, massively over SOLD and MACD hovering above the oh so important zero line.

    Once the latter ticks – or maybe tomorrow – I may very well pile in! They have cash in the bank, tangible assets and the technicals are almost screaming press the goddamn buy button.

    PS – good luck with your mil project – I might take you on with a proverbial grand and in a years time we can just compare %ages, rather than sports cars… Though you will wipe the floor with me no doubt.

    • endg4me says:

      Oh, I’d just like to add I almost bought Matra yesterday – could have be 20% up already but I’m a slave to my technicals!…

  21. 13thMonkey says:

    There seem to be periods when the blog suddenly gets trolled by people that for whatever reason don’t like Dan or his methods or whatever. I judge by results, and when I first found the blog, my best way of judging whether Dan was coming up with the goods or not was to see how his recommendations do, along with seeing whether what he was saying made sense in light of my own research.

    To help others/newcomers to the blog make their own judgements- here is a summary of what I’ve found:
    I have separated out from my investments those companies that Dan has tipped for research, and for those my overall return is better than 50 % over about 6 months. My best profit has been >300% (XEL) and my worst loss is -34% (RXP). I am somewhat cautious, so have diversified as quickly as was reasonable, and a more bold investor would no doubt have made more. However, my approach has allowed me to come out up on a given day even when one of my investments has a poor drilling result, as was the case yesterday.

    In summary, the figures don’t lie! In my opinion Dan is doing an incredible job for anyone who’s willing to combine his research with their own and a careful investment strategy.

    Dan, keep it up! I’m one initially sceptical person you have convinced completely.


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