Encore Oil. Takeover Tipping-point approaching!

Gorillaz takeover

Takeover back on the agenda!

As you all know Encore oil were favoured and called by the blog many moons ago (along with Npe/Gkp[/Premier etc.) and it has been a terrific success by any business standard. We’ve witnessed the stock value treble hitting 150p+ on several occasions.

Encore oil are hugely undervalue and in my opinion should have traded up to 200p.

The problem at the moment is the fear that there’s going to be another huge dip into recession which will hit AIM stocks hard. There’s no doubt that the Catcher North drill has been significantly de-risked and if successful will add more value to Encores’ stock and as Encore prove up more of their asset base the on/off Takeover talks that have been widely whispered here in the city of London should flesh out the SP. Premier are beginning to be touted as the lead movers from our sources, But as ever it’s only speculation! Remember Premier will try to steal the company for buttons. You all know the story here so there’s no point reiterating it. But what I can add to the debate is this; Encore oil have admitted that they expect to be Taken over. Market analysts are saying that Booth wants 300p minimum as Encore now stand, that’s pre-Catcher North results etc This means that Booths’ strategy pre-takeover has to be to prove up the asset base in excess of 300p thus strengthening Encores hand for the deal. I can’t see it happening as some think Booth has over-played his hand. Now here’s the crux of the matter Catcher north may very well prove to be the catalyst or “Tipping point” that assures a Takeover! But the Global meltdown may significantly devalue Encore.  That means that post a successful Catcher North drill Takeover is inevitable here. When it happens it will progress very quickly. There is a distinct possibility that a Takeover could be announced post a succesful Catcher North/Burgman drill. It’s a theory that is and will gain more ground as this drill progress’s

Remember that valuations are effected by Global fears. Take the money and run.



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  1. robert says:

    top man dan many thanks

  2. Rosalimacat says:

    Thanks Dan.
    Good news. RXP, had some good news too
    Thank you .

  3. Craig says:


    new to the blog but seems you know what you are talking about

    off topic but wondered if you had any thoughts on bahamas petroleum

  4. stevie says:

    Dan, choking to tell something re above post but sworn to total secrecy tho have gone back to contact to ask if I can let some slip.
    Meantime, get on the blower about barc and see if you hear barcap crap 4th qtr and 350mill below mkt expectation results rumour

    • Paul says:

      You can tell me,Stevie!


      • stevie says:

        Paul….read your effin emails dude or I’ll come an nick your new wheelbarrow LOL remind me on RRL tomm matey, whistle to be blown and buy GCM instead of dreaming of profits from HER ( stalker )

  5. peaches says:

    Thanks Dan you`ve made my day. I hold several thousand encore shares and will be using them to pay off bits and pieces and get solvent again. But I will also be giving you a cut for Help for Heroes which is a fabulous charity. Keep posting I log on to your blog everyday and thoroughly enjoy reading your articles. Any updates on Gkp, Bmr, Orm or Kea would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  6. Phil B says:

    Thanks for the update Dan. Cant understand why EO are trading at this level either. I think the company need to do a bit of PR and remind people the position that they are in! Heavily invested in this one and looking forward to a good pay day in the next 6 months,.
    Keep up the good work!